Chapter 62 Cosplay

Over time, the four have traveled in one direction without knowing how far, killing countless Undead Skeletons.

But still, a living person never saw it.

The only thing that changed was that the Undead Skeletons they encountered were getting stronger and stronger, exceeding the limits of ordinary people's combat power, the Undead Skeletons combat power has entered a super power rank, and the danger level was Yellow level seven.

Hey ~ Su Yu punched the fireball that came over, he was speechless, and now even the skeleton mage came out.

These skeleton mages can fire fireballs, ice bombs, wind blades, etc.

Although the power was still not so strong, the threat it brought was a lot, one fireball may not be strong alone, but when there were overwhelming fireballs, it was also extremely shocking.

"Do you see smoke rising from that mountain. And there is still fire? Am I dazzled?" Xuan Kong shouted suddenly, pointing in one direction, his voice a little excited.

When heard that, they were stunned, and the speed of the flight was reduced a lot in an instant to looking carefully.

There was a big black mountain, which was very high among the many big black mountains. It was far away from here. It was impossible to see what was on the big mountain. Anyway, Su Yu did not see fire or smoke.

In fact, Xuan Dian and Xuan Nv did not see anything in that big black mountain, but Xuan Nv decided to take a look. It was better than traveled aimlessly like now.

Xuan Nv said: "Let's go and take a look. Anyway, it's a good clue now."

All had no objection and immediately changed direction and flew towards the black mountain.

Though it looked very close, the distance from here to the black mountain was still extremely far.


"Hurry up, don't let the fire go out. Add more dry wood, cover some wet ones, make the smoke bigger, and the fire burn more. Be sure to let those who have strayed here see, so that they can come here quickly. Surely someone will come to rescue us! "A middle-aged man in an old-fashioned military uniform shouted at a young man who was also in an old-fashioned military uniform.

Beside him, there were many people in the same costumes busy, going in and out in a cave behind him, holding a handful of dry wood, and throwing them into a fire beside it.

Unfortunately, these firewoods didn't seem to be easy to catch fire. The fire was not too strong, only smoke.

However, the middle-aged man didn't seem to care about this, just excitedly command others continued to add firewood, while holding an old telescope standing on the ridge and constantly looking around.

Looking at the dense sea of skulls under the mountain, he couldn't help but feel scalp tingling, praying in his heart that those who encountered the restlessness of these undead creatures would be safe.

The middle-aged man was very excited. They have been trapped in this terrible world a very long time ago. They didn’t know how long. It’s months or years. They didn’t know, because there was no dark or day here. The concept of time did not exist here.

They felt that they might never see other people again and they would die here sooner or later. But recently, they found that people constantly wearing colorful and strange costumes appeared from the ashes plains under the mountain.

Then before the Undead Skeletons liven up, they sent people to this mountain that they took refuge in Undead Skeletons waves.

After some exchanges, they discovered that the outside world had passed for decades, and the world was changing with each passing day.

To tell the truth, they were dazed and shocked.

The outside world has changed so much. Time has passed so long. They didn't know whether they can meet the people of the year and whether they can adapt to the life of the outside world now.

Although confused, they never gave up the hope of going back, even now they have never found a way back to the real world.

Especially when seeing new people entering this world, they have increased their confidence in the possibility of going back to the real world. As long as there was a way in, there must have a way out. They were convinced that they just didn't figure it out for now.

These people wearing dark green uniforms were that army who once disappeared into the Dalong Mountain.

It's just that the outside world has passed for decades. They have only spent a few years here. Their looks have not changed much. Time has not left too many marks on their faces.

"That's ..." Wang Long took his binoculars and looked around again, and suddenly stopped in one direction, where the skeleton's attacking was extremely fierce, and there were constant attacks from the skeleton to the sky.

Originally, he only searched on the ground. After all, in his impression, people can not fly, and when people appeared on the ground, the skeletons would attack the living people on the ground.

Although some skeletons attacked something in the air a few times, it happened only rarely. Wang Long has come to this world for so long. He has only seen it several times, and the scale was very small.

At this time, Wang Long watched that there were constant Undead Skeletons attacking towards something in the air, and the scale was terrible.

This made Wang Long have to focus on the targets of the skeleton attacks, which greatly surprised him.

Because he saw four people flying in the sky. And they were gradually approaching his location very quickly.

A person can fly in the sky without any external force. If someone had said this to him before, he would never believe it and even punish him for his nonsense.

But at this moment, the fact was in front of him, and Wang Long have to believe it. People can really fly in the sky without the help of tools.

Though shocked, Wang Long can completely accept it, the skeleton frame can move, and people can fly was completely acceptable.

As the figures of the four were getting closer to the black mountain, more and more people on the mountain saw the four people, all stunned. But these people have accepted it soon just like Wang Long. After being shocked, they soon accepted it!

"Haha! There really is fire and smoke, you see there are people, haha, Xuan Kong, you are right!"

As the distance from the black mountain was getting closer and closer, a few people in Su Yu could see the situation on the mountain. They were all excited and Xuan Dian laughed.

However, a few people were a little strange. How did these wearing like people in a movie?

Su Yu muttered, "Which tourists are playing cosplay while traveling?"

Others: "..."