Chapter 66 Sudden Change, Crisis

"His ~" Su Yu sucked in the cold air and bucked himself off the rock wall. With a look of grievance, he just thought about the Stinky Tofu (Smells bad fragment, but taste good). Why you are so violent, Xuan Nv?

The Xuan Nv stunned, and her face was cold at the moment, humming, "Xuan Zhen, what do you think in your head?"

"Stinky Tofu, I just missed the Stinky Tofu at the university entrance. Leader, is it wrong to want to eat stinky tofu?" Su Yu was silent.

Xuan Nv heard the words paused for a moment, then continued: "Huh, nonsense, how could Stinky Tofu be so stinky? I haven't eaten ... I have smelled."

Su Yu is helpless: "What else can it be if it is not Stinky Tofu? Canned herring? Durian? Hey,  Leader, what are you thinking ..."

"Shut up!" Xuan Nv blushed, and the Gravity Field broke out again, and Su Yu banged against the wall again.

Xuan Kong and Xuan Dian both silent, Xuan Nv was too violent!

Wang Long and others were stunned when they looked. They did not thought about much, only felt that Su Yu was particularly hard for beating.

At this time, Wang Long opened his mouth and wanted to be a peacemaker, then asked about the door which can take them back to the real world. He almost reached his patient limit.

But at this moment a loud noise came, and the whole black mountain was shaken a bit, and there were stones falling on the top of the cave.

Everyone's facial expression changed, and Wang Long even shouted, "Fuck, what's going on?"

"The leader, it is not good!" as soon as Wang Long shouted, a soldier stumbled into the cave and said, "Skeletons are attacking the mountain. There are so many that you can't see the end ..."

Wang Long's eyes glared, "Nonsense, those skeletons are afraid of this mountain. As long as they touch the stones of this mountain, they will become a pile of bones. How can they attack the mountain?"

"Commander, I didn't lie, those skeletons are really attacking the mountains, there are more terrible skeletons driving them to attack here!" The soldier hurriedly said.

Wang Long actually believed the soldiers' words long ago, because his soldiers would not lie. The reason why he said that was to worry that the four masters were afraid and thought about running away here. After all, in Wang Long's heart, they were his only hope for going home.

Wang Long was scolding in his heart. Once seeing the hope of returning home, there was such an accident, and he yelled, "Junior Liu, gather the army, get the weapons, and go out with me. We must not let those damn skeletons go up the mountain! "

"Yes, leader!" Junior Liu raised his hand in salute and shouted loudly, ran quickly outside the cave, and soon a rally sounded.

"Masters, sorry, I can't accompany you to visit this mountain anymore. I have to defend the invasion of those skeletons." Wang Long said, with his fists clenched.

Su Yu's eyes quickly exchanged a bit, Xuan Dian said, "Wang Long, if you don't mind, we also want to go out and take a look!"

The light flashed in Wang Long's eyes. He was exactly waiting for these words. He had known they were masters and had super power. Even if Xuan Dian didn't say these words, Wang Long would also find a chance of asking for help. So he said happily: "Thanks for your help! "

"Let's go, Wang Long, no need for thanks!" Xuan Dian said. "Please led the way." Wang Long was not polite to go out first, Xuan Kong and Xuan Dian followed closely behind.

Su Yu was also going to follow up but was stopped by Xuan Nv, Xuan Nv asked, "Why did you rush to eat that mushroom?"

Su Yu blinked and said, "I said it, I'm hungry, so I rushed to eat the mushrooms. Will you be angry to give me a hard time?"

"Huh, there's no truth coming out from your mouth!" Xuan Nv hummed. "You are afraid that the mushroom has a problem, so you rush to eat it, right? In fact, you don't have to do that. Even if those mushrooms are poisonous, it's not a big deal for me, Xuan Kong or Xuan Dian. As long as it is not particularly poisonous, it will have no effect on us. The stronger the power, the stronger the resistance. "

"Eh!" Su Yu scratched his head and said, "Leaders, you already know it? It can't be too careful in matters like this. Who knows if they are good people. Anyway, being careful is right. Fortunately, Wang Long and others are good guys. "

"What if they have problems? Wouldn't you be poisoned if the mushrooms were poisonous? You're not afraid of death!" Xuan Nv said.

Su Yu spread his hand and said, "Afraid, I am so afraid of death. Because of this, I rush to eat those mushrooms. If those were poisonous mushrooms, I will be the one poisoned. I am the weakest in the team, so if I poisoned, the combat power does not have much impact on our team.

And I believe that if I am poisoned, you all will save me with all your power. You guys are powerful and have rich experience in solving cases, so it is the right choice, I think.

In the reverse, if you are poisoned, to be honest, I don't know what to do! "

Xuan Nv raised her eyebrows slightly, then stretched out, and said, "I am not allowed you to do this kind of thing in the future. We are your senior leaders. No need you to take risks for us! Understand? Answer me. "

What Xuan Nv said was a decision, not a discussion. Su Yu can not refuse and helplessly said, "Yes, leader, I know, I promise not to it again in the future."

Xuan Nv hummed with satisfaction: "Remember the words, well, let's go out!"

The pace of the two was very fast, and they quickly caught up with Wang Long, Xuan Dian, and others. They came to the entrance of the cave. Outside the cave, a soldier was running nervously, quickly and orderly.

Soon everyone came to the place where Wang Long looked into the distance. The view here was excellent. Except for the back of the mountain was invisible, the other directions could be clearly seen.

"Damn, what's going on? Why are these skeletons attacking the black mountain, aren't they extremely afraid of the black mountain?" Wang Long said, through the telescope, watching countless skeletons under the mountain rushing towards the mountain, his face was incredibly pale.

Su Yu and others have excellent eyesight. They can clearly see the situation under the mountain in a long-distance without using a telescope.

The cave that Wang Long and others hid was on the mountainside, almost two-kilometer above the ground.

But at this moment, there were already a lot of skeletons that were about to reach a distance of less than one kilometer from the cave, and they were still climbing fast, and they would reach the position of the mountain pass in no time.

Su Yu heard Wang Long's words and looked at Wang Long's pale face and asked, "Wang Long, what did you just say? Those Undead Skeletons never attacked the black mountain before?"

Wang Long smiled bitterly: "Yes, this is the first time that the skeletons attacked this mountain. Those skeletons are very afraid of here. To be precise, the stones in this mountain can extinguish the fire in the skull, so skeletons have never attacked here.

This is one of the reasons why we can live in this world until now. If you look closely, you can see that as soon as the skeletons touch the mountain, the fire in their heads will go out, and then become a pile of bones."