Chapter 79 A Beam Of Light Soared Into The Sky

The square-faced staff member felt that he was ignored by Su Yu and others after entering the tent, and immediately frowned slightly: "Some of you heard what I said?"

Upon hearing the words of the square-faced staff, Su Yu and the four of them were all stunned. Then they looked at each other and realized a thing: this is not an ordinary stone plate.

Su Yu turned back and smiled, "Sorry, Mr. Police Officer, just now we were a little fascinated with the stone plate on the ground. Please tell me, where did this stone plate come from?"

"Didn't I tell you??" the square-faced staff muttered in a low voice, and then replied, "According to the archaeological team's notes, these stone plates should have been taken from the underground ruins by Professor Yang and others."

"Thank you!" Su Yu nodded and looked back at the three. "Leaders, have you found anything?"

"I need to study the stone plates carefully to judge, Mr. Police Officer, could you please find all the notes of the archeological team members? We need to look at it!" Xuan Dian said, smiling at the square-faced staff.

The square-faced staff member thought for a moment and gave a glance, and then said, "Okay, I'll find it for you, just wait for me here."

After the staff left, Su Yu said, "Okay, Xuan Dian, he has already been distracted by you. Now you can say what are these stone plates?"

"We don't know what it is, but it is definitely not an ordinary thing and it is not suitable for ordinary people to know." Xuan Dian shrugged.

"What to do? If you don't know it, I don't know anymore!" Su Yu pouted his lips.

"Open a video and ask the boss, he should know what it is!" Xuan Dian said, took out his mobile phone and opened a video call with Xuan Laogua in Jisong City.

Sure enough, Xuan Laogua was very knowledgeable and had more experience. Only one glance through the screen, Xuan Laogua said: "These stone plates are a special seal. If the quantity is correct, there should be a hundred and eight, satisfying the numbers of Heaven and Earth. "

"Well, it's really 108." Xuan Dian counted the number and then said.

"That's right!" Xuan Laogua said, "This is a special seal with a special effect. It is used to save lives. Using this seal in the case of fatal injuries will heal the injury. In theory, even if one was almost dead, as long as he had breath. Basically, he could be cured by this seal.

The only drawback is that the healing time is very slow, the short one can be hundreds or thousands of years, and the long one can be tens of thousands of years. So this seal is sometimes very useless, I haven't seen it for years!

The most important thing is that the materials used to make this seal are very scarce, and it is not easy to get all the materials to make it.

I did not expect to see it here. After the case is processed, the seal should be brought back to the bureau together. It is better not to leave this seal to the ordinary people! "

"I know, boss, do you see that there are still monster sealed in it?" Xuan Nv asked.

"The seal has been opened. The 108 stone dishes can be opened according to the way on the ground, and the monster sealed inside is released. That monster is gone, no longer in the seal!" Xuan Laogua said.

"Okay, we know. Thank you for your guidance." Xuan Dian said, and then the two parties hung up the video call.

"Everybody heard what the boss said just now, our mission goal should be the monster that ran out of the seal, now we need to determine where the monster is!" Xuan Nv said.

As soon as the words fell, exclamations occurred outside the tent, and the four rushed out of the tent immediately.

Everyone at the scene is looking at the Barra Mountains and exclaiming.

In the depths of the Barra Mountains, a beam of light soared into the sky, disappearing deep in the clouds.

"What is that?" Su Yu said.

"Go, go to the Barra Mountains!" Xuan Nv immediately said, rushing out of the blockade, if there were no ordinary people in here, she would fly to the Barra Mountains directly.

Xuan Dian and Xuan Jin did not delay, followed her immediately. Xuan Dian's voice came: "Xuan Zhen, you must put the seal away in a secret place first and catch up with us!"

"Those three people are doing ... what's that?" The square-faced staff shaking and swing came to this side, with a large number of notebooks on his hand. But he could only saw the back of the other three. He was about to ask Su Yu what had happened, then he saw the fading beam of light, exclaimed!

Su Yu stepped forward, took half of the notebook away on his hand, and sent it to Professor Yang's tent. He said, "The notebook will be placed here first, Mr. Police Officer, we need to take away these stone plates!"

"Ah?" The square-faced staff was a little bit embarrassed. These are evidence and cultural relics, which cannot be taken away casually. He wanted to refuse, but after seeing Su Yu's serious face, he immediately changed his words: "I need to apply to the superior."

"Then please hurry up, I'm in a hurry!" Su Yu said this, secretly saying this is too troublesome, it's a waste of time.

The square-faced staff immediately dialed the phone number and applied for the superior, but it took a full half an hour to get a positive answer.

Su Yu was speechless, and the efficiency was too low.

The square-faced staff member hung up the phone and said, "You can take these stone plates away, but you still need to sign a few documents!"

"Give the documents to me!" Su Yu reached out his hand directly.

The square-faced staff member apologized and smiled, "Wait a minute, on printing!"

Su Yu: ...

Ten minutes later, Su Yu can finally leave with these stone plates, carrying the stone plates and rush towards Bala Mountain.

An hour has passed since Xuan Nv and others left.

Su Yu think that maybe now Xuan Nv and others had already finished the battle with the monster.

Thought about that, Su Yu was quite happy in herself.

It's good. It's a nice thing. No need to take risks.

Of course, although Su Yu thought in this way, his pace was not slow. According to the mark left by Xuan Dian, he quickly chased and ran silently for two hours. Finally, Su Yu saw the three on a mountain peak.

Su Yu is happy and about to call them, but at this moment, the figure of Xuan Dian appeared next to Su Yu, covering his mouth and whispering: "Don't be too loud, don't be found by them. Did you successfully take the stone plates? Good job! "

Xuan Dian glanced at Su Yu's backpack, with a smile on his face.

Su Yu took away Xuan Dian's hand and said, "Xuan Dian, do we have to take away these stone plates now? Or maybe we can wait until the case is over? You don't know how long I waited for taking these stone plates away, and how many words I signed. It's too much trouble to get it! "

Xuan Dian heard a smile and said, "Get used to it. This time the process is easy and didn't take much time.

Sometimes we need to wait for a few days, and we may still not be able to get it. Also, you have to remember a thing, if we need to take away a thing, be quick, otherwise, there may have an unexpected thing, such as someone steals it, or the superior stop us to take it away. "

Su Yu heard it and gave a glance at Xuan Dian. It seemed that this guy was very experienced and asked, "Did you find Professor Yang?"

Su Yu remembers that finding Professor Yang was the most important thing.