Chapter 8 Start On A Journey To Lijia Village

It had been half an hour since the car had set off, but the inside of the car became very quiet, and only two people's breathing sounds could be heard.

Obviously did not turn on the air conditioner, but Su Yu still felt a hint of coolness.

It was a little awkward. Xuan Nv was not the kind of person who could chat at first glance, and Su Yu didn't know how to talk to Xuan Nv.

However, Su Yu first started the conversation, "Leader, it is a good car, is it Mercedes, is there a fuel leak?"

Xuan Nv: "..."

"Hmm, it doesn't seem to leak oil. It seems this car costs a lot of money. Is it more than one million yuan? Is it your own car?"

Xuan Nv: "..."

Su Yu felt awkward and said, "How long will it take for the leader to go to Lijia Village? Do you say that this time will be an weird case? What kinds of monster will be"

Xuan Nv: "Want to talk, right? I'll tell you the rules of action, remember two things, thought careful and act bold!"

Su Yu: "???"

Though a little confused, this cold woman finally talked.

However, Su Yu obviously overestimated the Xuan Nv. Yes, Xuan Nv talked, but only said this sentence along the way, a total of nineteen words, three hours journey.

Hey ~ Su Yu was awkward!

"Get off!" The car stopped at the side of the road. Xuan Nv finally said: "The Lijia Village is here."

"That's Lijia Village? It doesn't look strange at all, oh, I can smell the food, they are cooking." Su Yu looked at the village in front, Lijia Village had less than a hundred households, and the construction was irregular, standing at the entrance of the village could see the entire village in sight.

Lijia Village's cooking smoke, vegetables swaying, and children's laughter came from time to time, just a quiet and ordinary village.

"Follow me!" Xuan Nv said, moving her legs toward this village. The two long legs were really long.

"What's happened in this village? Who is the reporter?" Xuan Nv asked suddenly.

"Ah?" Su Yu paused, a moment's silence, and then realized that Xuan Nv was test him.

Su Yu thought for a moment and said: "The reporter is Li Fugui, 53 years old, and the location of the case is also at his house. Look, Here is the Li Fugui's house, located at outside the village, and there are lots of chickens outside. He is a professional chicken farmer as the case file shows  ... "

The two came to Li Fugui's house. The courtyard door was open. There was a dirt dog in the courtyard. They were very alert. They just came to the door and the dirt dog was a loud dog barking: "Bark! Bark! Bark ! "

"What a dead dog is biting. Don't bark, fuck. Why didn't you bark last night?" A violent middle-aged male voice sounded, accompanied by a bang. A balding man just opened the door and walked out, with his arm bandaged.

When the dog whimpered, it got into the kennel, and the balding man still had to scold it again, but when they saw Su Yu, more precisely, he saw the Xuan Nv, and then he just stopped and asked, "Who you are? "

"You are Li Fugui? We came here to investigate the case. My colleague should have told you yesterday. Today we will come again!" Xuan Nv asked coldly. Li Fugui trembled and immediately be polite.

Li Fugui smiled and said, "Yes, yes, the comrades of the police did tell me yesterday, but you two does not wearing an uniform, so ..."

"Don't ask, where was the scene where the case was found, take me there!" Xuan Nv glanced at Li Fugui.

"Yes, sir, I will take you two to the scene of the crime, it is on my No. 1 chicken farm. Leaders, you don't know, my chickens died so strangely. Within one night, something unknown killed hundreds of chickens, but the dead dog didn't even bark, this dog is so useless! "

Li Fugui led the two to the No. 1 chicken farm. Suddenly, a disgusting smell rushed and stimulated, Su Yu feels like to vomit.

Su Yu glanced at Li Fugui and Xuan Nv, both of them stayed stable, Su Yu deeply admired.

One may be getting used to it, the other may be facial paralysis!

"Look at the two, these chickens were killed by the monster last night. They didn't have any wounds, but they did die. How could a monster do it? Hey, leader, did you check? And did you find out anything? Who did it? Who can compensate for my loss! "

Li Fugui continued to chatter.

Neither Su Yu nor Xuan Nv ignored him. After entering, he was attracted by a large footprint. Unlike humans, it was similar to the ape, but it was much larger than the mountain gorilla's footprint.

There were also a few gray hairs in the footprints, which were very long, and 20 centimeters long.

"Did you see something?" Xuan Nv asked Su Yu.

"Footprints?" Su Yu thought for a while and replied seriously, and he saw that this was a footprint.

Xuan Nv: Hey!

Su Yu's body was cold, and he secretly said that was this woman angry?

Xuan Nv didn't talk to Su Yu, but said to Li Fugui: "Mr. Li, have you saw the incident last night? Did anyone else saw it besides you? Was there anyone else?"

"It was so dark last night that I couldn't see clearly, but the thing was not human anyway, and the whole body was covered with hair. I bumped into it when I fell down, and only I saw it. My wife and child returned to my mother-in-law a few days ago, no, why did you ask me this? You must give me a reason as soon as possible, I am still waiting for compensation! "Li Fugui said.

When hearing these words, Su Yu smiled. It turned out that his wife was not at home. No wonder he stared at Xuan Nv just now!

"That's fine, Mr. Li, look at this thing in my hand!" Xuan Nv said, holding a marker-like thing on her hands.

When heard it, Su Yu and Li Fugui subconsciously followed the order and looked at it.

There was a crackling sound, and there was a burst of strong light at the top of the ‘mark pen'. Su Yu was screamed by the strong light, and the tears flowed, said, “Damn it, what is this?”

It took a while for Su Yu to return to normal, and when he looked up, he saw Xuan Nv's eyes, without the slightest emotion: "Have you spent time to familiar the equipment last night?"

Su Yuxi smiled: "Last night ..."

Xuan Nv: "Warn once and deduct the corresponding bonus for this time, and next time, deduct the bonus and deduct the corresponding salary!"

Su Yu was stunned, this woman was really strict, he said so in his heart. He made a promise, "Leader, I promise I won't make the same mistake again. I will be familiar with the equipment when I go back.

But what was this, leader? Why it feels like so...  like something in the movie."