Chapter 69 Bone Dragon

One hundred huge Undead Skeletons, connected in a line, came towards the black mountain in heavy steps.

Huh! Boom! Boom!

The heavy footsteps sounded like drums hitting everyone’s hearts, the distance was getting closer and closer, and everyone’s emotions were getting tenser. Wang Long and others couldn’t help but sweat coldly, holding their weapons tightly, with their joints blanched.

A hundred giant Undead Skeletons came to the foot of the mountain to stand. They did not go up to the mountain. They needed more skeletons to pave the way.

They moved, grabbing their nearby Undead Skeletons, knead them into huge balls, throwing them towards the ice wall. Those giant Undead Skeletons just like hundreds of huge trebuchets in an ancient war.

"Xuan Zhen, Xuan Dian, guard the ice walls, I will down to the foot of the mountain to kill them!" Xuan Nv shouted very loudly when the giant Undead Skeletons launched an attack. Then she had flown down.

Su Yu and Xuan Dian looked at each other and then ran to each side, to smash the Undead Skeletons balls.


Su Yu leaped high on the ice wall and rushed towards an Undead Skeletons ball. The blue halo and blue electric light appeared at the same time.

At this moment, Su Yu's two super powers bloomed at the same time.

A single punch hit an Undead Skeletons ball to a diameter of tens of meters away. In the sound of glass shattering, Undead Skeletons balls fell into the ground.

And then vacated again and rushed towards another Undead Skeletons ball.

Xuan Dian was constantly generating lightning balls emitted between his hands, smashing Undead Skeletons balls into coke.

One by one, the Undead Skeletons balls were constantly smashed by the two people.

However, there were too many Undead Skeletons balls. Although the two people destroyed them quickly, they could not catch up with the balls generated by the giant Undead Skeletons.

One by one, huge Undead Skeletons balls fell down, making loud noises, and black mountain shivered continuously.

The ice wall was constantly cracked.

"Damn, we can't guard the ice wall safe this way!" Su Yu cried loudly, if it was just attacking from the ground, it wouldn't be difficult to guard the ice wall, but there were lots of Undead Skeletons balls attacking from the sky. The difficulty of guarding the ice wall increased several times in an instant.

"Guard it as far as possible, as long as you don't let the ice wall collapse on a large scale, and it's no problem if a few Undead Skeletons passed the ice wall." Xuan Dian replied loudly, and the lightning beam continued to shoot, causing explosions.

At this time, Xuan Nv has reached the side of the giant Undead Skeletons. Xuan Nv's gravity has been on the way all the time, crushing the Undead Skeletons all the way. She bumped into a giant  Undead Skeleton.

When the giant Undead Skeletons found Xuan Nv, it immediately waved the huge bone claw and shoot Xuan Nv, like shooting a fly.

However, Xuan Nv just rushed through the big claw and its body.  then it was scattered into the pieces in the ground.

These giant Undead Skeletons were indeed very strong, but they could only be ranked as yellow level one according to the level of danger, and they were weaker than Xuan Nv.

Ah, the giant Undead Skeletons, one after another, were crushed by the Xuan Nv. Su Yu and Xuan Dian suddenly felt relieved of the pressure and guard the ice wall more hard.

However, the three can't relax at all, because the Undead Skeletons rushing towards the mountain were getting stronger and stronger. In the ashes plain and the endless skeleton sea, more and more powerful Undead Skeletons began to appear. The giant Undead Skeletons before are just one of them.

"We need to change our plans!" Xuan Dian shouted when Xuan Nv returned to the ice wall: "It is difficult for us to guard this way. Now the white bones on the mountain below are thick enough, and those powerful skeletons have been able to climb to the mountain, we must change to another guard plan. "

"You said!" Xuan Nv said indifferently, sweeping the sword in her hand, pushing the gravity wave sideways, sweeping out countless Undead Skeletons and broken bones, exposing the black mountain body, but it will be covered by white bone again in the next second.

It's getting thicker and thicker, and it's getting harder and harder to sweep them out. Some parts of the mountain have piled up a few meters of white bone.

"You and I switch. I go down the mountain to stop those powerful Undead Skeletons. You and Xuan Zhen are guarding the ice wall. You can strengthen the ice wall and throw those Undead Skeletons down the mountain. You are more suitable than me to guard the wall! "Xuan Dian said.

"Okay!" Xuan Nv didn't hesitate, and immediately agreed, she has also bloomed two kinds of super powers at this moment. Gravity mainly to attack, the ice power mainly to guard. The ice wall becomes thicker and more sturdy at the same time.

Xuan Dian flew down the mountain and starting to attack those powerful individual Undead Skeletons, especially those who can conduct long-range attacks were Xuan Dian's major attacking objects.

The thunderous thunder rang through the mountain continuously, and thunder and lightning continued to fall from the sky.

Xuan Dian bathed in thunder, like a living Thunder God.

"Ang ~"


Suddenly a loud roar came, and terrifying coercion came from the distant sky.

In the distant horizon, the gray sky rolled endlessly, the gray clouds broke apart, a huge black shadow emerged from the clouds, and the next moment a flesh-free skull dragon emerged from the clouds.

The coercion suddenly increased.

"bone dragon?" Su Yu's pupils shrank sharply, and the skin was stinging under the coercion, and he felt danger.

Then one dragon head after another drew out from the clouds, and then the huge body also flew from the clouds, all of which were extremely huge. They were the kind of dragons of the western dragon, with their bones' size at least 200 meters.

On the mountainside, Wang Long and others have already been shivered on the ground and sweating coldly. Looking at the distant sky, their eyes have lost focus. It is too horrible. At this moment, Wang Long and others were firmly almost scared to death.

The three people were also under great pressure at this moment.

These bone dragons were very strong and tough.

However, in this case, the bone dragon did not make the three feel too much pressure. What really makes the three feel the pressure was the Giant that was still hidden in the clouds at this moment.

The thick bone chains were connected to the body of a bone dragon, these powerful bone dragons were just puppets controlled by a behemoth in the clouds.

At the moment when the bone dragon flew out of the clouds, the Undead Skeletons rushing towards the black mountain were all stopped as if they had pressed the pause button, and they were slamming to the ground like a domino, motionless.

Seeing this, the three of Su Yu were not happy, but had endless worries. The immobile skeletons were so motionless, indicating that something more terrible was about to appear.