Chapter 61 Bone Ashes Land

No need for Su Yu's answer, the next moment, the three knew what it was.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Dirt kept rising from the ground, and a skeleton hand protruded from the ground.

Skeletons came out of the ground, and their eyes of the black hole ‘looked’ towards the four of Su Yu, their mouths opened and closed silently.

Then, countless skeletons rushed and attack towards the four.

"Fuck, I know what this place is!" Xuan Dian flashed blue light on his body and said, "This dimension space should be the bone ashes land, containing endless bones, where the bones would become monster, named Undead Skeleton, become a new monsters race. "

"We got troubles!" Xuan Kong said. He also heard of the legend of the bone ashes land. It is a world of the dead, an unknown place. When living creatures enter there, they will encounter endless attacks of Undead Skeletons.

"In order to save physical energy, we have to choose a direction to go forward, while looking for the missing people's trace. Xuan Kong, you should be ready to open the door of space at any time, and we will withdraw immediately after we find the survivor!" Xuan Nv said it and then took out the gravity sword, crushed and cleared all Undead Skeletons in front of them.

These Undead Skeletons looked scary, but they were actually weaker than ordinary monsters.

But there were too many, and not afraid of death. Even if they kill one, there would be more Undead Skeletons coming up, and it was difficult to really kill them.

Only by smashing the 'fire' inside the skull of an Undead Skeletons can it be truly killed, if not, it would not be killed at all.

Though their bodies were broken, Undead Skeletons can restore combat power as long as they find replacements.

"Okay!" Xuan Kong replied to Xuan Nv this way, but the next moment Xuan Kong's look changed: "No, this bone ashes land has great interference with my space power, I can't open my space door anytime, anywhere. I have to find a quiet place and take a moment to build a safe space door. "

After hearing this, Xuan Nv, Xuan Dian, and Su Yu all changed their facial expression slightly. This was not good news. The door to space cannot be opened at any time, and the danger coefficient in the bone ashes land suddenly increased a lot.

"Then find the missing people, and then find a quiet place to build the  space door!" Xuan Nv thought for a moment and then said.

When they were busy killing the Undead Skeletons, they discussed and made a simple plan.

The three did not left Su Yu behind this time. Xuan Nv gently touched Su Yu's shoulder. An anti-gravity power acted on Su Yu's body. Su Yu's body also floated up like Xuan Nv, flying fast in the air.

Relative to the ground, the air was much safer.

The ground had livened up at this moment, just like the calm sea suddenly set off waves. Numerous Undead Skeletons were drilled from the ground. Those Undead Skeletons were waves.

This was a very shocking scene. In the eyes, all the bones were surging, making a clicking noise on the ground, roaring silently at Su Yu and others in the sky.

There were too many Undead Skeletons, and they were constantly coming out of the ground, and it was impossible to count how many Undead Skeletons there were.

These skulls have different shapes, including human bones, bones of various animals, and monsters. Su Yu also saw many huge giant bones.

Flying in the air did not mean that there was no danger. Undead Skeletons were diverse. Groups of skull birds had risen to the sky, flapping their wings and killing them.

At the same time, attacks from the ground also appeared. Undead Skeletons holding various bone weapons appeared-skeleton archers, skeleton spearmen, and some types of skulls that Su Yu had only seen in the game appeared at this time.

There were skull birds attacking in the sky, and there were attacks from skeleton archers and spearmen under the ground.

However, although these weapon-bearing skeletons were a bit more powerful than empty-handed skeletons, they were not much strong power.

These attacks couldn't get close to the four or hurt them. The only thing that made their headaches was that the attacks were too much, making them a bit overwhelming.

Om ~ Su Yu punched it, the shock power surged, and the sound of glass shattering sounded. The dense cracks diffused in the sky and then shattered. Hundreds of thousands of skeletons were shocked to death by Su Yu.

Here, Su Yu's shock power exerted great power. With one punch, hundreds of thousands of Undead Skeletons were shaken into pieces, together with the 'fire' of the Undead Skeletons.

Xuan Dian was like the Thunder God living in the fantasy world. Lightning was born out of thin air, and it was constantly falling, like a walking fort. The roar was endless and countless Undead Skeletons were smashed into coke and dust.

Xuan Kong's attack was silent and very strange. Su Yu saw his hands waving constantly, and invisible attacks were issued. Silently, when the invisible attack fell, a large number of Undead Skeletons disappeared, without any traces, even the ground suddenly disappeared.

This attack was very similar to the Raven's Black Mist attack, both of which were erasing all things from their attacking range!

Xuan Nv's attack was more violent and direct. She did not even wave her hands. Gravity waves were constantly emitted, crushing all the Undead Skeletons. Whether it was in the sky or in the ground, all Undead Skeletons affected by Xuan Nv's gravity waves were all laminated into powder.

Where Xuan Nv passed, it would become blankly white in the blink of an eye, and then be filled by the surging Undead Skeletons.

The four killed and killed all the way, but no one showed joy. Although they killed a lot of Undead Skeletons, it was a drop in the ocean compared to the countless Undead Skeletons, which was not worth mentioning.

What's more important was that all four can feel that the Undead Skeletons appearing at this time were getting stronger and stronger, even if they were skeletons, the skeletons appearing at this time were more than twice as powerful as the ones that appeared at the beginning.

They were not too worried about their own safety, even if there were a lot of these Undead Skeletons, and their power was constantly strengthening because it was still too early to reach a point that Undead Skeletons can threaten their safety.

Su Yu and others were worried about those missing people. Though these Undead Skeletons were not the opponent for them, a disaster for ordinary people.

To be honest, they were not so convinced that ordinary people who enter here can live, let alone fight. They might be scared almost to death after seeing these Undead Skeletons.

Even though, Su Yu and others did not intend to give up searching. Even if there was a one in ten thousand chance, they would not give up. This was the belief that the people of Xuan School have always handed down!