Chapter 77 Xuan Jin

In the office, Xuan Laogua looked at Su Yu's test report, and after a long time, he said, "Xuan Zhen, you are healthier than ever before. Your physical data have been greatly improved, though you were injured this time! "

Su Yu did not feel very happy about it, he smiled bitterly, and then he didn't want a better physical body. He almost died.

Xuan Yi's eyes had bright, and said, "Boss, Xuan Zhen became stronger when he dies, or should he try it again?"


Su Yu's eyes widened and looked at the woman, Xuan Yi: Are you really a devil? Is this normal people would say?

Xuan Laogua raised his brow slightly, and touched the beard on his chin, making a contemplative appearance!

Su Yu was shocked by boss: Wouldn't you really consider letting me die again?

Su Yu felt a little tenderness in her legs and belly.

"Don't try it again, Xuan Zhen was lucky this time, but it doesn't mean he can be cured like this next time!" Xuan Nv said, Su Yu suddenly felt that this was the best word in the world. This cold woman is really nice person!

"Oh, of course I know, I'm just scaring Xuan Zhen, you see his face pale!" Xuan Laogua smiled.

Su Yu rolled her eyes, only the ghost would believe what you said, you bad old man is very bad.

Buzz ~ At this moment, a red telephone on Xuan Laogua's desk rang a harsh ringing bell.

"Hey!" Xuan Laogua's look became extremely serious at the moment the phone rang.

The three of them were about to leave the office, Xuan Laogua just hung up the phone and said, "Xuan Nv, Xuan Zhen stay first, and now there is a new case for you. Especially Xuan Zhen, you must go for this mission. Xuan Yi, find Xuan Dian and ask him to come to my office! "

"Oh!" Xuan Yi replied reluctantly, and then left the office. Why didn't ask her to participate in this task? Unhappy!

"I must go for the mission? Is something wrong near my hometown?" Su Yu said in shock.

"No!" Xuan Laogua raised his hand and said, "There is no problem in your hometown. The reason why you are assigned to the task is that you should exercise more after recovered. You are more appropriate to do this task."

Su Yu: Old man, only because I can't beat you, otherwise, I really want to fight you.

"Boss, do I have a new assignment?" Xuan Dian came to the office and asked.

"Well, there is a weird case in Haiqing Province. You and Xuan Nv and Xuan Zhen go to Haiqing Province now and meet with Xuan Jin there. You can ask Xuan Jin for specifics of the case when you got there, let's go now! " said Xuan Laogua.

"Yes, boss!" The three responded aloud, and then the three left the office, quickly put on their equipment, and found the "transportation tool", Xuan Kong, and let him send them to Haiqing Province.


Xuan Kong sent the three to Ningxi, Haiqing Province, and then left. The three of them waited for Xuan Jin to come and pick them up.

Su Yu asked: "Two leaders, who are Xuan Jin?"

Xuan Nv didn't speak, Xuan Dian raised an eyebrow and said, "You will know when you see it, Xuan Jin ..."

"What's wrong with me? Xuan Dian, do you secretly say I'm handsome? Hey, don't be jealous. My beauty is something you can never reach!" A handsome young blond man walked towards the three, full of blond hair as if his head glowing.

"Well, Xuan Zhen, you know what kind of person Xuan Jin is!" Xuan Dian said helplessly.

Su Yu: "Uh!"

"Well, are you the newcomer Xuan Zhen in the bureau? Why are you looking at me like this, shocked by my beauty? Hey, ordinary people are so cute. But this is no wonder, why am I so beauty by birth! "Xuan Jin fiddle with a wipe of hair and said.

(ΩДΩ)! !! !! Su Yu determined that Xuan Jin was a narcissist!

"Oh, Xuan Nv, you are still so perfect, only people with perfect appearance will cherish each other, and you will certainly understand the distress I wake up because of my beauty every morning!" Xuan Jin said next to Xuan Nv.

Su Yu's mouth twitched. Xuan Jin is definitely a weirdo. Absolute narcissism is undoubted. This task, Su Yu has a feeling that will be very 'interesting'.

"Xuan Jin, believe it or not, if you keep talking nonsense, I will let your beauty frozen forever at this moment?" Xuan Nv coldly squinted Xuan Jin glanced, her hand was already on the hilt of the sword.

Xuan Jin laughed, and hid behind Su Yu's back and said, "Xuan Nv, life is so wonderful, but you are so irritable ... Uh, I won't say these again, okay, Xuan Nv, please don't use your sword, it is not good for others!"

"That's your car? Why is it a sports car? How much do you know about the case? Don't say you don't know anything at all." Xuan Nv stepped forward and walked towards the sports car drove by Xuan Jin.

Xuan Jin quickly stepped forward and drove the door: "Only beautiful people are qualified to ride in a car with me. Perfect lady, please get in the car!"

"Xuan Dian, what does this guy mean?" Su Yu asked, raising an eyebrow.

"He means two of us to look very ugly!"

What the hell, how did you say these words calmly?

"Hey, two ugly and weird, that sports car is yours. Don't chat and waste time. Get in the car. My handsome face can't be exposed to the sun!" Xuan Jin changed his face immediately when faced with Su Yu after Xuan Nv getting on the car.


Ugly? what the fuck, why did you call me ugly?

Su Yu was so angry. This guy is really annoying!

"Huh!" Xuan Jin didn't give Su Yu a chance to counterattack, he stooped into the sports car in front of him, and stepped on the throttle, and away.

"Let's go, just get used to it!" Xuan Dian put one hand on Su Yu's shoulder and said, with little veins popping out of his forehead.

Su Yu twitched his lips and secretly said: I don't think you get used to it.

Xuan Dian drove the care, the two chased Xuan Jin's sports car and ran on a highway toward the distance.

On the car, Su Yu asked with curiosity: "Xuan Jin is a real weirdo. Has his brain suffered any serious damage?"

Hearing the words, Xuan Dian laughed and said, "Xuan Jin's brain is indeed a bit problematic. It is his intrinsic personality. Though he has a bad personality, he is really a good guy. And exactly because of his bad mouth, he always solving tasks himself alone."

Su Yu nodded and understood.  Xuan Jin's personality, Su Yu estimated that few people could bear it.

Do not believe it? If you don't believe it, you can know by looking at the blue veins popping on Xuan Dian's forehead.