Chapter 59 legend

[ Yesterday, a 200-member large-scale tourist group disappeared in the Dalong Mountain Tourist Area of Jingnan City. So far, it has been lost contact for 20 hours.

Relevant local departments, volunteers, and the search and rescue team ... have jointly carried out the rescue. There is no news for the moment. Reporters from xxx station will report for you live! ]

Similar news has been rolling on the restaurant's TV from morning until now.

Xuan Tu watched the news and curl his lips, said: "Usually, these people who have gone missing for tourism are asking for trouble. They always wanna got the place where is obviously dangerous. Traveling is a relaxing and enjoyable thing. But they prefer to give people trouble.

They do not know how much loss will be caused by this disappearance. That is also the case for a travel company. It is really irresponsible to allocate only one tour guide to lead a team of 200 people. It is also a very basic thing to make a safe travel route. "

"Well, leader, it seems that you had experienced this situation. Why? Have you encountered such a thing?" Su Yu asked with a smile.

"I haven't experienced it personally. My friend has experienced it. He is a tour guide, so I know a little bit more about the job!" Xuan Tu said so, as for whether he said that a friend is his friend or himself, Su Yu doubt.

Su Yu didn't ask further, just eating, Su Yu felt that there would still be a big case to deal with today. This was not Su Yu's blind guess. A large group of 200 people was missing. No relevant clue has been found so far. It's weird.

Of course, this did not rule out that 200 people were trapped somewhere and have not been found for the time being.

Sure enough, as he thought, It did not pass a long time after Su Yu finished his meal, and Xuan Laogua gathered everyone in the meeting room.

The meeting was for the case that the tour group disappeared reported on TV.

"Boss, is the missing tourist team related to monsters? Did they really need our help? The local has already sent so many human and material resources to search the mountain, and the team could be found soon, I think. It is a waste of human source to ask us to search for a tour team!" Xuan Tu frowned said.

"Xuan Tu, you need to correct your attitude!" Xuan Laogua knocked at the table and said, "In terms of saving people, there is no waste! As long as it can save people!"

"Because the relevant departments asked us to help, it means that there is something weird thing with the disappearance of the tour group?" Su Yu asked after a deep think.

"Yes, Su Yu, you are clever!"


Xuan Laogua said, "Although no super power sense was found at the scene, the case is indeed strange. Although the search and rescue team did not find the missing tour group, they brought back a recording device.

What the recording reveals is worthy of further investigation, and I will play it to you now. "

Next, Xuan Laogua played the recording, and the content of the recording was a conversation between the tour guide Xiao Wu and the people in the tour group, including Xiao Wu discouraging tourists from deviating from the safe route, and finally helpless compromise, including the constant disappearance of personnel, everyone panic, and confused voice.

"This recording equipment should be left by that tour guide. Did you hear anything?" Xuan Laogua asked.

After listening to the recording, Xuan Tu whispered: Those people are really asking for trouble, they didn't listen to the opinion of their tour guides.

Su Yu raised his eyebrow. Xuan Tu's mood fluctuated vigorously about the disappearance of the tour group.

Xuan Kong sat next to Su Yu, saw Su Yu's expression, then close to Su Yu's ear and said, "Xuan Tu's previous work was a tour guide. He seems to have experienced the same thing."

No wonder, well, it was confirmed that Xuan Tu's friend was himself.

Xuan Nv said, "Although there are very few clues from the recording, there are no other sounds except natural sounds such as human voices and wind sounds. I think the disappearance of the tour group has nothing to do with monsters.

Of course, this does not rule out that the recording equipment is not good and no other sound is captured. "

What? Everyone was surprised when they heard that the search and rescue stopped.

Without waiting for everyone to ask, Xuan Laogua continued: "Stop search and rescue is a last resort. Because search and rescue personnel have also disappeared one after another.  And now, within less than a full day. More than three hundred people are missing!

Relevant departments have dared not send personnel to search the mountain for rescue. They are afraid of disappearing would continuously be increased, so they could only ask our bureau for help!"

Everyone was silent, and their expressions were solemn, and the disappearance of the personnel this time became increasingly weird.

Xuan Shui said, "This disappearance case is very similar to the case of the missing personnel at sea, both cases didn't find a breath of super power at the beginning?"


Xuan Kong nodded, but then said: "But I don't think it's related to monsters. Let's not talk about the disappearance of the tour group, just the missing search and rescue personnel.

The search and rescue personnel are not gathered to disappear collectively. When searching and rescue, the range must be widened. This range can be extremely large. If it is related to a monster, how powerful is this monster?

I think those who disappeared this time should have entered a special space through some special doors. Have you ever heard some legends of Dalong Mountain? A few thousand years ago, an army of 2,000 people also disappeared mysteriously.

I guess the missing tour group and search and rescue personnel should be missing in the same way as the missing army. "

Xuan Laogua heard the words and touched his chin. "Xuan Kong, you mean, there is another dimension space in Dalong Mountain. There is a door opened for another dimension space, and the missing people have entered it."

"Well, this can also explain why someone disappeared out of thin air. Because those people entered the other side of the 'door'. Of course, it may not the same as I guessed, we need to take a look on spot." said Xuan Kong.

"Well, in this case, Xuan Kong, Xuan Nv, Xuan Zhen, and Xuan Yi, you should deal with this case together. Be sure to find the missing person!" Xuan Laogua gave the order.

"Yes, boss!" Xuan Kong commanded, and Su Yu was speechless, and his foreboding was too damn accurate!

After the meeting, the four passed through the Xuan Kong's Space Gate and directly crossed the area for thousands of miles to arrived at the Dalong Mountain Scenic Resort in Jingnan City, which made Su Yu more aware of the facilitation of space capabilities in tourism.