Chapter 68 The Drama Is Just Beginning

The buzzing force of humming surged, and then the sound of glass shattering continuously sounded. With Su Yu's fist as the center, dense cracks filled the air.

Under Su Yu's deliberate control, the cracks spread in the direction of the skull oceans.

There was a click, and the air in front of Su Yu shattered, and the void seemed to shatter like a lens.

Immediately, a large amount of Undead Skeletons in front of Su Yu were collapsed, and the fire in their brain wiped out, scattered into pieces.

Rumbling ... the earth shook, and the mountain shook, as if there was an earthquake, the Undead Skeletons pyramids were unstable and immediately rolled down towards the mountain, knocking down more Undead Skeletons which was climbing up.

Like an avalanche, all the Undead Skeletons in a large range were smashed at least hundreds of meters away by Su Yu's fist.

Although the lethality was not stronger than Xuan Dian's previous attacks, it has effectively prevented the Undead Skeletons from climbing.

"Good, continue to use your shock power in another location!" Xuan Nv calmly nodded, then ordered.

Su Yu nodded and went to do it, running along the ice wall, hitting a shock punch every other distance.

Each shake power fist can rewind a large amount of Undead Skeleton hundreds of meters away.

When Su Yu and Xuan Dian attacking, Xuan Nv didn't rest idle. She didn't reach out her sword, just flipped her hands, the super power of gravity broke out, and numerous small pieces of stones in the black mountain were controlled by Xuan Nv and flew into the air Then it poured down like heavy rain.

When the stone rain fell, waves of Undead Skeletons fell down, scattered on the ground, and after a few moments, Xuan Nv caused more damage to the Undead Skeleton than Su Yu and Xuan Dian combined.

Seeing this, Su Yu and Xuan Dian looked at each other, this woman is really amazing, so powerful!

With the cooperation of the three, none of the skeletons could cross the ice wall.

However, these just a beginning, these were only ordinary Undead Skeletons were climbing up. They did not even have a weapon in their hands. They were all the weakest skeletons.

"Roar ~"

A roar rang out in the depths of the skull sea, and then the Undead Skeletons climbed more turbulently. At the same time, the climbing skeletons became stronger, and the Undead Skeletons holding various bone weapons appeared.

Skeletons that can't attack far away were coming towards the ice wall, while undead skeletons that can attack far away were continuous long-range attacks against the three people. Skeleton archers, skeleton spearmen, and skeleton mages. There were three types of long-range attacks. The Undead Skeletons launched an overwhelming attack on the three and the ice wall.

However, compared to the three-man, these attacks were still too weak, and could only cause slightly affect.

Ah, a scream came from the sky, and it was extremely harsh. A huge black shadow with a diameter of several tens of meters flew from the foot of the mountain, forming a huge parabola.

With a bang, the huge black shadow smashed onto the ice wall, the huge black shadow exploded immediately, and thousands of skeletons flew in all directions. The huge black shadow was composed of Undead Skeletons.

The huge Undead Skeletons ball hit the ice wall, the sturdy ice wall suddenly cracked, and the whole mountain was shaken for a while.

The huge Undead Skeletons balls were thrown by a giant Undead Skeletons who came from the depths of the skeleton oceans.

The giant Undead Skeleton was very tall, hundreds of meters in length, with strange bone shapes, walking upright, big in size, and short legs, but the two upper limbs were surprisingly large, with huge bone claws about the same size as its body.

If there are flesh and blood, the overall image should be similar to Baymax, of course, the upper limbs are not included.

Xuan Dian frowned and said, "It seems that this attacking was ordered by this giant Undead Skeleton!"


As if this giant Undead Skeleton noticed Xuan Dian's gaze, it roared, and in its roar, and the Undead Skeletons climbed even more fiercely.

"Yes, you are right. This time the Undead Skeletons siege may be organized by this guy. This giant Undead Skeleton is very powerful and its bones are harder than diamond ." Xuan Nv said.

The giant Undead Skeleton under the mountain, naturally, heard the words of Xuan Nv and others. And its huge upper limbs waved and grabbed lots of Undead Skeletons on the ground. Thousands of skeletons were caught on its hands.

Then his hands clasped together, and a huge Undead Skeletons ball was made, and then he hurled and was thrown into the ice wall.


The mountain was shaken again, and a section of the ice wall was cracked.

"You are looking for death!" Xuan Nv said, with a flash of cold light in her eyes. Watching the destroyed ice wall,  Xuan Nv was angered and erupted a stronger super power gravity.

There was a huge stone-like ball not far away, which has hundreds of thousands of pounds.

With a bang, this ball rose into the air and flew to Xuan Nv's head, which was dragged by Xuan Nv with one hand and raised above her head.

Seeing this scene, Su Yu was speechless. The more time Su Yu got along with Xuan Nv, the more he could feel her fierceness.

"Go, see who is more powerful!" Xuan Nv said lightly. The huge Undead Skeletons ball was thrown back with Xuan Nv's one hand, forming a perfect parabola and fell towards the foot of the mountain.

"Tusong · Tuling !?" At the moment Xuan Nv threw it, Su Yu suddenly flashes an animated picture in his head, burst out the voice to dubbing.

Xuan Nv: "..."

Xuan Dian: Cool, so naughty!

With a bang, the land had a great shook as if an earthquake. The huge ball smashed a large amount of Undead Skeletons directly.

The inertia of the huge Undead Skeletons ball did not stop, continuing rolling down forward on the ground, tens of thousands of Undead Skeletons were crushed by the huge ball into powder!Xuan Dian laughed and said, "Done, these Undead Skeletons should retreat this time?"

However, the Undead Skeletons still continued to climb upwards. The three did not need to communicate to know that it was not this giant Undead Skeleton that directed the attack, but another person ... another Undead skeleton!

Huh! Huh! Huh!

The heavy footsteps sounded from the ashes plain below the mountain, and several giant Undead Skeletons stood up from the skull oceans and approached to this mountain.

One, two, three ... There were more than a hundred giant Undead Skeletons.

Seeing this, Su Yu and others all looked stunned. And Wang Long and others on the mountainside were greatly shocked and not dare to breathe.

They have lived here for so long and have never known that there are so many types of Undead Skeletons, and there are such giant Undead Skeletons that have never been seen before.

"Is the drama just starting now?" Xuan Dian's entire body was surrounded by electric lightning, and the eyes were spraying electric lights. His expression was solemn, and the pressure increased sharply.