Chapter 73 Su Yu Has Grown White Fur

The door of space shattered, dissipated in the air like stars in the sunrise, and everyone was relieved!


After a while, Wang Long and others burst into tears, especially veterans such as Wang Long hugging each other and wept silently.

Xuan Nv, Xuan Kong, and Xuan Dian were also relieved at this moment. Xuan Kong and Xuan Dian were sitting on the ground panting, regardless of their image. Their energy and power consumption was very large, especially facing the King of Undead Bone. They felt a little suffocated.

The task is completed, but there is no joy on the three faces.

Looking at Su Yu's remains, they feel sad.

After a long silence, Xuan Kong said: "I notified the local authorities to arrange Wang Long and others, and we can now withdraw."

"Well, go back, take Xuan Zhen back, and then ..." Xuan Dian nodded slightly.

Xuan Nv was silent, very remorseful in her heart.

Xuan Dian glanced at Xuan Nv, and then said, "Then we take Su Yu's body and go to Xuan Zhen's home to bury him!"

"Okay!" Xuan Nv looked up at the sky to prevent tears from flowing. "For Xuan Zhen's parents, I will apologize, let's take Xuan Zhen back, Xuan Kong, open the space door!"

"Eh?" Suddenly Xuan Kong gave a light sigh, and said, "Xuan Nv, Xuan Dian, see, Su Yu has changed. He ... seems to has grown white fur?"

Hearing that, Xuan Nv and Xuan Dian stunned and looked at each other hurriedly. Both eyes were involuntarily stunned. Su Yu's body actually had a thin layer of white fluff.

"I ... what this? Or should we bury it on the spot?"

Xuan Dian was staggering.

Why this corpse has grown white fur? The corpse changed?

"Let's go back to the bureau now, let boss and Xuanyi take a look, maybe they know what's going on!" Xuan Nv's eyes were slightly bright, and her heart raised a hint of hope. Xuan Nv did not know if it was an illusion, she seemed I felt a hint of vitality appeared on Su Yu's body.

Xuan Nv can't wait and wants to return to the bureau as quickly as possible, Xuan Kong understand what Xuan Nv's though, and nods: "Okay!"

However, when Xuan Kong was about to wave his hand to open the space door leading to the Monsters Detective Bureau, an abnormality appeared. A huge roar sounded in the Dalong Mountain, and a huge bump suddenly appeared in a void, the shape of which was a huge palm bone imprint.

"The King of Undead Bone?" All were startled. Wang Long and others were paralyzed and scared.

"Human bug, I found you. You can't escape!" The voice of the King of Undead Bone sounded. Above the void, a huge skull appeared again and became clearer.

"Damn, how did the King of Undead Bone find the way to this world?" Xuan Dian shouted loudly, flying into the air, and a thunderbolt of light beamed at the King of Undead Bone, but he hit empty space.

"Useless, Xuan Dian, we can't attack him now. He is not in the same space as us now. All we see is a spatial projection of the King of Undead Bone. Don't waste your power!" said Xuan Kong.

Xuan Dian frowned: "Are we waiting for him to come out and attack again? We must not let him come out!"

"No, I won't let it come to this world, I can finish this!" A flash of fierceness flashed in Xuan Kong's eyes.

"What are you going to do, Xuan Kong? Don't do stupid things." Xuan Dian frowned.

"Haha, stupid thing? Rest assured, I won't do stupid things!" Xuan Kong smiled, and the figure flashed before the King of Undead Bone's projection.

Xuan Kong looked at the King of Undead Bone's space projection and said, "King of Undead Bone, want to come to this world, you are too naive!"

There is a strong spatial fluctuation in Xuan Kong's body, and the super space power continually gathers in Xuan Kong's hands.

"Human bug, what are you doing?" the King of Undead Bone shouted, the space projection became clearer, and various projections appeared all over Dalong Mountain. Other Undead Skeletons are also coming to this world.

"What? Don't you know that crossing space is a very dangerous thing?" Xuan Kong smiled, but its a sneer. After speaking, without waiting for the King of Undead Bone to response, Xuan Kong starts to use his space power.

Then a buzzing sounded in the void, and the void over Dalong Mountain shook endlessly at this moment, and then the space projection of the King of Undead Bone and other Undead Skeletons shattered one by one under this shock.

"Human ..." The roar of the King of Undead Bone disappeared.

"Well, I have the super space power, and dare to chase across space, you really have no brain!" Xuan Kong chuckled, then fell to the ground. Wang Long and others cheer again, the crisis is really lifted.

However, few people noticed that Xuan Kong's face was pale and terrible. Xuan Kong just said with ease. How can it be easy to fight with the King of Undead Bone?

"Xuan Kong, you haven't ..." Xuan Dian's figure flashed beside Xuan Kong, Xuan Kong spits out a spit of blood.

"I ..." Xuan Dian was been sprayed by his blood all over, but he didn't care about it. He holds the stunned Xuan Kong. After checking, Xuan Dian was relieved. Xuan Kong still alive, but just unconscious.

Xuan Dian said to Xuan Nv: "Looks like we need to go back in another way. Xuan Kong can't wake up in a short time, and can't use space power again. His space power is overdrawn very seriously."

"Okay, I'll arrange an airplane now!" Xuan Nv said, and then a phone call was made.

"Let's go, the plane is ready." Xuan Nv said so, bending over to pick up Su Yu's white hairy body, and then rushed out.

Xuan Dian picked up Xuan Kong and caught up.

Two hours later, the blocked Dalong Mountain was no longer crowded, and all personnel was evacuated from Dalong Mountain, restoring the former calm, as if nothing had happened. The Dalong Mountain Scenic Resort also reopened the next day. Receiving tourists.

One day, a transparent and fuzzy figure suddenly appeared in the void of Dalong Mountain.

He stretched out a palm as if he was stroking the void gently, and said for a long time: "Interesting, the seal has completely closed the space door leading to that land. Does Xuan School still have such a strong super man with space power? ?

However, such a seal has no effect on me. It can't stop me. "

He stepped on his feet, his body just fell into the void, and soon appeared in the land of bones, in front of the King of Undead Bone, he smiled and said, "Do you want revenge, the great king of undead bones?"