Chapter 6 Equipment

"Is this a joke? Didn't the shopping mall collapse, how could it still stand here? Is everything dreaming?" Su Yu looked at the shopping mall in front of him. He scratched his head. He clearly remembered that the shopping mall was collapsed.

"That's all real, but it happened in another space, this is not the collapsed shopping mall." A slight voice sounded beside Su Yu,

"It's you? Xuan Kong, why are you here?" Su Yu looked around, it was the very manly vicissitudes man.

"I'm just passing by!" Xuan Kong laughed.

I don't believe it!

Su Yu raised his eyebrow and said, "Oh, isn't it? It was a coincidence? Passing by?" Humph, passing? It is surveillance!

When they were speaking, Su Yu just turned around and walked towards his rental house. The voice of Xuan Kong behind him came again: "Go back to open the box, familiarize yourself with the equipment, there were instructions for use, look at it and you would know how to use it!"

Su Yu didn't reply but just shook his hands gently to say goodbye.

Back in the rental room, although it was already night, Su Yu did not have any drowsiness. In less than two days, after so many things, it would be strange if Su Yu could still fell asleep.

Well, he has actually slept too long at the Monsters Detective Bureau, and Su Yu must admit it.

"Looks like it's a bit difficult to escape!" Su Yu sighed. The appearance of Xuan Kong gave Su Yu a new understanding. Although he had already returned home, he had always been under the control of the Monsters Detective Bureau.

Moreover, the most important thing was that Su Yu didn't know where to go. Running back to his hometown would bring danger to his family, which was absolutely impossible.

Running to another place? Su Yu was sad to find that he had no travel expenses, and he was a poor man.

"Forget it, keep the status for the time being, and see if there are any reasonable reasons to leave the Monster Detective Bureau in the future!" Su Yu patted his face and said, he really didn't want to work in the Monsters Detective Bureau. Fighting was too dangerous!

Su Yu was not a diligent man by birth. His wish was world peace. He didn't like fighting.

Su Yu looked at the suitcase next to him and threw it to the ground. He slammed into the bed, ignored the case, and slept again.

Five seconds later, Su Yu,  fell asleep again ...

Time passed quickly, and one night had passed.  In the morning, Su Yu was still asleep. But at this time, Su Yu heard ringing bells.

Su Yu sat up and said, "Gee, who is it, who won't let me sleep in the morning?"

He picked up his phone and glanced at the clock. It's five o'clock. He didn't set an alarm himself. Su Yu looked around and found that the sound came from the silver suitcase. He remembered everything that happened before last night, and mourned: "It wasn't a dream!"

Opening the suitcase, Su Yu found the source of the sound, which was emitted from a watch. The screen of the watch displayed the word "Xuan Nv". A cold face seemed to appear in front of him. Su Yu shivered, instantly awake.

After turning on the watch, there was a cold voice of Xuan Nv: "Get up! Come to the bureau, give you an hour, if you don't come here on time, you will know...bye!"

"Motherfucking ... Is this woman sick? Will she go to work at five?" Su Yu's watch on the phone has been hung up, and Su Yu's cheek a little twisted.

Of course, scolding only, Su Yu didn't have any grievances or was not dare to complain. He simply washed, and then prepared to change into combat uniforms, bring equipment, and prepare to go to work.

"This suit should be work clothes!" Su Yu looked at the combat uniform in the suitcase. Su Yu remembered that Xuan Nv and others were wearing uniform clothing, the styles were similar, and only some small details were different.

There were five types of equipment in the suitcase: combat uniforms, enchantment ball, watches, masks, and Seal Sticks.

Among them, the combat suit did not only have clothes but also has a pair of shoes, such as lace-up shoes that were like sports shoes and leather shoes. They were black and looked good in style.

There was also an equipment manual.

"Combat suit, weighing forty kilograms? Are these clothes? Damn, waterproof and fireproof? Automatic cleaning, it has this function! The defense is strong? How strong! Why the person who wrote this manual cannot say in detail? "Su Yu looked at the instructions in the instruction manual.

However, though complaining, and Su Yu marveled. The equipment in this suitcase was just like a magic weapon in myth.

The watch was the most common, that was, capable of communicating, transmitting information, and so on.

Combat uniforms can provide a powerful defense. After the enchantment ball was deployed, it can pull monsters into another dimension space to fight, and the damage caused by the battle cannot affect reality.

Mask has the power to hide the breath and reduce the sense of existence. After wearing the mask, ordinary people can ignore our presence, which prevents ordinary people remember our faces.

The Seal Stick was a strange treasure. As long as the monster was hit by the Seal Stick, no matter how strong the monster was or not, it would be sealed.

"Forget it, take it first, in case they ask me wearing it!" Su Yu said. After reading the instructions, Su Yu still brought this equipment to go to the bureau. He won't dare to judge blindly.

After eating a bit of food in a hurry, Su Yu was following the direction of the Monsters Detective Bureau in his memory. It was very dark last night, so he didn't see the full picture of the Monsters Detective Bureau.

Su Yu never expected that this place turned out to be a pharmacy. Although it was still early, the pharmacy had already opened. Su Yu saw the woman from Xuan Yi and was busy working in the pharmacy.

"Well, is this really a Monsters Detective Bureau?" Su Yu entered the pharmacy and greeted at Xuan Yi. Xuan Yi whispered.

The moment he saw Su Yu, his eyes were flashing with joy, watching Su Yu was like watching the body ready to be anatomized.

Xuan Yi smiled and said, "This is our building. The first floor is just a pharmacy. Up and down are our places. You know, there are some things that cannot be placed on the public."

A clear female voice came from the entrance to the second floor: "Come, come up! I will officially train you, and then I will take you to understand how to solve the weird case. Now come here, right away! "

Su Yu squinted his teeth, then walked towards the second floor with his suitcase.

The women above were not easy to get along with, it was better not to mess her mad.