Chapter 71 Become A Hero

The King of Undead Bone sits on the golden throne, like a golden holy mountain to suppress the void.

His pupils burning golden flames, watched the battle in the sky and the mountain, he was a little surprised. The four humans like insects were so strong.

One in the mountain can block countless enemy attacks, relying on the terrain advantage, keeping a tight line of defense and preventing his subordinates from passing through.

However, he did not really care much about Su Yu. In his eyes, Su Yu was too weak.

What really interested the King of the Undead Bone was the other three. They fought against dozens of his subordinates without being at a disadvantage. This made him a little bit of interest and raised some vigilance against humanity.

Of course, that's it. They are still too weak to him, the King of Undead Bone looked at the other ordinary humans who had evacuated through the space door, and it decided to attack.

Although the King of Undead Bone has no real brain, he does has wisdom. He had guessed the plan of Xuan Nv and others before he ordered the attack.

He didn't take an initial attack himself before, just because he felt that his subordinates could take over the space door.

However, at this moment, the King of Undead Bone found that it took a lot of time for his subordinates to beat down these humans, and to grab the door of space.

the King of Undead Bone did not want to waste ant time. the King of Undead Bone slowly got up from the throne. A dazzling golden beam of light erupted from the King of Undead Bone.

The rumbling ... the sky was full of the coercion of the King of Undead Bone, which usually made a loud noise.

At this moment, feeling the coercion of the king of the undead bones, all the Undead Skeletons stopped for a while and stood still.

Xuan Nv, Xuan Kong, Xuan Dian, and Su Yu's facial expressions, all greatly changed and felt a fatal crisis.

They all knew that the King of the Undead had already guessed their plans.

"Humans, your power is really good among ordinary people, but I have no intention to continue playing with you anymore." the King of Undead Bone said, and then he attacked and stretched out a bone to shoot down towards Su Yu.

Or more accurately, he was attacking towards all the humans on the mountainside, he would wipe out all humans on the mountainside and rob the space door.

Seeing this scene, Wang Long and a group of ordinary people immediately felt desperate, they could not move anymore, and could only watch the attack fall and wait for death.




When Xuan Nv, Xuan Dian, and Xuan Kong saw this, they were screaming in anger, erupting all their power, flying towards the mountainside, trying to stop the attack of the King of Undead Bone.

Su Yu was also pale. Looking at this giant attacking bone, Su Yu had the idea of running away and turning away. The space door was not far away from him, Su Yu was now able to escape the blow from the bone king.

However, seeing Wang Long and others behind him, the thought of running away in his heart was abandoned. If he escaped, Wang Long and others would die. But if he desperately blocked the attack, this was able to give Wang Long and others a chance to survive.

Su Yu glanced at the other three who were flying fast towards here. Su Yu decided to fight back, at least slightly blocking the blow from the King of Undead Bone, so that the other three could have time to arrive here.

"Damn it, I'll be a hero today!" Su Yu roared. Su Yu never thought of being a hero, because he was afraid of death, but at this moment he wanted to be a hero.

Two super powers surged in Su Yu's body. Su Yu kept releasing all his power, his skin cracking and blood spraying out, like a spray.

"Hahaha ~" Su Yu was in pain all over the body, but was laughing: "You damn bone, I'll punch you to call grandpa!"

Su Yu lamed his feet, and the mountain slammed down to form a large pit. However, the man blasted into the sky like a cannonball and punched out his fist to meet the attack from the King of Undead Bone.

"Xuan Zhen !!!" The three shouted with shock, Su Yu is looking for death!

"Master !!!!" Wang Long and others also yelled. Su Yu gave them confidence and was able to make a sound and move slowly. At the same time, Wang Long yelled and drove the crowd desperately, pushing the crowd towards the space door, he knew that Su Yu was trying to win more time for them.

One minute and one minute cannot be wasted. The time wasted is the murder of Su Yu.

"Huh? Interesting, even if you are so weak, but you still wanna fight back? Then I will kill you!" the King of Undead Bone softly whispered, the speed of his attack significantly accelerated.

Just a few seconds!


A loud noise rang through the world, Su Yu's fist collided with the bone of the King of Undead Bone as if bombarded on steel, making a sound of gold and iron fighting.

The bone of the King of the Undead Bone stopped slightly, and Su Yu's power was in the air.

Hum ~

The next moment, the shock power erupted, clicking and clicking, cracks began to spread, gradually covering the bones of the King of Undead Bone.

The next moment the crack broke apart, the King of Undead Bone, the flames in his eyes bounced, it felt a powerful power erupt under its bone palm, and the bone palm was bounced out of control slightly.


At this moment, the sky shook with the earth. the King of Undead Bone shooked by this sudden shock.

"Damn human bug, I underestimated on you before!" the King of Undead Bone immediately stabilized his body, looked at its bones and palms, and the flames in his eyes bounced at a rapid speed. He was kind of annoyed. The human bug caused a wound on his body, a crack appeared on his bone.



This human must die!

Then the king of the bone's attack came again with a palm, but Su Yu could not move.

After Su Yu punched the King of Undead Bone, he was shot down at a fast speed.

Directly hit the rock wall, leave a huge deep pit, the blood flowing out will stain the bottom of the deep pit red.

The whole body's bones are broken, and the skin and flesh are bursting. The whole person is like a pool of meat and mud can't move at the bottom of the deep pit. The eyes have been blurred and the consciousness has begun to dissipate.

Immediately the scenes that he has been experienced began to flash in his eyes, the most are his parents, he has not been with his parents enough time.

"Mom and dad, forgive me, and I will repay you in the next life!" Su Yu closed his eyes slowly, thinking: "Is this a hero? I don't want to be a hero in my next life!"

"Xuan Zhen!" At the moment when he completely lost consciousness, Su Yu heard a roar, which was yelled by Xuan Nv, Su Yu laughed and felt that the cold woman seemed sad, and finally, he managed to get enough time for the other three?

The bone palm continued to fall down. The bone palm was about to be punched on Su Yu and the black mountain, and suddenly the abnormal thing happened. The black mountain was buzzing and shaking, and green light rose from the mountain, hitting the King of Undead Bone.