Chapter 81 Powerful Weapon

Hearing the words of the Scarlet Lizard, Su Yu and others' expressions were a little stunned, and then Xuan Dian said, "Catch it, and ask where Professor Yang is, I can't sense Professor Yang's breath!"

"Let the perfect me catch it!" Xuan Jin said, countless metal swords converged, converged into a large steel hand, and grabbed towards the Scarlet Lizard.

"Huh!" The Scarlet Lizard leader didn't move when it stood on the giant lizard. It just snorted.

When the large steel hand landed above the head of the Scarlet Lizard, a light beam shot from a distance, and the light beam passed through the large steel hand, and then the large steel hand suddenly broke apart.

"What?" Su Yu and others were shocked when they saw this. Then they looked at the place where the light beam was emitted.

The beam emitted by a giant lizard-shaped monster, holding a similar weapon on its hands, with a gun tip and a spar, there is a crystal stone in the middle of the gun tip and the gun rod.

When the spar flashed, a beam of light flew out. The power was so great that Su Yu and others felt threatened.

"Be careful, their weapons are weird!" Xuan Dian said, "Don't be hit by it!"

"Ah ~ Damn, it ruined my perfect attack!" Xuan Jin said angrily.

"Kill!" The Scarlet Lizard pointed his weapon at the place where Su Yu and others stand.

The giant lizard-shaped monsters moved, with their spears in their hands as if its a gun, firing.

The next moment, beams of light burst out of the weird weapon, making a rustling noise.

Su Yu and others did not take the attack directly, they evaded.

A beam of light passed by Su Yu's cheek. It slammed on the rock wall behind Su Yu just now.

With a snoring sound, the beam light left a deep hole in the hard rock.

It wasn't finished, the hole continued to expand, the hard rock was eroded by a strange force, and it turned into fine gravel in a blink of an eye.

Su Yu inhaled. If he had been shotted, he would be smashed to dust?

Boom ~ The ground was collapsed by Su Yu, and his body rushed out like a bombshell, killing the giant lizard-shaped monster closest to him.

These giant lizard-shaped monsters themselves are not so powerful, but the power of the weapons in their hands is extremely threatening.

These giant lizard-shaped monsters with special weapons must be removed first.

Xuan Nv and Xuan Dian had the same idea, both of them start to kill the giant lizard-shaped monsters close to them.

As for Xuan Jin, he continued to battle with that Scarlet Lizard.

Su Yu stepped in front of the giant lizard-shaped monster and raised his fist to attack.

Bang, a loud noise came, the giant lizard-shaped monster raised its gun to block Su Yu's fist. Normally, Su Yu was able to break the steel with his fist, but there was no mark left on this weapon this time.

Alas, a steel whip-like tail was punched towards Su Yu, and Su Yu leaped back, and the attack missed.

"Human, ha ~" the giant lizard-shaped monster said, and its corner of the mouth twisted as if it is laughing at him.

Uh ~

Su Yu starts to fight back, he fiercely punching the head of the giant lizard-shaped monster that is trying to biting at him. Su Yu was very upset that he was laughed at by a monster.

Alas ... A beam of light kept coming towards Su Yu, and Su Yu flickered to hide from the left to the right, moving forward in a 'z' shape.

When approaching the monster, Su Yu's legs swept out like a steel whip, and a bang came against the lizard's steel whip tail.

Su Yu stepped back, and the giant lizard-shaped monster was punched out by Su Yu's leg.

However, Su Yu was not happy about it. Instead, his expression became more serious. These monsters cannot be treated as ordinary monsters. In addition to having powerful and special weapons, it is also very strong and has sufficient combat experience.

The giant lizard-shaped monster shakes its tail, uses the inertia of the tail to shake and stabilize his body quickly, and then continuously shoots at Su Yu, and a beam of light is directed towards Su Yu again.

Su Yu turned sideways to the right, dodging attacks again.

However, the giant lizard-shaped monster's attack was really fast and numerous. After avoiding more than a dozen attacks, a beam of light ran straight towards Su Yu's chest.

Su Yu didn't panic, reached out and caught a little monster that attacked him, blocking it in his chest, while Su Yu took advantage of this moment to move his body horizontally.

There was a loud bang, and the little monster hit by the beam of light was cavitated into a pool of crystal meat.

Su Yu tipped his toes, the mob's scimitar was picked up, Su Yu grabbed it in his hands and then threw it out fiercely.

The machete turned into a light streamer, blasting towards the lizard monster.

This set of actions by Su Yu is so coherent and smooth. The giant lizard-shaped monster did not expect that Su Yu would use its companion to block the attack, and I was a little bit confused and very angry.

It was the slight confuse that made it lose the chance to escape. The scimitar coming from the whirling spin slammed into its body.

The scaled armor on its body was immediately shattered by the impact, and the body that had not landed was again impacted and flew away.

So the giant lizard-shaped monster can not hold tight the spear in its hand and throwing it into the air.

Alas, a tall leaping figure grabbed the spear.

It was Su Yu! Su Yu had quickly followed when he threw out the machete.

After grabbing the spear, Su Yu didn't stop. He lamed on a lizard's back, then the lizard died. Su Yu rushed out like a boomshell, and continued to kill other monsters who were hitten by the machete.

With only one shot, the spear pierced the giant lizard-shaped monster's chest.

Su Yu stopped and turned, grabbed the giant lizard-shaped monster, in one go, and threw it vigorously, with the inertia, slamming the monster toward the ground.

With a loud noise, the giant lizard-shaped monster was severely hit on the ground.

The land collapsed sharply, the earth and rocks rolled, and a huge pothole appeared above the earth.

The giant lizard-shaped monster was smashed into pieces by Su Yu's huge power, and then died finally.

Uh ...

Su Yu hadn't had time to be happy, and beams of light came from a distance.

Su Yu raised his spear and wanted to shoot at it, but then realized that he doesn't know how to use it at all.


Then Su Yu immediately to avoid the attack, but the light is too fast, he subconsciously raised the spear in his hand to block!

With the sound of a clang, a light beam hit the spear and made a crisp sound.

Subconsciously, Su Yu wanted to throw away the spear in his hand, but then found that the spear was not damaged at all.

Su Yu's eyes flashed sharply: the spear can block those beams!

Hold tightly the spear and waved it, clanging, clanging sounded, and beams of light are blocked or reflected.

"Hahaha, Xuan Dian, Xuan Jin, leaders, grab their weapons, their weapons can resist the beam!" Su Yu laughed and shared his findings.