Chapter 7 Rich Women

"Leader, I am coming!" Su Yu ran back upstairs, acting very positively, Xuan Yi shook his head and looked away.

Su Yu didn't care how the Xuan Yi would look at himself. Anyway, now Su Yu has to be obedient. After getting familiar with them, the next thing was waiting for the opportunity to escape.

"Oops, all the leaders are here!" Going up to the second floor, there was a huge conference room, and Xuan Dian, Xuan Kong, Xuan Laogua and others were here.

"Come here, Su Yu, sit next to your leader and let's have a morning meeting first!" Xuan Laogua greeted.

Su Yu sat down and greeted to Xuan Nv next to him, but the response was just a cold face. Su Yu had to shrug his shoulders to resolve the embarrassment.

Xuan Laogua seemed to get used to this situation. Xuan Laogua continued: "These days are not too peaceful. The frequency of weird case is getting higher and higher. I won't say anything more. Let's work hard to resolve these weird cases immediately.

Keep the losses to a minimum! "

"Yes, boss!" Xuan Dian, Xuan Kong, and others shouted loudly, shocking Su Yu.  He could feel their passionate.

"Okay, the spirit is very good. Now that you are so energetic, there is a weird case for you guys to do. Have a look. Who wants to solve it?" Xuan Laogua's face was full of smiles.

"What kind of case?" Xuan Mu asked.

"It's hard to say what the specific case was. Lijia Village was attacked by something unknown. It was transferred to our office by the local police station. It is unclear whether it is a weird case.

However, since it has been transferred to our bureau, you'd better go and see. If it is, you need to solve it. The solution is by your judgment.

Oh, by the way, this is the information transmitted by the police station, take a look! "Xuan Laogua shook his head, and finally threw a file on the table.

"There is so little information?" Xuan Kong glanced, frowning. "Is it a joke by someone deliberately? No one was injured, and no one died, but some animals were lost. It felt like a thief did it? Can it be related to a weird case? "

"Well, it's possible like Xuan Kong said. But it's best to have a look. It's help for police. Who would go?" Xuan Laogua looked around again.

Xuan Kong, Xuan Mu, and Xuan Dian, all shake their heads to show that they were not interested. In this case, it was clear that this case might be a joke. It's a waste of time. Xuan Mu said: "Let other people in the bureau go to have a look. Well, is anyone near Lijia Village? We need to spend three hours to go there. Xuan Kong, have you ever been to the Lijia Village!? "

Xuan Kong: "No."

Xuan Nv frowned slightly, and said, "I take this case, and I can bring the intern to the field to investigate." said Xuan Nv. She stood up and took the information in her hands to show her determination. Su Yu saw that he inhaled, and secretly said that the woman takes the case initiative?

It's okay to take the initiative, but this was obviously not a good case. It looked like everyone else was not wants to solve this case.

Well, Su Yu didn't care about the case. He cared about the thing that Xuan Nv would take him together. He just wanted to be an idler.

At this moment, Su Yu's mood was complicated.

Hearing the words of Xuan Nv, all present except Su Yu were frozen for a while. Xuan Laogua said: "Is it too early to bring intern to the scene on his first day at work? I think we should train him and adapt him to his super powers. "

Su Yu: Yes, yes, old man, you were right. Criticize this woman.

Xuan Nv: "Since you asked me to led intern, as for how to train Su Yu, I have the final say. The practice is the most effective training method.

Moreover, even if this case is a weird case, it's not too dangerous, and it is suitable for a training intern. "

"This ..." Xuan Laogua opened his mouth. It's not a good thing to ask the intern to the scene on his first day at work. And In fact, it did not meet the requirements. He wants to refuse but compromised finally when seeing Xuan Nv's eyes. "Okay, just do what you say, but you have to keep the intern absolutely safe."

Xuan Nv did not reply to Xuan Laogua, but said to Su Yu: "Put on your combat uniform and equipment, I will wait for you downstairs, be quick!"

Then, she got up and left with the case information.

Su Yu almost want to cry, and his heart was sorrowing: Can't you insist on your stand? You were her leader.

Facing Su Yu's eyes, Xuan Laogua smiled awkwardly: "Well, Su Yu, go with Xuan Nv, rest assured, it will be fine. Although it did not meet the requirements, Xuan Nv's super power is strong enough for this case! "

Then Xuan Laogua no longer went to see Su Yu's eyes, and glanced at the others: "The meeting over."

Then he ran back to his office.

Su Yu was stunned, how did members have more power than the boss in the bureau?

"Su Yu, hurry up, don't let Xuan Nv wait for a long time, she has a bad temper, just bear it!" Xuan Kong patted Su Yu's shoulders and got up to leave. 

Xuan Dian and Xuan Mu also left, patted Su Yu's shoulder.

Su Yu was speechless, what was this? comfort?

Thinking of Xuan Nv's cold face, Su Yu could not help but shivered, holding a suitcase, and got into a room with no one.

Five minutes later, Su Yu seemed like another man, and he could be described in one word, handsome!

Su Yu did not expect this combat suit to be so handsome on his body, but it was a bit heavy.

Count the other equipment for a full 100 kilograms. If some other weapons added in the future, the weight would have to be increased.

Not dare to delay too much time, Su Yu quickly went downstairs, the downstairs pharmacy was still only Xuan Yi.

"Well, you are very handsome. After returning from the case, let me check your body !?" Xuan Yi looked at Su Yu from up and down, eyes widened.

Su Yu's mouth twitched, and he got out of the way: This female want to have something with me, not a chance!

Then, Su Yu boarded a Mercedes-Benz with surprised, and there was a glamour girl with dark glasses—Xuan Nv!

Su Yu didn't expect that Xuan Nv was a rich woman, and Su Yu was very surprised.