Chapter 55 Xuan Yan, The Former Colleague

Om ~ A spear appeared through the sky, pierced through the void, and clicked on Jax's huge body.

With a bang, Jax's huge body shattered, and only a huge head remained, the remaining body was falling on the ground.

After Jax took the blow, he was horrified because he tried to restore a new body, but a powerful force hindered his ability to recover quickly.

"It's impossible. How could a human being such powerful?" Jax yelled in disbelief with horror.

"Impossible? Humans?" Xuan Huo appeared beside the fFame Apostle Jax, and his spear pointed at Jax. "You, monsters always look down on humans, but do you forget who is the master of the world now? Now you can die! "

Xuan Huo spear was about to stab, ready to completely kill Jax, but at this moment Jax laughed, "Humans, you can't kill me, do you think I have no companion?"

As soon as Jax said this, everyone was stunned, and then felt something not good, and a crisis came from overhead.

All looked up, not knowing when the sky above everyone's head was covered by the black mist.

The next moment, countless black flame meteors fell in the sky.

Boom, boom, a violent meteor fire fell down like heavy rain, all places covered by the black mist were the attack range.

The crowd hurriedly avoided the sudden attack, but what Su Yu did not see was that at the moment when the black fire rain appeared, Xuan Nv, Xuan Shui, and Xuan Huo all changed their facial expression.

"Hahaha, well, you are really doing a good job, King's slave!" after seeing their embarrassing avoiding, Flame Apostle Jax laughed with joy: "Kill, King's slave, kill these guys. Kill them all! "

"Hehe, Flame Apostle, don't be so irritable, let's play slowly with the members of the Monsters Detective Bureau!" A chuckle appeared from the black mist, and several figures wearing black robes appeared from the black mist, and slowly fell beside Jax's head.

"Jack, you damn slave, how could you dare to disobey my order? Are you want to die?" Jax angered.

"Naturally, don't dare!" The man whispered, then gently took off the hood and continued: "I just want to have a good chat with my former friends!"

This was a very young and handsome man. After speaking, he no longer cares about Jax, looks at Xuan Nv and others, and smiles at the corner of his mouth, "My former friends, it's been a long time!"


Su Yu felt surprised, and the momentum of the three broke out their super power. That's too coercion so that Su Yu felt a sense of breathlessness. Su Yu turned his head, looking at the three: Did they know this man?

"Xuan Yan, you are a traitor, how dare to appear in front of us? Do you want to die!" Xuan Huo gritted his teeth and said.

"Traitor, damn it!" Xuan Shui said in a cold tone.

"Xuan Yan, you should die!" Xuan Nv was the most irritable at this moment because when she said it, Xuan Nv immediately rushed to the man, and the sword slashed down against the man.

'Xuan Yan? This man was once a member of the Monsters Detective Bureau? 'Su Yu thought, and at the same time glanced at the Xuan Nv who had rushed out. Was it an illusion? Su Yu seemed to see a drop of crystal tears in the corner of Xuan Nv's eyes.

Xuan Yan watched Xuan Nv who was rushing towards him. And the man in the black robe next to him stepped forward to prepare to fight Xuan Nv, but was stopped by Xuan Yan. He said, "Let me fight with her, so we can have a nice chat!"

Then Xuan Yan's figure flashed in front of Xuan Nv's body. His fist burning with black fire hit the Xuan Nv's sword, and a loud noise was heard, and the black fire on Xuan Yan's fist. The fierce eruption, Xuan Nv was immediately knocked and flew out.

"Xuan Nv, you are still so impulsive and reckless, I have taught you so many times, or haven't you remembered?" Xuan Yan said softly, and it seemed like effortless to knock back Xuan Nv.

"Shut up, Xuan Yan, I must kill you today!" Xuan Nv roared, without any ordinary calmness at all.

Su Yu was stunned. For the first time, he saw such an annoyed and reckless Xuan Nv. Was this the real Xuan Nv he knew?

Sa ~ Xuan Nv rushed and fought against Xuan Yan. Although she was powerful, Xuan Nv was suppressed comprehensively. Xuan Yan could always find Xuan Nv's flaws and obtain the greatest victory with the smallest super power output.

Su Yu said unconsciously, "How is it possible, how can this person suppress Xuan Nv comprehensively? Is this a joke?"

"There is possible. Xuan Yan knows clearly Xuan Nv's weaknesses and various fighting habits, after all, Xuan Yan was Xuan Nv's tutor, just like the relationship between you and Xuan Nv!" Xuan Shui said softly beside Su Yu.

Su Yu felt very surprised, he did not expect they were such a relationship.

Xuan Shui continued: "Oh, yes, Xuan Huo was Xuan Yan's tutor!"

Su Yu twisted his mouth and said, "So, is this Xuan Yan really a member of the bureau?"

"Was!" Xuan Shui Dao: "Xuan Yan was indeed a member of the Monsters Detective Bureau, but he has already become a traitor of the Monsters Detective Bureau, and he killed his companion. He is a wicked traitor who is worse than scum."

Su Yu's body shuddered, and he was shocked. Xuan Yan even killed his companion?

Such a guy was indeed not as good as scum. Looking at Xuan Yan, Su Yu also gives birth to an aversion.

The traitor was enough to be disgusted.

How could he even kill his companion? Xuan Yan's personality was definitely worse than pigs or dogs, no, no, that was insulting the pigs and dogs!

"Are we going to help Xuan Nv? Will she be in danger?" Su Yu said, watching Xuan Nv being suppressed by Xuan Yan.

"No, though Xuan Nv is suppressed, it doesn't matter. Xuan Yan was not stronger enough to hurt Xuan Nv, he can't do it!" Xuan Shui shook his head and said, "Let Xuan Nv deal with it, she needs to vent, she is already born long enough, let's her vent, this is a good thing!

Xuan Nv was not so cold and cheerless, she used to be so cute and lively! "

Su Yu looked at Xuan Shui and then Xuan Huo, and thought of the tears that seemed to be seen in the corner of Xuan Nv's eyes. And thought of what Xuan Shui said just now, suddenly, Su Yu's mood felt more complicated.

Was Xuannv and Xuan Yan really just the relationship between the leaders and their subordinates?

Su Yu wanted to ask, but he forced himself to ask nothing. He already had his own answer—this gossip was too complex for him to guess!

For the sake of his own life, Su Yu decided not to explorer this gossip anymore, just let the gossip rot there.

Su Yu refocused on the two at fighting!