Chapter 58 Tours

"Everyone, follow me closely. The Dalong Mountain tourist area is in ahead, not far. Our group will carry out a three-day group building activity in the Dalong Mountain tourist area. Today we are going to take a walking tour of the Dalong Mountain to take a good look at our beautiful Dalong Mountain."

The tour guide Xiao Wu introduced the attractions vigorously, trying to attract the attention of the group, but few people listened to his introduction.

Three or five in a group, not chatting with each other, just taking pictures.

Xiao Wu looked at this group of people, felt a little helpless, and cursed the company leaders at the same time, a large group of 200 people lets him be the guide. They are really capitalists, and only knows exploitation.

The only thing that made Xiao Wu comfort was that none of these people got rid of the group without authorization, otherwise, he almost wanna quit.

Though complaining, the guide Xiao Wu still smiled on his face: "Friends, pay attention, let's go into the mountain now, please follow me, the mountain road is dangerous, pay attention to safety, do not deviate from the safe route."

Then, Xiao Wu led the way walked ahead, looking back from time to time.  They proceeded in accordance with the safe route that had been opened up.

In the first hour, nothing happened. Although the route was artificially created, the scenery was still very beautiful.

But there are too many people, and there will be many kinds of people. Some people were not satisfied with watching such artificial landscapes. They want to see real wild landscapes.

Whatever the idea was, as long as there were some who take the lead, and someone will echo. Most of them were inspired, and the people who have always followed the rules will become unruly.

Even if Xiao Wu said thousands of times, it is useless. In the end, more than half of them want to see the real wild scenery, and the remaining half of them follow the flow.

In the end, Xiao Wu had no choice but to agree to the members' requests, temporarily changed the route of travel, and walked deep into the Dalong Mountain.

Walking around, about an hour later, a group of people had walked inside the Dalong Mountain. The weather somewhat became sultry. The fog began to appear in the mountains and forests, and the sun was shining down.

Everyone was happy, those who propose to see a wild beauty were even more proud.

Only Xiao Wu felt something not right. The mist appeared so abruptly that it appeared too quickly, and he immediately decided to take the group back to the regular route.

"Guide Xiao Wu, let's play for a while, it's still early, we are not far from the regular route, and it's easy to go back."

"Yeah, tourist guide. Our group tour only happened once a year. It's not easy to encounter such beautiful scenery. We must have fun this time!"

"Please, let's play for a while, how about play half an hour more?"

All the members trying to persuade guide Xiao Wu.

Xiao Wu did not flinch this time but insisted on his own thoughts, saying, "No, we can't stay here anymore. The mist is getting thicker and thicker, and we must rush back to the safe route before the mist obstructs our sight.

Its not a suggestion, I'm thinking about the safety of everyone's life. This time you listen to me, we must go back, now, immediately, immediately! "

"Okay, okay, okay, it's disappointing!"

Seeing Xiao Wu's tough attitude, the members of the regiment no longer insisted, just complained, and looked at Xiao Wu with an unhappy expression.

As if he did not see their facial expression or heard their complaining, Xiao Wu said, "Now, before we go back, I'll check the people to see if anyone has separated from the team!"

Then, Xiao Wu began to count: 1, 2, 3, 4 ... 198,199.

"Hey, what's going on? Why are there only 199? Isn't it 200?" Xiao Wu's facial expression changed.

Some people laughed, "Tourist guide, are you confused? You didn't count yourself? If you count yourself, the number of people is right!"

Hearing this, Xiao Wu was relieved, yes, exactly 200 people!

However, the next moment, Xiao Wu's facial expression changed again: bullshit, if I counted myself, it should have 201 people.

Watching Xiao Wu's face keep changing, someone teased: "Xiao Wu, have you learned Fast mask-changing? In such a short time, you have changed your facial expression several times, haha ..."

Many people also laughed, relaxing and happy.

At this moment, Xiao Wu couldn't laugh at all. He was so anxious inside that he looked at the person who laughed heartlessly and shouted, "Don’t laugh, what’s so funny? Count me, then a total of 201 people, One less! "

When the person heard Xiao Wu say this, he was a little angry, but at that time he did not wanna argue about this and said, "Xiao Wu, don't make a joke, you are counting wrong, let's count it again!"

"Yes, I should count again, I may really count wrong, 1,2,3,4 ... 189,190,190, damn, count again? I count again, 1,2,3,4  ... 168, 174, 174, how can it be less? Impossible "Xiao Wu felt very cold.

There was no sound in the tour group, and their facial expressions changed. It may be normal to miscount once, but if it miscounted twice or three times, then it is basically not miscounting, and the count number less each time.

"Guide, Xiao Zhang is missing!"

"Sister Wang is missing, just now Sister Wang was here with me!"

More and more people were disappearing. Finally, the people in the tour group found out something went wrong. The people around them were disappearing. The remaining people were increasingly panic, especially when they call for help. The equipment had failed, the panic deepened.

Looking at the beautiful old scenery, no one felt beautiful, there was only endless fear, looking around, they felt like watching the devil who eats people without spitting out their bones.

Those who disappear at first just disappeared silently. In the end, someone disappeared directly under the eyes of everyone.

"Damn, how could this be?" Xiao Wu's mind collapsed, crouching on the ground holding his head and shaking, the last person of the tour group disappeared in front of his eyes, and there was only mist in the surrounding.

Then, the figure of Xiao Wu disappeared in the mist.

Strange to say, when Xiao Wu disappeared, the fog here quickly disappeared and turned into the original look.

An hour later, the team brought by Xiao Wu did not arrive at the scheduled place. The people who were ready to meet at the scheduled place noticed something wrong and reported the situation to the travel company in a timely manner.

Xiaowu's travel company, immediately connected to Xiao Wu, only heard these words on the phone: Sorry, the user you called is temporarily out of the service area, please dial again later! Sorry ...

Something went wrong, this was the first reaction of the travel company!

Because Xiao Wu's travel company has a rule, the tourist guide must keep the phone on for 24 hours to facilitate contact at any time and report work.

In addition, the routes were all prescribed safe routes, and there were no areas without signals. There could have an accident so that his phone can not be contacted.

Immediately, Xiao Wu's travel company started a series of arrangements such as rescue and search, and also reported the matter to the relevant local authorities.