Chapter 75 Ruins

"Be careful, handle lightly, everything here has a high historical value, and everything may have hundreds or thousands of history." A man in a turban and a fisherman hat shouted.

This is like a construction site, with dozens or hundreds of people carefully digging on the ground.

This is an archeological site located in Haiqing Province. Ten days ago, an archaeological team led by Professor Yang discovered ancient ruins here.

Then hired local workers and began protective excavations. After more than a dozen days of excavation and exploration, finally, they began to harvest. Some cultural relics began to be unearthed, and after the inspection and judgment of Professor Yang and others, this relic has at least two thousand years of history.

It should have existed before BC. This discovery has excited people such as Professor Yang and other archeological teams because this discovery is likely to fill some historical gaps.

The unearthed cultural relics will soon be sent to Professor Yang's tent for inventory, protective preservation, and restoration.

Professor Yang is leading several of his students, and carefully cleaning the dirt on the cultural relics, extremely careful.

"Professor!" Suddenly, the man with the fisherman's hat rushed in and took off his scarf. "Professor Yang, there is a major discovery in the ruins!"

The fisherman's hat man is young, and he looked very excited at the moment.

Professor Yang froze, and then carefully placed the magnifying glass and brush on the table, with a slightly critical tone: "Junior Wu, What can I say about you? Don't always be so rash, archeology is meticulous and boring. You must calm down."

Wu Qi scratched his head and said awkwardly, "Professor Yang, you are right, I will definitely change it in the future!"

"Come on, Wu Qi, if you can change your temperament, then I can change my gender!" the student next to him joked said.

The others laughed.

Professor Yang gently shook his head when he saw this: "Okay, don't laugh at Junior Wu, what are some important discoveries in the ruins, is it the literature?"

"No, professor!" Wu Qi shook his head. "A migrant worker just dug through the ground and exposed a hole to the ground. There seems to be a layer of ruins below the ruins."

"What?" Hearing, Professor Yang was surprised, there was a layer of ruins underneath the ruins? Professor Yang also lost his usual calmness, and hurriedly said, "Go, check it out!"

Without a delay, Professor Yang's rapid steps towards the excavation site, his speed is very fast, no one can guess that Professor Yang was already in his sixties.

Wu Qi glanced at Professor Yang's figure, and helplessly spread his hands to the others in the tent.

The others shook their heads and laughed, then quickly chased after Professor Yang.

At the excavation site, a group of migrant workers looked around and talked curiously around a dark opening to the underground.

Seeing Professor Yang's figure, the migrant worker immediately opened up a passage. Someone said, "Old professor, come and see, what a hole this is, our brother almost fell into it. This is a bit dangerous!"

"Okay, I'll take a look!" Professor Yang said, walked near the entrance of the cave, looked down, there was some darkness, the vision was not very clear, and only some smooth stone walls could be seen, it does artificial excavation markers.

"Who found this hole? Tell me how you found it!" Professor Yang did not see anything weird about the hole and asked.

"Old professor, I discovered it. I was digging at the time, and it collapsed here. I managed to crawl away and did not fell to the hole," said a wild ingenuous worker.

Professor Yang frowned slightly and did not get useful information, but he was not in a hurry. The following remains were here, and he could not run away, and then said, "Did anyone ever go down?"

Everyone shook their heads. Someone said: "If you don't come, no one dares to go down!"

Professor Yang nodded gently and began to command: "Bring me a few living creatures and throw them down to see if there is poison or air down here!"

"Professor, I have already brought it!" Wu Qi raised the cage in his hand and said, there were a few white mice in it.

"Let it go!" Professor Yang nodded with satisfaction. Although Wu Qi's temperament was a bit too lively, he was clever and reliable. So every time he comes out, he takes Wu Qi with him.

Several mouses were taken out of the cage, and their paws were tied with a thin thread. Then the people put these mouses into the hole one by one.

Five minutes later, when they pulled the thread back, they got several corpses. Everyone's face changed.

Professor Yang took gloves and took the dead mouse in his hand and looked at it and said, "There is no sign of poisoning, it has died of suffocation. It seems that the remains underneath have been buried in the ground for too long, and there is no breathing oxygen inside. Come on, Junior Wu, arrange a blower to blow the air inside the hole, and after an hour, we will continue to explore. "

"Yes, professor!" Wu Qi turned away with several migrant workers.

Professor Yang looked at the other team members and said, "Others go back to prepare, dress up the suit, and go down with me to see what happens. Don't forget to leave a few people to guard the camp!"

"Yes! Professor!" The other members of the archeological team also left.

Professor Yang glanced at the dark hole, always feeling that there would be a shocking discovery under the ground this time, and then he went back to prepare.

An hour later, Professor Yang's archeologists assembled at the entrance again, except for a few remaining men need to guard the camp. Professor Yang was also fully equipped.

Together with a few strong migrant workers, Professor Yang and others began to descend into the hole. They found that the bottom of the hole here was dozens of meters high from its ground. It's a deep hole.

Huh ...

A pipe agitated the wind and ventilated the underground ruins.

Professor Yang and others opened the lighting tools in their hands one by one and shone in the distance, and found that this should be a tunnel dug out, leading to a place where the light cannot be illuminated in the long distance.

Professor Yang reached out and touched the stone wall road: "Of course, the technology of excavating the rock wall is very high. The stone wall is very smooth. I don't know how to do it. It is not easy to excavate such a tunnel even modern technology used. "

Snap Snap ~ archeologists began to take pictures.

"Professor, let's go look inside!" Said Wu Qi, who was more interested in what the end of the tunnel was.

"Okay! Let's be careful together, there may be some traps ahead!" Professor Yang nodded and didn't waste much time at the entrance of the cave, and a group of people went towards the deep tunnel.

Everyone moved forward cautiously. They walked for more than five minutes in the tunnel of over 100 meters long.

At the end of the tunnel, Professor Yang and others all amazed involuntarily!