Chapter 70 The King of the Undead Bone

"Ang Ang Ang ~" The roar of Bone Dragon shook everywhere, the wings of bones fluttered, and the thick bone chain of thighs was pulled straight, making a rattling noise.

The gray clouds rolled, and the behemoth hidden in the clouds finally appeared in the eyes of everyone, blooming with golden light.

Then in the roar of the bone dragons, the behemoth hidden in the clouds finally appeared in the eyes of everyone.

It was a huge golden throne, as if cast by gold, blooming in golden light, more like a golden chariot!

After appearing, it was like the golden sun suspending in the void, bringing a different color to this dark bone land.

"The King of the Undead Bone !? This land may have existed longer than imagined, and a King of the Undead Bone has even been born!" Xuan Dian returned back to side the two of them, looking at the golden throne, his voice was extremely serious.

If you look closely, you can even find that there are fine sweat beads in the forehead of Xuan Dian.

At this moment, Su Yu wanted to ask what the King of the Undead Bone was, but he couldn't make a sound with his mouth opened silently, but his eyes were inseparable from the huge throne.

More precisely, it is inseparable from the huge figure on the throne.

At the top of the huge golden throne sits an equally large golden figure. Those huge bone dragons are only the size of the King of the Undead Bone's feet.

Needless to say, it is the King of the Undead Bone in Xuan Dian's mouth. Su Yu can felt the terrifying coercion emanated from it.

The golden flame was burning in its eyes as if two rounds of a small sun.

With the throne, the King of the Undead Bone is like a mountain suppressed in the void, suppressed in the hearts of everyone.

In addition, around the golden throne, there were also Undead Skeletons with various forms. Judging from the coercion emanating from it, the danger levels were all about the yellow level one and so on.

"Fuck, Xuan Kong, hurry up, otherwise, we're all end up here!" Xuan Dian was sweating on his forehead at the moment, cursing, felt great pressure.

Xuan Nv didn't say anything, but the knuckles were also pinched and white, and ice crystals appeared on her body.

"Human!" At this time, the mouth of the King of the Undead Bone opened, and a huge sound resounded in the whole world. With the sound of this voice, heaven and earth seemed to be shaking with it: "Hand over space door, I can let you go away."

Hearing the words of the King of the Undead Bone, Su Yu and others were a little stunned, and then suddenly understood why the undead skeleton would attack the mountain, all for the space door constructed by Xuan Kong.

Now that the King of the Undead Bone has appeared, it means that the space door has been constructed. The three looked towards the mountainside. Sure enough, at the platform of the cave, a transparent space door has been erected and showed Dalong Mountain faintly scenery.

"Want the space door? Delusion!" Xuan Kong's voice sounded, the figure floating above the space door, his eyes staring directly at the King of the Undead Bone.

Seeing this, the three were joyful and quickly walked towards the mountainside and merged with Xuan Kong.

The King of Undead Bone seemed to be a little stunned, and then said, "Humans, I am kind to you, are you really wanna against me? Okay, kill all these humans for me, my soldier, and regain the space door!"

"Yes, great king!" The Undead Skeletons standing around the golden throne all uttered their voices and rushed towards the mountainside like a shadow.

The bone dragon roared and broke the bone chain to kill the people on the mountainside. At the same time, the sea of skulls on the ground surged again, all mad and rushed towards the big black mountain.

In a short period of time, the towering and solid ice walls were destroyed by countless skeletons.

"Hurry up, Commander Wang Long, with your soldiers and other compatriots, withdraw quickly and leave this place! Xuan Zhen, Xuan Nv, Xuan Dian, guarding their withdrawal. Let us have a good time with these bones and skeletons. This is the first time we have met those monsters. Let us take a good look at how powerful the King of the Undead Bone is, how dare you? "Xuan Kong said loudly.

"Haha, I have the same idea!" Xuan Dian laughed, his power continued to rise, and almost to break through the level of Xuan.

Xuan Nv snorted and proved her answer with actual actions. Before Xuan Dian and Xuan Dian said their words, Xuan Nv had rushed out to welcome the powerful Undead Skeletons from the sky.

Then, Xuan Kong and Xuan Dian also flew to the sky.

Seeing this, Su Yu inhaled, these guys are really brave and powerful.

What to do? Su Yu felt a headache.

Looking at Xuan Nv and others who had been fighting with the Undead Skeletons in the sky, he was helpless, because he couldn't fly.

In addition, Su Yu also knows himself well. Those Undead Skeletons who can fly in the sky can knock him down if the Undead Skeletons want to. Anyway, Su Yu simply ignores the battle in the sky and directly sets the target on the sea of skulls that are about to climb to the middle of the mountain.

The space door not far behind, Wang Long and others who were retreating through the space door.

Never let the Undead Skeleton approach the space door.

Su Yu moved his body, two extreme powers broke out, muscles bulged, and blood beads oozed from the skin. Su Yu's body has reached the strongest state at this moment.

"Dead!" Su Yu sighed angrily and punched the mountain below his feet, his pure power and shock power erupted.

Huh! Hum ~

The sound of glass shattering immediately followed by a bang, and Daheishan shook. The mountain in front of Su Yu shattered and collapsed immediately, forming a rolling rock flowing down the mountain.

Undead skeletons that were about to rush to the mountainside were buried in the rocks and turned into dead bones. They rushed down with the rolling rocks, and all the Undead skeletons were gone wherever the black rocks passed.

Suddenly, a large sea of skulls became clear.

"Good job!"



Three voices sounded one after another. Although they were fighting the undead skeletons, Xuan Nv and others were all paid attention to the situation on the mountainside.

When they saw Su Yu's punch and cleared up the Undead Skeletons that climbed to the mountainside, They applaud for him. As to whether the destruction of the mountain will affect in the future, they don't care anymore. Wang Long and others were retreating nervously. Everyone had has gone, even if the mountain collapses, it has no effect.

Their task now is not to fight, but to stop the Undead Skeletons and give Wang Long and others time to retreat.

As for what Xuan Kong said just now to compete with the King of Undead Bone, in fact, it was a strategy to delay a little time.

Xuan Kong, Xuan Dian, and others have never seen this monster, but they also know how powerful and terrible the king is, they are not able to deal with it at all. They can just say wanna fight, but as for really want to go up to fight with the King of Undead Bone, that's a fool.

Of course, in the last resort, they will fight the King of Undead Bone.

However, at the moment, all were secretly praying that the King of Undead Bone was not smart enough to see their intention.