Chapter 76 Mysterious Stone Plate

At the end of the tunnel, there is a huge underground space, but it is not empty, because there are huge rocks standing in it.

There are boxy holes in the rock, each side is about two meters long, like a door and a window.

These stones were hollowed out and turned into rooms.

The group of people came to a four-meter-high huge stone block and entered it through the hole. There were no furnishings in it, only the carved stone bed, stone table, stone bench, etc. were integrated with the huge stone block.

Afterward, they went into other stone rooms. These rooms are the same, no big difference.

However, Professor Yang found that there are 108 rooms in these stone blocks, which are in accordance with the number of Heaven and Earth (A kind of tactical formation in Taoism), and the orientation is also corresponding to the position of Heaven and Earth.

However, they can only find this. There are no other gains beyond this. They can not tell what the era of this architecture.

Professor Yang was okay with the finding, but Wu Qi and others were inevitably disappointed.

Of course, finding a house chiseled in the stone, such a strange building can also be regarded as a big gain, at least one can add an interesting piece of information in the history of architecture.

"Well?" Wu Qi was a little not reconciled. When the others were ready to pack and go back, he himself looked around in a stone room, hoping for other findings.

He really made new discoveries, just like a blind cat run into a dead mouse.

The interior of the stone house is covered with moss-like plants, covering the ground and walls, making the original appearance somewhat difficult to identify.

After cutting out a piece of moss, Wu Qi buckled a round Stone Plate on the wall, and immediately he reported to Professor Yang.

"Wu Qi, did you find it on the wall?" Professor Yang stroked the Stone Plate in his hand and was so excited as if he got the treasure. His heart shouted even more, and his hunch was right again. This Stone Plate was a shocking discovery.

However, Professor Yang and others did not find that a strange red light flashed on the Stone Plate.

"Professor, I just found it by chance. Is this useful, Professor Yang?" Wu Qi scratched his head.

"Useful? This thing is more than words can describe? This is a shocking discovery. Look at the strange lines on the stone plate. This should be a rare ancient text. I guess it is a rare ancient civilization. As long as we can decipher the text above, we can prove that a rare civilization has existed here! "Professor Yang said it loudly, very excited.

Wu Qi and others have their eyes wide open. If they can really prove that a new civilization does exist, they can definitely make a name for themselves in history, and they are all excited. Wu Qi said: "Haha, we are going to be famous, yes. Now that there is a Stone Plate in this room, will there be in other rooms?"

Speaking of it, Wu Qi, and others, all ran into other rooms separately. After, there was laughter in the rooms.

They spent half a day rummaging through the 108 houses and found a total of 108 stone plates, with exactly one hidden in each room.

With these gains, the people went through the underground space again and carefully, and after confirming that nothing was missing, they returned to the ground.

The archeological team began a comprehensive inspection of the stone plates. The first thing to determine is the year. After the carbon 14 test, it was found that these stone plates have existed for almost 20,000 years.

This discovery surprised Professor Yang and others but also felt very unbelievable. This time is too long.

The identification result was wrong, this's Professor Yang and others' first reaction. but after many appraisals, they were convinced that the Stone Plate was something 20,000 years ago, but this made them even more surprised.

Humans did appear 20,000 years ago, and they are in the late Paleolithic period, but they have absolutely no ability to make such delicate Stone Plates.

Because they made an accurate measurement about it, the diameters of these Stone Plates are 108 mm, and their weight is surprisingly the same, they are all 108 grams, the thickness is also the same, very thin, only 1.08 mm thick, only the texture on the Stone Plates is different.

One such Stone Plate is easy to make, but 108 Stone Plates with the same diameter and the same quality but different textures are not easy to make. It is not always possible to use modern cutting-edge technology, let alone the Ancient humans in the late Paleolithic.

There is absolutely a big secret in this Stone Plate. Everyone thinks so, but what kind of secret is unknown. Everyone has searched for a whole day, but they have nothing to gain.

They speculated that only by cracking the mysterious lines or words on the stone plate, it is possible to crack the secrets contained above.

In the middle of the night, they were tired and went back to their tents one by one and began to sleep and rest.

Only Professor Yang is researching alone at night. Originally, old people sleep less than young people, coupled with excitement, Professor Yang cannot sleep even more.

Not only wasn't he tired after this day, but he became more and more energetic, without feeling any tiredness.

Professor Yang is an expert in archeology and ancient writing. After the dead of night and only one person left in the tent, Professor Yang found that his inspiration was flowing at this moment. He seemed that he could understand the lines on those Stone Plates that had left him clueless.

After clearing an open space in the tent, he began to place the stone plates in the direction in which the stones were placed.

"No, this Stone Plate should not be here, it should be here!"

"Ha ~ I'm right, this Stone Plate is here."

"This side should be here, and I'm figuring it out."

"Twenty thousand, I have waited for twenty thousand years, and finally a suitable life has appeared in front of me."

Professor Yang squatted on the floor with loose hair, playing with stone plates, his eyes were full of fanaticism, his mouth murmured, and he said some strange words that could not be heard clearly, and his eyes gave out a slight red light.

It is a pity that Professor Yang didn't notice himself weird, and no one nearby noticed the strangeness of Professor Yang. If someone can interrupt Professor Yang at this time, the next thing may not happen.

When the night was dark, Professor Yang stopped, with a crazy smile on his face. One hundred and eighty-sided stone plates were placed by him in a special orientation.

These stone plates were placed one by one. All the lines on the Stone Plate are also docked together in a strange way. The original chaotic lines at this time were like a special painting.

At the moment when the stitching was completed, the lines on the Stone Plate were lit with strange red light, and a blood-red mist sprayed from the Stone Plate It came out, gathered together, and finally fell into Professor Yang's strange look.

"Ah ~" Not long after, the screams screamed loudly before dawn!