Chapter 74 Su Yu Is Naturally Heroic

In the Monsters Detective Bureau

"Come and see, one hundred dollars can look at the strangest life in our bureau. Then two hundred dollars can touch it. Quick, everyone. Hurry up, or you won't have a chance in the future. " in the training room, Xuan Tu keeps making propaganda continuously, beside him was a white cocoon.

In the past few days, this big cocoon has become a very beautiful landscape in the bureau. Everyone is curious to come and see it.

As for Xuan Tu, no one care about his words.

"Boss, how long will it take Xuan Zhen to come out of the big cocoon? It's been seven days, and is Xuan Zhen  ..." Xuan Nv outside the crowd asked Xuan Laogua.

"Ah, Xuan Nv, don't worry, I have checked him just now, although I can't find out what's inside the cocoon, the fluctuations in life have become more and more intense, Xuan Zhen will not die." Xuan Laogua has not spoken yet, Xuan Yi held up Xuan Nv's hand and said.

Then Xuan Yi looked at the big cocoon formed by Su Yu, marveled: "Boss, do you say that Su Yu is still a human? Or it becomes a cocoon? Hey, I really want to make anatomy on Su Yu's body. "

Xuan Nv heard the words and rolled her eyes, secretly thinking that in the future, Su Yu and Xuan Yi could not be left alone, it is possible that Xuan Zhen would be dissected by Xuan Yi.

Xuan Laogua said, "Su Yu is still a human, of course, but after being integrated with the Earthquake Beast, he has many other unknown powers, such as dual powers, and the power of the cocoon to heal itself now."

"Boss, what do you mean? Xuan Zhen now has three super powers?" Xuan Dian asked curiously.

Xuan Laogua shook his head and said, "No, Su Yu has two super powers still. This cocoon self-healing is not a super power. It is the same as our self-healing after injury. It is an instinct, but it's an instinct from the Earthquake Beast.

Though Xuan Zhen seemed dead, it was actually a state of false death, a protection mechanism. "

Speaking of this, Xuan Laogua was pleased: "I made Xuan Zhen join our bureau. This decision was not wrong. These tasks are enough to prove that Xuan Zhen is a suitable person to join us."

Xuan Mu said: "Well, Xuan Zhen just said that he didn't want to be a hero, but his body was very honest. Xuan Zhen was born to be a hero. I feel relieved to go out to with Xuan Zhen."

Xuan Laogua and others heard Xuanmu's words and looked at Xuanmu in surprise. They did not expect that Xuanmu's evaluation of Xuan Zhen was so high. There were few people who were born to be heroes.

"Huh? Xuan Zhen is coming out!" Xuan Laogua laughed suddenly.

Xuan Nv waited for a moment. Then she heard the crackling sound. The big cocoon placed on the ground suddenly cracked and burst, and finally burst, exposing Su Yu, who was curled up there like a baby.

The sudden explosion stunned everyone. The men were fine with it, but the women were screaming and covering their faces to escape. They saw everything.

No one expected that Su Yu would come out of the cocoon at this time, and naked.

Xuan Nv also flushed, and walked outside quickly, but took two steps to hurriedly step back and pulled out Xuan Yi went out.

Xuan Yi sometimes really can't stand her.

"Ah, don't pull me out, this body is perfect!

"No, don't you feel shy?!" Xuan Nv said.

"No, I'm a doctor. Why should I be shy?" The two women's voices drifted away, leaving only a few men in the training room.

"Hmm? Why didn't Xuan Zhen wake up?" Xuan Tu asked.

Xuan Laogua raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, "Xuanmu, go and give Su Yu another set of new equipment. The others go out of the training room. I will check Su Yu to see why... "

"Yes, boss!" Xuan Mu turned away and left, and the others also walked away quickly.

"Well, Xuan Zhen, there is only you and me here, and it's time to wake up!" Xuan Laogua picked up a piece of clothing to covered Su Yu's body.

Eh~ Su Yu opened his eyes, the blue light flickered in his eyes. Then he jumped up to wearing cloth very quickly.  

Su Yu looked at Xuan Laogua, said: "Boss, how do you know I wake up?"

Xuan Laogua smiled and said, "You can only lie to Xuan Mu and other people. You still need more practice if you want to lie to me.

"Hmm ..." Xuan Laogua said, looking from up to down at Su Yu, "Your self-healing ability really strong, and your hands and feet have all grown up again. No wonder Xuan Yi wants to dissect you. I'm also a bit want to dissect you. "

Su Yu said with a tremor: "Don't, boss, I might really die after dissecting."

"Okay, stop joking with you, Xuanmu will take another suit of equipment for you, then you go to find Xuan Yi to make another physical test, and then come to me with the test report." Xuan Laogua smiled and shook his head, and then headed for the door, he paused and said, "Ah, right, you don't need to return the dress to me."

Su Yu looked down and smirked, it was really inappropriate to wear this dress.

Xuan Mu took a new combat uniform to the training room after Xuan Laogua left, Su Yu quickly changed clothes and then walked into the medical room of Xuan Yi, with everyone's attention.

Xuan Yi and Xuan Nv are here. Xuan Nv's face flushed when she saw him: "Xuan Zhen, are you all right?"

"Well, it's all right. The boss asked me to come to find Xuan Yi to do a physical examination. Boss need for my test report!" Su Yu said, his expression was a little embarrassing.

"Oh, your physical body is really good. This self-healing ability is really too strong, Xuan Zhen, can I discuss a matter with you?" Xuan Yi came to Su Yu and started to manipulate Su Yu's body, pinch and grab, very excited.

Su Yu was speechless and flatly refused: "No, no discussion!"

Don't think about it, Su Yu knows that this woman, Xuan Yi, is wanting his body.

"Emm!" Xuan Nv heard the words and swiped, and then unwillingly pointed at the hospital bed, "Lie down, I'll test it for you now."

Su Yu glanced suspiciously at Xuan Yi and then lay down obediently on the bed. Xuan Yi was excited when she saw this and began to conduct a full range of tests for Su Yu. Although she couldn't dissect, she took more measurements of Su Yu's current physical data, and it is still good.

After that, Su Yu frightened until the test was completed, and was really afraid that the Xuan Yi suddenly dissected him.