Chapter 82 Su’s Marksmanship

Although Xuan Nv, Xuan Dian, and Xuan Jin are powerful, this time they fight very embarrassingly. The giant lizard-shaped monster's weapon is really powerful. The beams emitted by the monsters' weapons are hard to resist. The beam of light can penetrate their super power defense layer.

Many times, they were almost shot by the beam.

Now they heard Su Yu's words and saw that Su Yu holding a spear to fly or reflect the beam as if playing ping-pong ball, their eyes suddenly flashed.

They looked at the giant lizard-shaped monster, with a strange light flashed in their eyes, and almost scared all the monsters.

"Hahaha, give me the spear!" Xuan Dian yelled. The thunder and the electric current flowed around his body, and the tens of meters were all turned into thunder hell. All the little lizard monsters nearby turned into coke carbon.

At the same time, Thunder turned into several big hands to grab a giant lizard-shaped monster.

Xuan Jin has already changed target, not that he wants to change, but that he has to change. Xuan Jin couldn't get near the Scarlet Lizard monster all the time. Whenever he attacked, there were always little monsters, and the giant lizard-shaped monsters block the way.

Sa ~ Steel swords were drilled from the ground, like a forest of the sword, and spread out in all directions as the center of Xuan Jin.

The giant lizard-shaped monsters were pierced by giant steel swords like a sugar gourd, with blood flowing ~

Xuan Nv's gravity power broke out, and the land collapsed with a radius of tens of meters followed each step. She holds the long sword in her hand, and the sword body was completely frozen with ice.

Under the pressure of the gravity power, a giant lizard-shaped monster lay down on the ground and then turned into a meatloaf.

Xuan Nv leaped and grasped, and the spear was held on her hand.

Seeing this scene, Su Yu was stunned and almost wanna kneed down, thanks for her not killing him.

Su Yu remembered the situation in the training room where Xuan Nv was pressing gravity power to him for practice. If she exerted such gravity at that moment, Su Yu didn't know what else he could have left, another meatloaf?

Alas, a beam of light came in, letting Su Yu come back from his thought, shook the spear in his hand, picked it up, and yelled, "Look at the spear!"

Stomping at his feet, the ground shattered, and then Su Yu killed another lizard monster in front of him.

"His ~" The giant lizard-shaped monster hissed in its mouth, it didn't even hide or avoid the attack.


At the same time, a beam of light is shooting for Su Yu directly from the tip of the spear. No way, they had a difference in height.

Su Yu immediately turned around to avoid the shoot and reached out his spear to attack again.

With the sound of clang, the giant lizard-shaped monster's spear pressed down and fell down, colliding with the spear in Su Yu's hand.

Huh! Huh! Huh!

At this time, the sounds of the weapons breaking air came, and little monsters were on time and threw their machetes towards Su Yu. At this time, Su Yu and the giant lizard-shaped monster were fighting each other. Su Yu stood slightly unstable.

Facing the scimitar rotating in all directions, Su Yu didn't hide or escape. He held the spear in his right hand, slammed his fist in his left hand, and slammed it into the air.

Hum ~

The shock power surged, clicking, clicking, the sound of glass shattering, and the dense cracks spread out in all directions around Su Yu's fist, and then the air broke apart.

Bang Rong ~ The air and the ground shook at the same time, all the scimitars near Su Yu were shocked and flew away, and at the same time, many little monsters were broken apart by shock power.

Within a few dozen meters of Su Yu, all the lizard monsters fell to the ground, and even the giant lizard-shaped monster was constantly stepped back under the shock power.

Bang~ Su Yu stepped on his feet, he rushed out again, appeared in front of the giant lizard-shaped monster, raised his spear and hit, and he screamed in his mouth: "Ugly monsters, let you taste the master’s Su's marksmanship, Su's marksmanship In the first style, one-shot through piercing the heart! "

Clang ~

"The Su's marksmanship second style, two-shots raising the sea!"

Clang ~

"Su Family marksmanship third style, three-shots, and six-holes!"

Clang ~

Lizard Monster: "His ~ His ~% #% …… # ¥ ……”

The lizard monsters are speechless. Do you call it marksmanship? You are only shot blindly, ok?

"When did Xuan Zhen come up with Su's marksmanship? What the..., it's only a blindly attack!" Xuan Dian heard Su Yu's words, couldn't help but take a special look, then felt speechless.

But Su Yu's attack at this moment was really fierce. He took the spear as a stick to smash.

Although there is no rule, each hit is extremely heavy. The giant lizard-shaped monster lifts its spear to block, but they can't resist and could only keep retreating, and the scales and muscles on its arms are shattered.

"Dead!" Su Yu suddenly changed her tactics, changing smashing into a stab. A piercing hole penetrated the heart of the giant lizard-shaped monster. At the same time, the shock power surged, breaking all its internal organs. After killing the other party, Su Yu immediately retreated.

It seems simple to say, but in fact, Su Yu used a lot of power to kill these giant lizard-shaped monsters.

For a long time killing, Su Yu felt tired for a while. Looking at such a great number of monsters, Su Yu couldn't help scalp tingling for a while. No matter the little monster or the giant lizard-shaped monster, their strength was not so strong, but not weak.

It is not easy to kill these monsters and prevent them from rushing out of the Barra Mountains.

Hum ~

The shock power surged, breaking up a piece of air, and emptying a group of monsters. Su Yu did not fight again but gathered towards Xuan Nv and others. The three also consumed a lot.

Although they have super powers, they are still human, not tireless machines.

"Leader, we can't fight like this.  We don't have enough energy to kill all the monsters. What should we do? Should we retreat or continue?" Su Yu blasted out a little monster in one shot while facing Xuan Nv said.

At this moment, the four guarded each other back to back, and at the same time beheaded the monsters who besieged them.

Looking down from a high altitude, you can see that in the valley, four of Su Yu are surrounded by heterogeneous groups, just like a mound flooded by large water, looking solid, but the water flow is more rapid, and it will be collapsed.

"The Scarlet Lizard Monster was meant to consume all our power. You see, It's looking at us. That's its tactic!? " Xuan Dian sneered.

Then Su Yu turned back to look at the Scarlet Lizard monster. It stood on the back of a lizard, with a smirk on its face. Its eyes were indeed full of mockings, hissing, and it waved its spear to direct the attack from time to time.

Every time it waved a spear, the monsters who besieged the four sent out a fierce offensive.

"Damn annoying monsters, my skin not so smooth now after a tiring fight!" Xuan Jin said, and the monsters were slashed and killed by metal swords.

"There are still three minutes, support is coming soon, I hope he hasn't overslept!" Xuan Nv looked at her watch and said at the moment.


Leader, when did you call for support? Why do I not know? Su Yu immediately encouraged.