Chapter 78 Arrival At The Scene

"Haha, are you secretly saying that I am handsome? I can feel it!" Suddenly Xuan Jin's voice sounded in the car, which surprised Su Yu, thinking that Xuan Jin installed a monitoring device in the car.

Su Yu find at the source of the sound. It turned out that the sound was emitted from the on-board computer. The screen turned on, showing the situation inside the sports car in front.

"Less nonsense, talk about the case!" The cold voice of Xuan Nv came, and the temperature inside the car was somewhat lower, which was more effective than air conditioning.

"Okay, my most perfect muse, Xuan Nv. I will now say that the case took place near the Barra Mountains, where an archeological team had an accident. There were a total of 121 people except for Professor Yang. Through preliminary judgment, they were killed by a monster.

Our task is to find the monster and kill it.

The most important thing is to find the missing Professor Yang, who is a well-known archeologist and a person who has made outstanding contributions.

The superior department attached great importance to this matter and required us to find Professor Yang. "

Professor Yang's personal information pops up on the on-board computer.

"Yang Jian? Erlang Shen can't eliminate the monster?" Su Yu frowned.

When Su Yu said this, the people on both sides were silent, and then Xuan Jin laughed loudly. "Yeah, ha ha ha, Xuan Zhen, although you look ugly, you are very interesting, Yang Yan, Erlang Shen Yang Jian, Hahaha, why didn't I think of it? Whoops, no, my smooth and tender skin is wrinkled with laughter! "

Su Yu glanced at Xuan Dian silently. What's so funny about this?

Xuan Dian is very speechless. Xuan Jin is ridiculous, now it seems that Xuan Zhen is sometimes not weaker than Xuan Jin!

Xuan Dian was so tired that he wanted to retire.


Two hours later, the mountains in the distance came into view, and the highway seemed to come to an end.

"The blockade is ahead. From the point of the accident to this place, it has been blocked. There is no way. We need to get off and walk for a while. The sports car can't get through!" Xuan Jin's voice sounded again.

Su Yu felt a headache. The sports car couldn't pass. What about other cars be able to pass? Why not drive other cars?

Su Yu determined that Xuan Jin's head really has a problem.

Two cars passed a sentry post and parked the car there. The four, led by Xuan Jin, left the highway and walked towards the Barra Mountains.

Half an hour later, the four came to the site where the archeological team excavated the ruins. There are many people, the alarming lights were flashing. After Xuan Jin showed the relevant identification, the four entered the final blockade zone.

"Are you comrades in the Monsters Detective Bureau?" a male voice sounded, and a square-faced staff member approached the four.

"Yes, who are you?" Su Yu asked, and made a handshake with him.

"I am the person in charge here. If you have any questions, you can ask me!" said the square-faced staff member, looking at Su Yu at the same time. There was some confusion in his heart. He could not see any difference in the four. Are they really have super powers?

Of course, it was just a suspicion in his heart, the square-faced staff did not show it on his face. He would absolutely obey the orders of their superiors.

"Okay, lead the way, we're going to look at the corpse now!" Xuan Nv said coldly, not ask, but order.

Su Yu could only sigh that Xuan Nv sometimes had a really low EQ, and hurriedly said, "This police officer, please lead the way, yes, just ask, what else are weird about you here? What clues did you find? "

After listening to Xuan Nv's words, the tone made the square-faced staff feel uncomfortable. Although he would not make trouble for Su Yu and others, he was not willing to talk with the four more.

However, hearing Su Yu's polite tone, the little anger just rose in his heart was immediately dissipated, and smiled: "Of course, we would try our best to cooperate with you. As for the weird thing, yes, there is a special space in the ruins that are tens of meters underground, and Professor Yang and others should go down to the ruin before the accident.

This is the first weird thing.

The second weird thing is in Professor Yang's private tent, which has some weird stone plates.

As for how weird, I can't say, only you went to see it by yourself. "

"Thank you!" Su Yu thanked with a smile. Then they came to the place where the remains were displayed, lined up in several rows.

The square-faced staff continued: "The archeological team counted a total of 121, including migrant workers. Except for Professor Yang's disappearance, everyone else is already here!"

"Huh!" Su Yu nodded slightly, and they came to the displayed remains, unzipped a body bag, and observed.

Su Yu also glanced at Xuan Jin, at this moment the look of Xuan Jin was extremely solemn.

Xuan Nv said: "One blow is fatal, the monster is very powerful, not only cut off the victim's neck bone but also punched a strong blow in other places, the victim's internal organs were damaged!"

Xuan Jin continued: "Monsters have extremely sharp claws, but they are not claws of cats or canines, but claws similar to lizards and crocodiles, more like lizards. The claws are large, about three to four times the size of a human palm! "

Xuan Dian blinked and said, "The monster is very big, at least three to four meters high, and is not a small guy."

Su Yu sensed it carefully: "A peculiar breath remains on the remains, which is different from the breath of humans and monsters. It is a peculiar and extraordinary fluctuation. As for the type of monster, it is difficult to judge."

The square-faced staff was stunned, because after their field survey and technical analysis, what Su Yu and others said was roughly the same as their analysis report.

But the four just observed the remain body, and then they can get those clues. The square-faced staff believed that Su Yu and others were people with super powers, and he was shocked.

"Mr. Police Officer, take us to Professor Yang's tent to take a look. By the way, is there nothing moving in Professor Yang's room?" Su Yu said, interrupting the thoughts of the square-faced staff.

"No, please rest assured, Professor Yang's tent was like when we came, nothing moved!" the square-faced staff responded happily and took them to a dark green tent.

the square-faced staff said: "Here is Professor Yang's tent. There are no signs of fighting in the tent, and no blood has been found. I think, Professor Yang only been arrested by the monster, without any injuries or death.

The four did not pay attention to what the square-faced staff said, because when they entered the tent, their attention was attracted to the stone plates on the ground. Those stone plates had an inexplicable appeal to them.