Chapter 57 There Is No One Perfect In This World

However, just as the four rushed towards Hei Yan, a black robe man next to Hei Yan gave a strange laugh and shot.

The man in black robe raised one arm and squirted a bunch of white things.

Those white things rose up against the wind, forming huge cobwebs covered the four people.

"Spider-Man?" Su Yu saw the cobwebs, screaming. and he gave a punch in the air, humming, the shock power broke out, the sound of cracking glass crackling, the crack filled the air, and then shattered.

Su Yu kept punching the cobwebs in the air, but the spider web was obviously very tough and was not broken.

Su Yu was stopped and had to pull back temporarily.

Xuan Huo on the other side was also attacked, and when he saw the attack, he already knew who shot this attack, said seriously, "Raven Ghost Spider?"

There were not many members of the Raven, but each was a lunatic and extremely powerful. One of the most powerful in Raven was Ghost Spider.

However, Xuan Huo did not stop. He shot out a pillar of fire, blasted on the spider web, burned it through, and proceeded.

Xuan Shui and Xuan Nv also shot out their super power and destroyed the cobwebs that attacked them, and moved on.

At this time, another black robe man came out of Hei Yan aside, and the man's palm waved, and a black mist-shrouded everyone.

"No, it's Raven Black Mist, back!" Xuan Huo saw this, his facial expression seemed condensed. He didn't continue to rush forward or attack but quickly retreated, evacuating the area covered by the black mist.

Xuan Shui and Xuan Nv were the same, and at the same time, they also brought Su Yu out of the envelope of black mist.

The next moment, Black Mist landed on the ground. When the black mist disappeared, Su Yu was stunned in horror. At the position covered by the black mist just now, the ground disappeared silently.

Black Mist said: "I am here, It's impossible to pass through this area!"

Su Yu swallowed and said: "What is this guy's super power? It's overbearing!"

"Black Mist have space super power. He can teleport, and also erase the things covered by black mist. Unless its power is much stronger than him, it will be erased by him. Only one with the same space super power, can compete with him! Xuan Shui replied.

"Dear, I said just now that I came here for two things. I don't mean to fight with you. Now I have finished both things, and I will not go back with you. Black Mist, Let's go! "Hei Yan said with an evil smile.

The black mist was covering Hei Huo and other's bodies.

"I not allowed!"

Xuan Nv shouted, used her gravity sword to chop at Hei Yan, but her attack failed, and Hei Yan and others disappeared.

At the same time, Su Yu breathe a sigh of relief, but he was also a little speechless, and said, "Are they slipped away? It’s too easy for them to enter and exit the enchantment, right?"

The case of the corpse dragon was the same. The people of the Black Coffin were the same, they can enter and walk away from the enchantment as their will.

"Although the enchantment ball can form an enchantment, strictly speaking, the enchantment ball is just a door to this dimension space, and it has the ability to arrest monsters into this dimension space.

There are many other doors to this dimension space. We can open them, naturally, other super power men can open them, unless we can control all the doors.

But obviously that is impossible. Fortunately, there are not many monsters that can enter this dimension space. It's rarely happened.

To put it bluntly, the role of enchantment ball is actually to open up a dimension space as a battlefield, don't let fighting affect the real world. It's not designed to trap monsters, although it has this function! Xuan Shui explained.

"Okay, let's go back to the bureau first and report the incident to the boss, and let the boss decide!" Xuan Huo said, and at the same time he gathered up the enchantment ball, and the four returned to the present world.


In the Monsters Detective Bureau.

after reporting, Su Yu came to the training room and started training actively.

Su Yu have to train actively.  Xuan Nv exudes a low pressure all over. At this time, Su Yu didn't want to irritate Xuan Nv. After Su Yu was meant to be the first one left training room after finishing the training task. Su Yu want to stay away from Xuan Nv, because it was the safest choice after hearing the gossip regarding Xuan Nv.

But Murphy's Law? Just finished a set of training, and Xuan Nv, sitting silently next to her, said suddenly, "Today we should have a real combat training."

Uh ~

Su Yu immediately started. He was about to speak against, Xuan Nv's attack came.

Five minutes later, Su Yu was covered with bruises, sitting on the ground gasping, looking at Xuan Nv with resentment in his eyes, swearing in his heart. This woman was so sick that she took him as a punching bag.

Su Yu secretly vowed in his heart that he must become stronger. It's for nothing else, only to have the opportunity to beat Xuan Nv in the future.

After the pain was relieved, Su Yu was going home, not wanting to stay with this crazy woman.

But at this time Xuan Nv spoke again: "Did Xuan Shui told you about my relationship with Hei Yan?"

"Ah? What?" Su Yu decided to pretend he knew nothing about their relationship.

"Huh!" Su Yu snorted. "He had told you everything, right? Xuan Shui is such a big mouth!"

Su Yu was a little terrified, knowing that you still ask?

"Xuan Zhen, have you ever been in love, and have you liked others?" Xuan Nv said so, shocking Su Yu.

Su Yu paused and then looked at her. What is this woman doing? So scary!

Xuan Nv didn’t care Su Yu’s reaction, or she just wanted to say it, and maybe just because she bore these words too long, “Did you know? Hei Yan used to be a perfect man in my eyes, not only handsome but also very powerful, in all aspects, extremely strong.

Not only I, but people who have contacted him would also agree that he was a perfect man.

No matter how fussy you are, or how good at finding faults in all aspects, you will also like Hei Yan. No one would be unsatisfied with Hei Yan! "

Su Yu heard these words and slant glance at Xuan Nv and said: "Perfect? There is no one perfect in this world.

All the famous big baddies in history are said to be perfect or nearly perfect.

The more perfect a person is, the more darkness hides in his heart. Once that darkness erupts, it will cause endless harm to those around him.

For example, Wu Mou, who murdered his mother, was a top A student in the eyes of others, and his filial piety was perfect in all aspects. "

Xuan Nv heard the words a little dazed. Looking at Su Yu, she did not understand how Su Yu came to such a conclusion, but Xuan Nv found that she could not refute it. After all, a living example happened to her, deeply hurt her.

Su Yu was even more scared when he was looked at by Xuan Nv, and he thought that was this woman go crazy again?

No, I must run away!

"Oh, time is up, it's off work, and gone!" Su Yu looked down at his watch, and when Xuan Nv hasn't responded yet, Su Yu run away like a gust of wind rushed out of the training room.

Xuan Nv: "..."