Chapter 56 Maniac

Su Yu wanted to observe and study the battle between Xuan Nv and Xuanyan carefully, instead of exploring gossip.

However, even though you don't want to explore this gossip, someone wants to tell you.

Xuan Shui still wanna gossip and don't want to close the sluices of this conversation, and at this moment was a bit unstoppable, and continued to chat: "Hey, Xuan Zhen, do you know, in addition to the relationship of a tutor, there is actually another layer of relationship."

Somewhat Su Yu felt a toothache, and squinted Xuan Shui, wondering that I don't want to know, so don't tell me, please.

Xuan Shui: "Well, your expression shows you have a strong curiosity, okay, I can't resist, so I decided to tell you!"

Su Yu: Brother, boss, which one of your eyes can see that I am very curious? Please don't say anything. If Xuan Nv told me ‘you know too much’, wouldn’t I will die?

Xuan Shui continued: "Actually, Xuan Yan and Xuan Nv, they have something. So you can understand that both people have a good impression on each other, but they have not made a confession in public.

Most of the people in the bureau knew and were very optimistic about their relationship, and they thought that they were a good couple.

Unfortunately, when Xuan Nv was preparing to make a public confession, Xuan Yan killed a companion in solving a case and defected! "

Su Yu was too curious and asked, "Why did Xuanyan defect?"

Xuan Shui shook his head and said, "Maybe it's because of a treasure !? No one knows the specific reason. After Xuan Yan's defection, we found out that everything we knew about Xuan Yan was all his disguise, and actually, we know nothing about him.

Xuan Yan's defection was painful damage to Xuan Nv. Xuan Nv was originally a girl who loved to laugh, lively and cheerful. After the incident, Xuan Nv was somewhat self-closed, hiding her real soul with a layer of a hard and cold shell!"

Su Yu can say nothing, and looked at Xuan Nv, only to know that Xuan Nv has such a past.

Xuan Shui might have said everything he what to say, so he didn't continue to say anything, and looked at the battlefield with Su Yu.

After Xuan Nv and Xuan Yan fought fiercely again, Xuan Yan pulled back and retreated to his accomplice, laughing: "I haven't seen you for a while, Xuan Nv, your super power is getting stronger and stronger, nice job, you did not forget what I taught you."

"I'm getting stronger all the time, in order to defeat you, and revenge for Xuan Qi." Xuan Nv said and did not recklessly to chase after Xuan Yan. She can felt that several people around Xuan Yan were dangerous for her.

"Oh, it looks like you hate me very much. This is good. Hate will make a person constantly stronger. Today I came here for two things. The first thing is to see you and make a thorough farewell with my past.

The name of Xuan Yan will no longer exist, and my name will be Hei Yan in the future.

Raven (organization) Hei Yan greeted everyone in the Monsters Detective Bureau! Xuan Yan smiled, saluted slightly to Xuan Huo and others, his manners were perfect.

Xuan Yan, no, Hei Yan just finished his words, Xuan Nv, Xuan Shui, Xuan Huo's faces changed again.

Xuan Huo said: "Xuan Yan, did you even join the Raven (organization)? Good, you did very well!"

Xuan Shui sighed and said, "Xuan ... Hei Yan, you really suck, or in other words, is this the real you?"

Xuan Nv didn't speak, but her fist was clenched tight, her nails had pierced the skin, and blood dripped.

Su Yu looked blank and asked Xuan Shui quietly, "Xuan Shui, what is the Raven?"

Xuan Shui said, "Remember the Black Coffin? Raven is also a super power organization. If the black coffin is a mercenary in the super power world, it receives money to do things for employers. Then in the super power world, the raven is a bandit, thugs, the Ravens are extreme, they are all evil, a group of lunatics. "

Su Yu heard his words stunned. Lunatics are the most terrible, and lunatics with reason and strength are even more terrible.

"Damn slave, why are you still talking with them? Kill them!" Jax yelled angrily. At this moment, he still hadn't restored his body. He was getting more irritable and couldn't wait to kill Su Yu and others.

"Don't worry, dear Flame Apostle. I haven't done another thing yet!" Hei Yan smiled.

"What's the another……"

Crack, Hei Yan's palm attacked like lightning!

"Bold, you dare, you damn humans attack me, don't forget, you are the slave of the King, the King will not forgive you."

Jax yelled suddenly, his burning eyes were full of mischief and anger! The slave who had obeyed him before had even attacked him!

The four were also stunned. they did not expect that this situation would happen. Hei Yan's palm penetrated into Jax's head and gave Jax a fatal blow.

Hei Yan showed an extremely evil smile under everyone's gaze: "Apostle, now you should know the second thing I said? Kill you, take your core of fire, I have been patient for a long time. It's over now! "

"Damn, you jerk, damn slave, you betrayed the King, and the King will surely kill you." Jax yelled in horror, and he felt that the core of his flame had been captured by Hei Yan.

"King? Oh, no one in this world has enough power to be my king. Sooner or later your king will die in my hands and become a stepping stone for me to become stronger!" Hei Yan scorned.

"Stupid human, you don't even know the power of the King. When the King comes, the King will destroy everything!"

"Shhh!" Hei Yan put a finger over his mouth and said, "It's you, stupid. That you can come here is under my calculation. Is everything unexpected? Hehe, now that you know it, let's die! "

Anyway, Hei Yan pulled out his palm, and a fingernail-sized core of fire was pinched by him.

"No ..." Jax screamed, his head turned into dust and disappeared.

"Dear, isn't this core of fire beautiful? This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!" Hei Yan held the core of fire, looking at Su Yu and others, with an intoxicated look on his face.

Xuan Huo was raging and said, "Hei Yan, what you just said is true? All of this is under your calculating, and the eighty-one victims are also related to you calculating?"

"Yes, so what?" Hei Yan put away the core of fire. "It's just like killing a group of ants. They should feel happy about their death because they can be part of my plan. They should be glad!"

Hei Yan was definitely a dangerous lunatic. After listening to Hei Yan's words, Su Yu felt that way.

"You are not allowed to leave today!" Xuan Huo said, turning into a flame toward Hei Yan.

Xuan Shui and Xuan Nv also shot at the same time. Su Yu saw her gritted teeth and rushed forward.