Chapter 67 Fighting, Blocking The Enemy

After hearing the words, Su Yu and others carefully looked at the climbing Undead Skeletons, and it was found that during the climbing process, as long as they encountered the black rock, they would be scattered into a pile of broken bones and become stepping stones.

The Undead Skeletons climbing up were all stepping on the dead bones of their companions. Nine of the ten Undead Skeletons would be piles of bones, being stepping stones for one Undead Skeleton.

However, at this sacrifice, those Undead Skeletons were still climbing upwards.

Su Yu and others frowned. Although these skeletons were moving at a slow speed, it didn't take too long to climb at this speed to reach their location and start the fight.

Xuan Nv said to Xuan Kong: "Xuan Kong, how long do you need to build a stable space door?"

"It takes at least an hour, and it will take at least a few times longer if I have to spear my energy to fight!" Xuan Kong groaned and felt his super power of continuous recovery and increase in his body.

When he came to this big black mountain, because there was no battle, Xuan Kong has been secretly accumulating super powers in preparation for building a stable space door, but this dimension world was easy to come in, but it was difficult to go out.

Fortunately, he prepared before entering this space, otherwise, it was difficult to build a space door.

Xuan Nv's brow frowned slightly and she said, "Will it take so long? In this way, Xuan Kong, we will fight as soon as it happens. And you should build the space door with all your power and shorten the time as much as possible."

"Okay, you guys battle!" Xuan Kong nodded directly, then found a place to sit cross-legged, and began to speed up the construction of the space door.

Xuan Nv turned to Su Yu and Xuan Dian and said, "Prepare for the battle. Before Xuan Kong builds a space door successfully, we must not let these Undead Skeletons climb here."

Su Yu and Xuan Dian both nodded seriously.

"Well, Masters, what can we do? We can fight too." Wang Long said, somewhat embarrassed because Xuan Nv ignored the 2,000 of their manpower.

Xuan Nv didn't want ordinary people to fight. But looking at Wang Long and the soldiers behind Wang Long, Xuan Nv didn't refuse, and said, "Okay, we can fight together, my companion is building the space door, you send someone to protect him and don't let him be disturbed.

In addition, please ask a group of people to maintain order, so that we can leave this world in the shortest time after the space door is opened.

And, I and my two other companions will go down to fight the enemy, but the number of skeletons is too many, we are only three-man. There is a high probability that there will be skeletons breaking through our blockade, those skeletons need to be cleared by your team. "

"Yes, I promise to complete the task!" Wang Long responded subconsciously but quickly realized that Xuan Nv and others were not his seniors, he did not need to react that way.

However, Wang Long was the leader of the team, and he has a very high IQ and EQ. Although he was very embarrassed in his heart, he didn't show it on his face, he pretended as if it hadn't happened. Began to gave orders.

Xuan Nv didn't care how Wang Long set up the defense, and her body flew down the mountain. Su Yu and Xuan Dian hurried to keep up.

The black and the white, sharp and clear dividing line. The white was made up of skull oceans, and the black was the black mountain.

Su Yu and others stood on the front line of the skeleton ocean advancing. The Undead Skeletons felt the breath of the three's flesh and blood, and the skull oceans became more turbulent in a moment.

Countless skeletons climbed towards Su Yu and others.

"Go ahead, we must not let these Undead Skeletons hurt anyone on the mountain!" Xuan Nv said, and at the same time, a chill blew up from her body.

Xuan Nv's arms spreading to the sides, and the cold air surged from the palm of Xuan Nv to the sides. A thick ice wall quickly appeared near this black mountain, blocking the way of the sea of skulls, and the ice wall extended all the way, directly surrounding this big black mountain.

On the mountainside, Wang Long who saw this scene through a telescope was shocked by Xuan Nv's power. This is not the power of ordinary humans at all.

Others on the mountainside were stunned watching a high ice wall appear out of nowhere, forgot to do their tasks.

Fortunately, Wang Long quickly responded, and in his shouting, everyone on the mountainside also recovering themselves, and each took up their own task.

Su Yu and others did not know the situation on the mountainside. After Xuan Nv erected a huge ice wall, Xuan Dian floated up and down to the ice wall, the whole body was surrounded by lightning, thunder clouds appeared in the sky, and the thunder rang through.

There were thick electric lightning twitching in the thundercloud.

"Thunder!" Xuan Dian's fingers hooked down, and numerous thunders with the thickness of thumbs fell from the thunder cloud.

Bang Bang Bang ...

Electric lightning raged in the sea of skulls, and a loud explosion came, and countless undead skulls were hit and turned into coke, or blown up and splashed around, overturned lots of Undead Skeletons.

Some places have been blown out of the ground by the power of Xuan Dian's thunder and lightning, exposing the black rock body, but soon covered by the Undead Skeletons that followed.

Crunchy ...

Undead Skeletons had already climbed under the ice wall, and the skeleton's claws caught on the ice wall, making a harsh noise.

"I wish Xuantu was here too! He can make a black rock wall, which almost stops these skeletons for a long time without our attack!" Xuan Dian said, stood on the ice wall, and looking at the climbing Undead skeletons.

After heard Xuan Dian's words, Xuan Nv gave him a cold look. Xuan Dian immediately smiled awkwardly. Although he was right, he couldn't say it in front of the Xuan Nv who made the ice wall.

Xuan Nv said, "Xuan Tu is not here, sorry, I can only make this ice wall!"

Xuan Dian scratched his head, knowing that he was made Xuan Nv unhappy. He felt very sorry for his sharp words.

At this time, Su Yu also climbed on the ice wall, and then he took a breath of air, and there are more and more undead skulls walking to here!

Looking far away, the sea of skulls has reached the skyline.

Had no time waiting for Su Yu to take more breaths. Xuan Nv said, "Xuan Zhen, prepare to appropriately use your shock power, do not damage the ice wall, and shakedown as many Undead Skeletons as you can."

Su Yu took an embarrassing expression. It's very hard to shake appropriately, but there was no time to hesitate. A blue halo appeared on Su Yu's body, and then Su Yu punched the air in front of him!