Chapter 64 Fantasy Mushroom

They walked further inside of the mountain, space was larger.  And more martyrdom appeared. They followed Wang Long and talked to each other while walking. After two turns around, they finally came to a huge stone hall.

It's not clear how big it was, but the area was definitely not smaller than two football fields.

Bonfires were burning in the stone pot, and the firelight illuminates all around.

Around the bonfire, someone stood or sat or lay. Looking at the clothes of those people, Su Yu, and others breathed a sigh of relief. These were the people who disappeared in Dalong Mountain.

Some of these people seem to be in good spirits, and soon detect their arrival and glanced at them.

Others were debilitated, in a bad looking, and they did not notice Su Yu's arrival at all. Some of these people were injured, while others were excessively frightened.

Su Yu could also hear the sigh of pain and choking.

The four didn't walk in, just standing at the entrance of the cave, watching. Xuan Nv said: "How many people are there? Wang Long."

"A total of 521 people!" Wang Long immediately gave an accurate figure.

"521, leader, this number was familiar. How many people are missing?" Su Yu interjected suddenly.

Xuan Nv glanced Su Yu, and her eyes flickered a flash of cold light. She said, "The missing people are 521 people. It seems that all the missing people are here."

Xuan Kong and Xuan Dian both looked at each other and both gave thumbs up to Su Yu: Brother, you are amazing!

Su Yu noticed the meaning in the eyes of the two, with an innocent facial expression: I am amazing? Why am I amazing?

Wang Long was a little embarrassed. He didn't know what mute the four were playing, saying, "Don't you go in and see, masters? Tell them ..."

Xuan Kong raised his hand to interrupt Wang Long's words, and said, "It is not necessary for the moment, let them stay here quietly, it is not too late to notice them until the door opens. The door is not that easy to open."

"Okay, I understand!" Wang Long nodded and said, "Since that's the case, I'll take you guys to see our food. I'm sure you will be surprised. You will never think that the world have such magical things."

"Okay, please lead the way, Wang Long!" Su Yu said with a smile: "Wang Long, how did you find them? No one separated, which is really incredible, coincidence?"

Wang Long smiled and said, "I don't know the specific reason, it may be a coincidence. Although they did not enter here at the same time, the interval time is short. And, we were also entered directly near this big black mountain, so we can found them and be able to survive on this big black mountain together. "

"You all were entered directly near the black mountain in this world ?" Su Yu raised his eyebrows, and looked at the three people, wondering: "Why are we different?"

The three were also a little confused. Xuan Kong thought for a while and said, "It may be because we have super powers, so the teleportation is different."

Then they were silent, they were also not sure the answer.

They did not wanna further dig the reason, they have found all the missing people, and there were unexpected gains. As long as the space door was opened, this case was successfully solved.

Wow la la la

At this time, Su Yu heard the sound of flowing water, although it was small, it was very clear. Su Yu said, "Wang Long, is there a river in front? I heard the sound of flowing water!"

Wang Long felt amazed and said: "You are so amazing, you can hear the sound of running water from here? Amazing!"

"It's nothing!" Su Yu waved his hands, felt very embarrassed.


All people walked at a constant speed for about five minutes and came to a larger stone hall. A two-meter-wide river flowed across the ground, and the sound of the water was loud and crisp.

There was no bonfire in it, but it was not too dark. A huge variety of mushrooms grow on the ground, like a mushrooms forest, and these mushrooms also emitted a faint fluorescence, lighting this huge stone hall.

"Masters, here is where our water and food comes from. Unfortunately, this river is only formed by a small underground spring, and no fish have ever shown in this river!" Wang Long introduced their life here.

"Can these mushrooms be eaten?" Xuan Dian just asked a clear fact. If these mushrooms couldn't be eaten, people like Wang Long had starved to death.

Wang Long was a little excited: "Masters, these mushrooms are not only edible but also very delicious. As long as you can think of the flavor that these mushrooms have, you can eat everything you want, chicken, mutton, etc.

We called these mushrooms Fantasy Mushroom, isn't it amazing? This is an amazing plant. If I hadn't encountered it, I would never have thought of such a mushroom."

The four were a little confused when they heard the introduction of Wang Long, and looked at each other. They were a little skeptical of what Wang Long said. No matter how a mushroom is delicious, how can it change to various tastes?

So the four people didn't believe it!

"Masters, don't you believe what I said?" Wang Long saw their expressions and knew they didn't believe it. But he can understand, after all, these mushrooms were really amazing and hard to believe. He smiled and said, "It doesn't matter, you just taste it. Li, take the rock salt board and other tools here, I want the masters to taste my craft!"

Wang Long told the guards around him.

"Yes, Commander!" The guards who were not far behind them replied immediately.

Soon, several soldiers came from the crowd with tools such as dry wood and slate. They simply built a simple stove-like thing. A white slate was placed on top, and a bonfire was lit underneath.

"Slate barbecue?" Su Yu said surprised.

"Haha!" Wang Long laugh and said: "Yes, the tools are limited. I hope you guys will like it. Then, I will toast some!"

They looked at each other, and Su Yu said, "Then thanks for your kindness!"

"It's doesn't matter!" Wang Long said, pulled out a dagger and came to a big mushroom, and cut a few thin and uniform pieces of mushrooms.

"Masters, taste the original mushrooms first," Wang Long said, placing a few pieces of mushrooms on a heated stone slab, making a noisy sound, and a scent diffused immediately.

Wang Long turned the mushroom slices skillfully and said, "Mushrooms are easy to toast. They only need to be turned ten times in a row. They will not burn or dry. They can also absorb the salt from the salt plate. Which master wanna taste first? "


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