Chapter 63 I Bet There Are No Bullets In Your Gun

Of course, although some doubts, Su Yu did not stop his way, and soon they landed on that big black mountain and faced those in special clothes!

"Do not move, raise your hands!"

Just landed on the black mountain, they heard shouting, and aimed by guns.

They were stunned and didn't move, not because they worried about their own security, but felt puzzled. Wasn't this gun during the War of Resistance?

And it was not a prop gun. Xuan Dian, Xuan Nv, and Xuan Kong were identified immediately. At the same time, they also knew that these people wearing old military uniforms were not tourists or searchers who had disappeared before.

As for Su Yu, he didn't recognize them at all and didn't think so much, but felt that he should cooperate with them to play cosplay.

Su Yu said coolly, "I bet your guns have no bullets!"

Xuan Nv and the other three people: "..."

Wang Long: "..."

Soldiers: "..."

Wang Long sighed: "Little brother, you are really master of the gun, just a glance knows that there are no bullets in our guns. Indeed, the bullets have run out soon after coming to this world!"

"???" Su Yu raised an eyebrow. This man was deeply involved in the drama. What should I do?

Su Yu tilted her head and said to Xuan Nv: "Leader, these people should be frightened, thinking that the guy in his hand is a real gun!"

When Xuan Nv heard the words, she was able neither cry or laugh: "That's the real gun. They're not those tour groups, let alone they are playing cosplay!"

Su Yu's eyes widened slowly: Are you kidding me, leader? You just let me boast under the muzzle, and didn't stop me?

Xuan Nv didn't talk with Su Yu, but looked at Wang Long and said, "Who are you? How can you appear in this space?"

Wang Long had nothing to hide and told them directly how they entered the world.

After listening to Wang Long's story, Su Yu took a breath then said, "You are the army that disappeared in Dalong Mountain more than 80 years ago? But you, you ..."

"We look very young, right?" Wang Long took the conversation: "In fact, we were also very surprised. We didn't understand what the reason was, probably that the time here was slow, although I don't remember how long we have been in this space, it will never be too long, at most a dozen years, I think. "

Xuan Kong touched his chin and said, "It looks like that the reason is a different time flow rate, of course, other possibilities are not ruled out."

Xuan Dian asked: "Let's not talk about the problem of time flow rate, Chairman Wang Long, have you ever seen modern people like us?"

Commander Wang Long said: "Yes!"

"Commander Wang Long, where are they now?" Xuan Kong's eyes lightened, just like the old saying "One will search high and low only to find it when one least expects to."

"Uh ... they rest in the cave. Some people were injured. More people were frightened. I asked them to take a good rest in the cave. Masters, you are all come here to find them? "Wang Long replied.

"Yes, we came for them, and our task was to find them to take them back the real-world safely and leave here, Commander Wang Long, can you lead us and take a look at them?" Xuan Nv nodded gently.

"Take them away from here?" Wang Long's eyes glared round, and the soldiers next to him also widened their eyes slowly, gasping gradually, and staring at Su Yu.

Wang Long swallowed and said, "Master, do you mean that you can leave this hell-like place?"

"Well, my companion has a way to open a door back to the real world. As long as it is successfully opened, we can leave!" Xuan Nv glanced at Xuan Kong and said, Xuan Kong nodded and cooperated.

"Oooh, Wang Long burst into tears, and then the soldiers around Wang Long also started crying loudly, crying so loudly that Su Yu, Xuan Nv, and others felt uncomfortable.

After a while, Wang Long wiped his tears and said, "Sorry, Masters, we were just so excited, so happy. We have thought about how to going home all the time. Come with me, I will take you to see them. "

"Rest assured, Wang Long, we will definitely bring you back to the real world!" Xuan Nv solemnly said. Su Yu did not say anything but he can understand the mood of Wang Long and others.

Wang Long nodded, again and again, tears began to accumulate in his eyes. Su Yu could see that Wang Long was trying to hold his tears back. Wang Long led the way in front and took them to the cave.

Su Yu looked at Wang Long asked: "Wang Long, you just said that you have lived here for more than ten years, how do you live in this world? It is so desolate! What do you eat and drink? "

When hearing Su Yu's question, Wang Long finally back, saying, "Masters, you don't know, this world looks desolate as if there is nothing, just endless skeletons.

But actually it is not. It's true that there are endless ashes plain outside the black mountain, but inside the black mountain is different. We found this cave, which leads directly to the interior of this black mountain.

The inside of this mountain is another scene. There are food and drink. Although the food is single, it is enough for us to survive. After you see those compatriots, I will take you to see the inside of this mountain, you will definitely feel amazing. "

"Okay, thank you, Wang Long!" Xuan Nv nodded gently.

"Wang Long, you just call me Xuan Zhen, don't call master. I am just an ordinary person with super power, but I have not qualified the title of the master!" Su Yu said.

"No, no, you are all masters!" Wang Long waved his hands and took them into the cave.

The cave was not dark, and there were special places to burn bonfires on both sides of the cave.

Piles of bonfires lit and the light shone in the cave.

Several people observed at the cave and Su Yu asked, "Wang Long, does this cave look like this originally?"

Wang Long shook his head and said, "Yes, but in order to better life here, we have slowly dug out part of the cave these years"

Su Yu asked, "So after you came to this dimension space, you have been living in this big black mountain. Have you never left this mountain?"

Wang Long shook his head and sighed: "We once tried to leave this black mountain and find a way home, but every time we walked not far, we were beaten back by those skeletons. We can't go far away at all! Hey, look, this is the cave that fellows rested! "