Chapter 72 Meteorite Summon

A huge green light emanated from the mountain, soaring into the sky, just hitting the bone palm shot down by the king of bones.

Sasa, when the bone of the King of Undead Bone touched the green light, it's palm become coke, making the sound as if raw meat touched a red soldering iron, accompanied by rolling black smoke from the bone of the King of Undead Bone.

"Damn!" the King of Undead Bone retracted his palm like a lightning, and the roar rang through the entire world.

It can be seen that in such a moment of time, the golden bone of the King of Undead Bone' bone became black, like carbon.

And the Undead Skeletons who climbed to the black mountain were cleaned up at this moment. In a blink of an eye, even the ashes were not left.

The Undead Skeletons who climbed towards the mountainside before, stopped at this moment, and backed in horror.

Xuan Nv and others are a little confused at this moment. They don't know why this is happening, and why this green light will cause so much damage to the Undead Skeletons.

All they knew was that they seemed safe. the King of Undead Bone seemed to be extremely scared of the green light, and the green light did not seem to hurt them.

Uh ~

The three flew to Su Yu at a very fast speed, and they were shocked to see Su Yu, who had become a pool of flesh.

Xuan Kong reached out and tried Su Yu's breath, bitterly: "Xuan Zhen ... passed away!"

"Passed away?" Xuan Nv stunned there as if she was struck by lightning, and then shouted loudly, "Impossible, how could Xuan Zhen die?"

Xuan Nv's tears flowed down, and she felt Su Yu's sense very carefully, but finally, she couldn't feel any of Su Yu's breath.

She murmured: "Dead, he died like that. If I didn't force him to stay in the bureau, will he not die?

I know, he never thought about staying in the bureau, he wanted to leave, and I should let him leave.

How can I explain to Xuan Zhen's parents? "

Xuan Dian is also a bit unacceptable, but more rational. Looking at the King of Undead Bone preparing to attack against the green light, he said, "Xuan Nv, stop thinking about it now, all we have to do now is take Wang Long and others leave here. And Xuan Zhen should not be sacrificed in vain. "

"Yes! Xuan Dian, you're right." Xuan Nv struggling with tears, stood up and said, "Xuan Kong, Xuan Dian, you leave with Su Yu and Wang Long!"

"What about you, Xuan Nv, what are you going to do?" Xuan Dian stunned.

"I'm not willing to leave like this! Before leaving, I'll give him a small gift." Xuan Nv said with hate as she stared at the King of Undead Bone.

"Xuan Nv, you don't want to be huh ..." Xuan Dian realized what Xuan Nv wanted to do, but just stopped talking about it, Xuan Kong dragged him, shook his head, Xuan Dian saw Xuan Nv's firm look, he changed his words: "Okay, we listen to you, but you must promise me, go back to the real world intact, it is enough to sacrifice one, I don't want to ... go, Xuan Kong!"

In other words, Xuan Dian carefully carried Su Yu's remains toward the space door, and Xuan Kong started to use the space power to send the crowd into the space door.

Xuan Nv glanced at Xuan Kong and others, then floated towards the King of Undead Bone.


"Ah, damn, damn black mountain, how dare you to impede my way. Today, I must destroy you. No one can stop me, even God!" the King of Undead Bone looked at the green light and roared.

The scorched bone slowly recovered with gold light. Raising the golden scepter in his hand, he would launch an attack on the black mountain.


Suddenly the King of Undead Bone stopped and looked at Xuan Nv Road hovering in front of it: "Human bug, you didn't take the opportunity to escape?"

"Escape?" Xuan Nv looked cold, and her hair automatically waved without wind. "Why should I run away? I should kick you first."

the King of Undead Bone froze, and then laugh: "Do you human bugs like to talk big? That's why the human bug is the same, and so are you, hahaha, humans are funning!"

"Shut up, you have no right to mention him!" Xuan Nv sighed angrily, and the horrifying power of ice broke out, instantly freezing a thick layer of ice on the King of Undead Bone, causing the King of Undead Bone's movement to become extremely slow.

Immediately after, Xuan Nv launched a real attack, and this attack only restricted the actions of the King of Undead Bone.

Only then did the real killing move begin. Xuan Nv's long sword came out of the sheath, the sword pointed at the sky, the gravity wave sent from the long sword went straight into the sky, and passed through the thick cloud covered by the bones and disappeared.

"Human bug, is this your attack? Where are you attacking?" asked in confusion, although the King of Undead Bone was frozen, it didn't matter, he did not afraid at all.

Xuan Nv didn't answer, she just looked up at the sky. It is also the first time she uses this attack. She doesn't know if she can succeed.

A few seconds later, there was a smile on the corner of Xuan Nv's mouth. She succeeded and looked at the King of Undead Bone: "I hope you like the gift I gave you."

Then, Xuan Nv turned around and left. The attacking range was too large, In fact, she was also within the scope of this attack and would be affected also.

the King of Undead Bone didn't understand and was very confused. The ice layer on his body began to crack. It was about to get out of the trap and just wanna ask Xuan Nv don't run away, he felt a threat descend from the sky.

Looking up at the sky, he suddenly found that the dark clouds did not know when there was a trace of red, and it was rapidly spreading.

The next moment, the fire in the eyes of the King of Undead Bone shrank a lot. A huge meteorite was burning fiercely, breaking through the high-altitude cloud and falling towards it.

"Summon a meteorite?" the King of Undead Bone saw a meteorite larger than himself from the sky, and immediately stunned again, then realized that this was the summoned by the human woman just now, this is the real killing attacking.

The meteorite landed too fast, it was too late when the King of Undead Bone found it and wanted to avoid it.

A smash, it hit the huge golden throne instantly, and then fell on the King of Undead Bone.


Earth-shattering impacts, huge explosions, a huge mushroom cloud rising from the ashes plain, and then horrible and high-temperature shock waves swept in all directions, everything that was passed was damaged by gasification.

Xuan Nv walked into the space door the last one, and the last sight she saw was like this.


Dalong Mountain

Seeing the moment Xuan Nv's figure stepped out of the door of space, Xuan Dian and Xuan Kong breathe a sigh of relief. Xuan Kong was about to say something. Xuan Nv said, "Xuan Kong, hurry, collapse the space door! "

Xuan Kong was meant to ask what happened in that world, but when he heard Xuan Nv's words, he immediately began to collapse the space door.

The sound of a boom, together with the space door in that world, was smashed by Xuan Kong, blocking the passage of the Undead Skeletons who wanted to use the space door to come to this world.