Chapter 83 Cannonball

After hearing the words of Xuan Nv, Su Yu and Xuan Dian were excited, and just a few seconds, hundreds and thousands of monsters kick down by them.

At the same time, a door of space opened outside the Barra Mountains, and Xuan Kong walked out of it. Then a young man with glasses and yawning, like an ordinary college student, came out.

Xuan Kong said: "Xuan Qi, Xuan Nv and others are in the Barra Mountains in front. Xuan Nv just sent out a request for firepower support, the rest is up to you, be sure to strike accurately!"

"OK!" Xuan Qi yawned and said, "Let me investigate the situation in the mountains first!"

A light shining from Xuan Qi's eyes, and a drone flew towards the Barra Mountains.

At the same time, something constantly appeared from Xuan Qi's body, and then these things quickly combined together. After a few breaths, Xuan Qi disappeared and replaced by a huge steel fortress. All kinds of thermal weapons can see.

Xuan Qi's super power is a weapon bank. He can fuse hot weapons and some high-tech items. In terms of firepower alone, Xuan Qi may be the fiercest among the Xuan School.

However, Xuan Qi generally does not directly participate in the task, because his power is a bit defective, he is very easy to sleep. Most of the time he sleeps, and only wakes up when he received the firepower support request.

"Well, I've seen Xuan Nv and others, hey, why are there so many monsters? " Xuan Qi's voice sounded: "Mr. Xuan Kong, I'm going to fire.  It might cause a big noise, so please cover your ears."

Xuan Kong nodded and covered his ears. The next moment Xuan Kong felt that the ground began to shake. Numerous bombshells ejected from the steel fortress, drawing a perfect arc in the void to attack to the depths of the Barra Mountains.


Om ~ Su Yu punched the air with a punch, the shock power surged, the sound of glass shattering constantly sounded, the air and ground collapsed within a few tens of meters as the center of Su Yu , and more than 20 little monsters became a pool of meats.

At the same time, Su Yu picked a spear in his hand and reflected beams of lights.

"He's here, ready, we're going to retreat!" Xuan Nv's voice sounded in Su Yu's ear.

Su Yu heard what Xuan Nv said, and was ready to retreat at any time. At this time, Su Yu saw a drone flying from a distance, and then circled over the valley to leave.

When he saw this drone, Su Yu knew that this was for long-range fire support and that the drone was used for reconnaissance and positioning.

What Su Yu doesn’t understand is that the signal here has been blocked. How does the drone operate and transmit the message?

"Boom!" Suddenly a beam of light burst from the ground, smashing the drone into pieces. This was an attack launched by the Scarlet Lizard Monster.

"Go!" Xuan Nv shouted, grasped Su Yu flew in the air, Xuan Dian Xuan Jin followed.

"Kill them, don't let these four humans run away!" The Scarlet Lizard monster shouted, thinking that the four of them wanted to escape.

Alas ... A series of attacks shot at the four people.

"Yeah, firepower support!" Xuan Dian said, looking at the sky outside the mountain range, "Xuan Qi's ability is gorgeous every time I see it!"

"Yes ~ His power is so beautiful and perfect, I think Xuan Qi's power is more suitable for me!" Xuan Jin said.

Su Yu looked at the battlefield. In the sky outside the mountains, there were flares, one or two, dense, countless flares appeared. Those were tail flames, and missiles of various sizes and shapes were flying fast.

Su Yu was shocked. Does the Monsters Detective Bureau have such large firepower?

"This is a person's super power?" Su Yu asked in curiosity.

"Well, yes, Xuan Qi's power is able to integrate all kinds of thermal weapons, and one person can reach millions of modern military forces!" Xuan Dian nodded.

Su Yu shocked, looking at the various missiles that were flying. The Scarlet Lizard monsters in the valley there, and other monsters, all looking at the fast-moving firelight, and they realized the deadly crisis.

The Scarlet Lizard monster looked at the flaming sky, and all the scales on his body stood up, hissing loudly: "Defense, defense ~ hiss ~"

However, at the same time, the first missile had already landed on the ground, a blast exploded, a flame shock swept away everything 100 meters away, and a small mushroom cloud rose.

However, this is just the beginning. The next moment, the missile falls like a raindrop!

Bang Bang Bang ...

The blazing fire engulfed the entire valley in an instant and couldn't see anything else. Su Yu and others stood on the air, watching the shocking scene from afar.

Su Yu swallowed, and he was extremely shocked. This scientific power, ah, in front of such firepower, what kind of super man can resist it? All these missiles are even not the most powerful missiles.

After a long time, the smoke and dust gradually dispersed, and the flames gradually extinguished. The entire valley was collectively sunken for a few meters, leaving only a piece of scorched earth still emitting amazing heat.

As for the monsters, little monsters, and other monsters have disappeared, leaving only a pile of coke, like a hill bag more like a grave bag standing on the scorched earth.

"Is it all solved?" Su Yu said.

"Not yet, there is still alive!" Xuan Nv frowned slightly.

"Do these guys have the characteristics of ants? They sacrifice most of them and save a small part survive!" Xuan Dian said.

Su Yu: "???"

Click ~ after Xuan Dian said it, and a strange noise sounded, and soon, the sound became dense. The scorched ball began to crack.

Sa~ Then the light beam pointed from the ball, and then the ball quickly disintegrated into a fine dust.

Exposed the surviving giant lizard-shaped monster, holding a spear.

With a loud bang, the most central lizard appeared, growling out of a large pit, and the Scarlet Lizard monster stood on its back.

"His ~" Su Yu took a breath and said, "This isn't dead? They are ... Damn, are these lizard monsters sacrificing other little lizard monsters and using them as meat pads to block the attack?"

Su Yu looked at the huge ball and suddenly understood.

"Well, yes, it's true!" Xuan Dian nodded.

"Ah, these ugly monsters are really tenacious, no matter what, let the beautiful me give them a perfect way to die!" Xuan Jin said, and then rushed down from high altitude.

"Humans, you damn it!" The Scarlet Lizard monster roared in the valley, directing the lizard under its feet to ran to fight with Xuan Jin.