Chapter 60 Another Dimension World

"This is the Dalong Mountain Scenic Tourist Area in Jingnan City?" Su Yu looked at the surrounding scenery softly. Through Xuan Kong's space door, they have spanned thousands of miles, and now they have reached a gazebo in the mountains.

"Well, I visited Dalong Mountain a few years ago, so my space door can open directly here!" Xuan Kong nodded.

"So cool!" Su Yu gave a thumbs up, and space power was too convenient.

"Go, let's go up to the mountains!"

"Leader, don't we need to ask for permission?" Su Yu asked.

Xuan Dian shook his head: "No, we can just go directly. Our bureau has already contacted the relevant departments for us."

Without objections, the figure of the four quickly submerged into the Dalong Mountain.

"Xuan Kong, did you find anything?"

Two hours later, the four had walked around almost half a range of Dalong Mountain, but no clues were found.

"There is very little spatial fluctuation near here, but it is difficult to catch!" Xuan Kong said.

Xuan Dian frowned, and said, "So still, no clues? How did hundreds of people disappear out of thin air?"

"No, there are still gains. At least I can be sure that there is a door to another dimension space in Dalong Mountain, which proves that my previous conjecture was correct.

However, it is impossible to find that door to the dimension space through these glimmer space power,! "Xuan Kong shook his head.

"So, we need to wait for the door to the dimension world to open by ourselves before we can enter that dimension world?" Xuan Nv raised her eyebrows.

"Almost correct, I can forcibly open the door under certain conditions!" Xuan Kong said: "We need to wait now, I hope that the door to the dimension space can be opened as soon as possible. If not, I have to find another way. "

"Xuan Kong, what do you mean? The door to another space may not be opened?" Su Yu asked, with his eyebrow raised.

"Well, these naturally generated space door that leads to the dimensional world appear randomly. There are probabilities, some exist for a long time, some exist for a short time, some space doors may be opened frequently, and some space door opens once only, then never opens again.

According to the existing clues, I can't judge which type of space door that Dalong Mountain leads to the dimension world, but the high probability should belong to the space door that is frequently opened."

"Well, what about if it's not?" Su Yu scratched his head, and there was so much knowledge about the space door?

"If it isn't, then it's troublesome. It will undoubtedly increase the difficulty for us to save people." Xuan Kong spread his hands: "That's why I said we should expect it's the frequent one."

The time slowly passed again for an hour, the hot sun was increasingly releasing heat and the mountain forest began to become stuffy and hot. Fortunately, it is August now, otherwise, the temperature will be higher and increasing the difficulty in searching.

As a few people waited in silence, Xuan Kong suddenly got up and said, "Here, the space fluctuations of Dalong Mountain have become fierce. Be prepared, we will enter a space door together, don't leave spread!"

"Okay!" The three of them responded, and Su Yu saw that white mist began to appear in the mountains, colorful under the sun, and beautiful, just like a fairyland.

Without waiting for Su Yu to appreciate it carefully, Su Yu felt dizzy and the scenery in front of her kept changing.

"Xuan Zhen, wake up, we're in another dimension space!" I don't know how long after that, Xuan Kong's voice sounded, Su Yu suddenly returned to consciousness.

"Here? We are now in another dimension space, did I just faint?" Su Yu asked.

"You didn't faint, it was just a side-effect caused by the cross-dimensional teleportation. You are transmitting for the first time, and you will not have such a side-effect after a few more teleportations!" Xuan Kong explained.

After hearing what Xuan Kong said, Yu Su Yu breathed a sigh of relief: "That's good!"

Then Su Yu looked at this dimension space. The sky was dimly covered with dark clouds, there was no sunlight and all silent. With eyes can see, this world has only three colors—black, white and gray!

The mountains were black, standing on the ground. Some were high enough, up to the sky, and some were short enough,  only 100 meters high.

The earth was white, but the earth was not pure white, but a kind of gray and a little dull white.

The entire sky was gray.

This dimension world was a dead world, extremely desolate. Looking at this desolate world, everyone felt depressed, this strange world made everyone felt a little uneasy.

"We can't stay long in this dimension space, there spread a dangerous breath everywhere, hurry up to find the missing people, and then return to the real world!" Xuan Nv's voice said solemnly.

"Well, I totally agree with this!" Xuan Dian said, looking at the white ground and saying, "Guess why the ground is white?"

"Huh?" the three were stunned. They looked at the ground carefully. Su Yu also kicked with his feet and splashed a gray smoke, but Su Yu didn't confirm what it was. Saline-alkali land?

"Fuck!" Xuan Kong said, "Are these all bone ashes?"

"Ashes? How is this possible? How many bodies would it take to cover this land?" Su Yu was frightened and retorted immediately when he heard this.

"It's really ashes!" Xuan Nv's voice calmed down, then her body flew up, and said: "Find the missing people at the fastest speed, it's too weird here!"

Huh ~ huh ~

Xuan Huo and Xuan Kong also flew up, and together with Xuan Nv, looked around to find the trace of the missing people.

Su Yu was stunned and feels abandoned again. How did they can fly up, except me?

Su Yu was extremely helpless and had to look around.


A low sound passed into Su Yu's ears. Su Yu heard it, looking at the source of the sound, and found nothing.


The sound came again, and the ground swelled a little, then calmed down again.

"What thing?" Su Yu walked over, and the blue arc began to jump and flicker on his body.


Before he got closer, the ground exploded, and the skull claws protruded from the ground. It surprised Su Yu. There was a feeling of watching a horror movie. Su Yu cursed: What the hell is that? "

At the same time, Su Yu hit with a punch towards the skull claw, like an air cannon.

With a bang, the skull's claws were broken into pieces by Su Yu.

At the same time, the three also noticed the incident on the ground. Alas, the three appeared next to Su Yu like a ghost. Xuan Nv said: "Xuan Zhen, what was that just now?"