Chapter 80 Charge Into The Enemy Camp

"We found it, but something went wrong!" Xuan Dian whispered: "Look over there, don't make a noise!"

Xuan Dian said that he force Su Yu's head to the other side and let his eyes look down the mountain.

After seeing the situation in the valley, Su Yu's pupils shrank sharply, almost wanna bursting a scream.

The scenery in the valley is really shocking. The huge valley is densely packed with horrible monsters, with scale armor, and sharp claws, at least tens of thousands of monsters.

Those monsters can be simply divided into three categories.

One is a giant lizard-crocodile-like monster that is the size of a truck.

The second type is about 1.5 meters in height. The human form, but extremely ugly, thin figure, fish-scale monsters, holding a machete-like weapon in his hands, and it is extremely fast. When they moving in the valley, only shadows can be seen.

The last kind of monsters is the monsters that were sealed in the stone plates as they analyzed before. They are giant lizard-shaped monsters that stand about three meters tall and walk upright. Though they are looked like lizards, they are more like monsters in the myths.

It has the fewest number, but it dominates, and the other two creatures show extremely respect and fear expression and behaviors under their roar.

"What are these monsters? Where did they all come from?" Su Yu said in a low voice, afraid that the monsters in the valley would hear them.

"Have you seen the black hole on the ground? These monsters crawled out of it. This big hole should have been hit by the beam of light before. Professor Yang was brought into it by a large lizard. We are now worried about how to rescue Professor Yang. It's a headache.

"Using enchantment ball, pull all these monsters into the dimension space, and then save Professor Yang!" Su Yu said.

"Already tried, but failed, there is special interference, these monsters cannot be captured into the dimension space at all." Xuan Dian shook his head with a bitter smile.

"What should we do? Leader, you say." Su Yu heard Xuan Dian's words, and he looked a little dazed and asked Xuan Nv.

Xuan Nv's eyebrows frowned tightly and said, "We can only forcibly enter the cave to rescue Professor Yang! Xuan Zhen and Xuan Jin, you two acted with me, rushed into the enemy line to attract firepower, and Xuan Dian took the opportunity to enter In the hole, as long as Professor Yang is rescued, we don't have to worry about anything, kill them directly! "

"Okay, just do it like this!" Xuan Dian thought for a moment, this is no other way. They are now aiming to rescue Professor Yang, only to protect Professor Yang as much as possible.

"Then let the beautiful me give this ugly and disgusting guys a perfect death!" Xuan Jin smiled lightly.

Su Yu is speechless. I feel that this plan is a bit reckless. Can't we just call a little more people for help?

Su Yu took out his mobile phone — (F_F), there was no signal!?


But before the three of them started to act, a huge roar came out of the black hole.

With this roar, the black hole burst fiercely, and a huge claw drilled out of the black hole, breaking through the black hole.

The valley ground bulged, and a giant lizard with a body of more than 20 meters and a height of about 5 meters got out of the ground.

On its back, a Scarlet Lizard monster stood with a spear-like weapon in his hand.

"His ~" The Scarlet Lizard monster squeaked. When hearing its sound, the other monsters in the valley also followed to make a sound, hiss. And then under the observation of the four, the monsters rushing out of the valley like a torrent.

"No, these monsters are about to rush out of the Barra Mountains. Stop them. Don't let any monster run away!" Xuan Nv shouted softly, then she rushed out.

Su Yu and others were all aware of the seriousness of this problem. These monsters would be a disaster for ordinary people if they stormed into human cities.

Without any hesitation, the three jumped straight from the mountain.


Su Yu fell down like a meteorite and smashed onto a giant lizard-shaped monster. Its scales smashed and its blood and sprayed wildly, the giant lizard-shaped monster gave a painful roar.

However, the giant lizard-shaped monster did not die directly. Su Yu looked dignified. The giant lizard-shaped monster's defense exceeded his imagination, and he immediately realized that these monsters may be more difficult to deal with than they thought.

Alas ~ At this moment, there was a howling sound in his ear, and Su Yu turned around and punched.

Su Yu's fist smashed onto a machete, making a huge sound, sounded like gold iron and iron attacking sound. A thin figure was punched away, slamming on the cliff in the distance, turning into a pool of meat.

Su Yu felt a pain in his hand, and he was shocked when looked down at his own hands. There were a deep wound and its bleeding.

"Sharp scimitar!" Su Yu's pupils shrank.

You know, Su Yu's physical body is now very tough. It may be a little harder than ordinary steel, but he was still hurt by a scimitar. Needless to say, how sharp the machete is!

"Be careful of their weapons!" Su Yu shouted to remind Xuan Nv and others.

At the same time, Su Yu fiercely lamed on the giant lizard-shaped monster to the ground, the next moment, it died. Then Su Yu rushed out fast like a wind. The blue halo and electric arc appeared on Su Yu's body at the same time. Two super powers were used simultaneously by Su Yu.

Su Yu fisted, punched above the air in front of him, the force of humming and pulsating, the crackling sound of crackling glass sounded, the dense cracks spread out around Su Yu's fist as the center.

The next moment, the air collapsed and rumbled, and the void began to oscillate. A dozen little monsters rushing towards Su Yu were swept by the shock power. Before they reached in front of Su Yu, they shattered into crystal minced meat in the air.

Su Yu started killing monsters, and Xuan Dian and others also had no mercy in killing these monsters.

Xuan Dian's thunder rolled around him, a thunder cloud condensed on top of his head, and thunders of various arm thicknesses fell down, turning all the monsters with tens of hundreds of meters into coke.

Xuan Jin's body is filled with golden light. A metal sword with a handle rotates around him quickly, forming a huge storm of blades. Wherever Xuan Jin passes, all monsters are hanged to pieces.

Xuan Nv's side also had two kinds of super powers erupting. The monsters close to her were either pressed into meat pies or frozen into ice sculptures.

Suddenly, hundreds of monsters died under the four's attacking, but not enough, there are more monsters.

It sounds like its been a long time, but this is just what happened in just tens seconds.

The Scarlet Lizard found that Su Yu and others were killing its subordinates, then it roared. "Humans? Hiss ~ you look for death, hiss ~ kill these humans now ~"