Chapter 54 Brother Xuan Huo, Cranky Online

Boom! Jax pated a palm towards Su Yu, but pat an empty. He glanced into the distance and laughed suddenly: "Bug, don't run!"

Jax shook off his two long legs and chased, pulling out a long line of fire, and the ground was burning everywhere.

I would be a fool if I don't run away!

Su Yu raised her two middle fingers without turning his head back. Su Yu had reached a limit, but he still kept running, otherwise, he would die!

When watching Su Yu's two middle fingers, though Jax didn't understand the human culture, Jax can still felt Su Yu's deeply malicious and angrier, the flames condensed between the two corners of Jax's head, and then sprayed out.

Boom! boom! boom!

Jax turned into a mobile turret at this moment, chasing and blasting all the way.

Su Yu almost want to cry, but he had no tears. He felt grievances and thought that this case would not be too difficult and didn't expect this situation would happen. Is the three were still alive or dead? But Jax still chased after him, so he doesn't have time or energy to think about it.

At this moment, Su Yu swears that if he can go back alive, he must definitely think about how to quit this job. It was too dangerous. Su Yu felt that he was still inappropriate fighting. The peaceful life was his wish.


Just when Su Yu was chaotically chased by Jax, the distant mountain ruins in the distance suddenly made a roar, and a blue beam of light rose from the ruins.

A figure slowly floated from the rubble, and numerous water vapor gathered to lift the man into the air.

"Xuan Shui?" Seeing that man Su Yu's eyes flashed brightly, there was hope, and he ran towards Xuan Shui without saying a word.

"Huh? You didn't die?" Jax said with surprise. Xuan Shui can survive after bearing such a powerful blow, which surprised Jax a little.

However, Jax figured out the reason a moment later, Xuan Shui's power was water, and it was possible to use his power to weaken fire attack.

Xuan Shui glanced at Su Yu and said to Jax: "Big man, you hurt me just now. What do you think I should do with you?"

"Hahaha!" Jax laughed: "Human, do you want to fight with me? Hehe, do you have that ability?

If I were you, I would obediently hide in the rubble, waiting to escape from my attack, instead of now stupidly voluntarily sending your life to me! "

The power of the flame condensed between Jax's two horns, and the fiery red flame quickly transformed into blue, and the color became lighter and lighter, changing to another color, and the temperature became more terrifying.

Xuan Shui stepped out, and endless water vapor gathered around Xuan Shui to form a winding river. With his arms slightly raised, he would launch an attack, and the river roared.

"Jax is mine!"

However, at this moment an extremely angry voice sounded, making everyone a little stunned.

Then Xuan Shui paused and said, "Okay, I can give Jax to you. If you can't, I'll fight with it again!"

"Huh, you have no chance!" The voice sounded again, and the gurgling bubbling sounded in this place.

I saw the mountain rock that collapsed by Xuan Huo suddenly turned red, melted, forming a magma flowing around.

Boom! A flaming figure bursting through the magma straight up into the sky, the horrible temperature scattered, and the air seemed to be distorted, and there were even signs of melting.

"Xuan Huo!" Su Yu shouted in surprise at seeing the man, and he relieved that he was safer with one more workforce.

Xuan Huo ignored the words of Su Yu, and his eyes seemed to blast flames, staring directly at Jax: "Monster, how dare you say that my fire power is weak? I will defeat you with my fire power today."

Then Xuan Huo turned into a flash of light, and the then appeared in front of Jax.

Jax roared a little erratically, "Flame flash?"

"Bingo, there is a prize for you, Soaring Fire!" Xuan Huo sighed and already made a move. It was an uppercut, and a bang blasted on Jax's jaw. Magma and flames flew together. Max's jaw was blown.

At the same time, Jax's huge body was blasted up into the air, and when the altitude was still rising, there was a huge roar just below Jax, and a burst of Soaring Fire burst out from the sky.

Jax flew higher up at a faster speed.

However, Xuan Huo moved again, alas ~ the flame flashed again, and Xuan Huo appeared just above Jax's ascent.

"Dropping Flame!"

Xuan Huo punched again, slamming his hands with his fists, and slamming into Jax's body, the flame exploded on his fist, becoming a huge fireball, wrapped around Jax and smashing to the ground.


Jax fell to the ground, a big explosion occurred instantly, and a huge flame mushroom cloud vacated.

At the same time, the earth within a kilometer's radius swelled up, forming earth waves rushing in all directions, and a huge deep pit appeared.

Seeing this, Su Yu took a breath of air.

What is this? —Brother Xuan Huo, Cranky Online?

The powerful flame apostle Jax was stunned unilaterally, the fierce Xuan Huo was so powerful.

The flame mushroom cloud slowly dissipated, and Jax's broken body appeared in Su Yu's eyes, so quietly lying in the deep pit, the flames falling in his eyes were dim, showing some confusion.

Su Yu speculated that Jax was also stunned by the fierce attack of Xuan Huo, and he has not recovered at this moment!

"Jax, what do you think about my Fire Power?" Xuan Huo said, stepped on the flames in the air, watching Jax, reaching out, and the flame spear buried in magma flew back to Xuan Huo's hands.


Jax's eyes spurted two flames, and its body recovered quickly. It slowly stood up from the deep pit and looked at Xuan Huo: "Humans, I do look down on you, but you still looking for die!"

The Great Sword of Flame was shaped in Jax's hands, slashed into the volley, and a huge flame of sword slashed towards Xuan Huo.

Xuan Huo did not dodge or escape, the spear was out like a dragon.

A jingle flared above the Flame Sword, making a crisp sound, and then the Flame Sword collapsed in the air.

SaSa ~ Jax and Xuan Huo rushed to each other at the same time and launched a violent attack. The spear and the Flame Sword instantly collided thousands of times, and the strong shock wave spread out, carrying the extremely hot heat.

It seemed to be just a collision of weapons, but it was actually a collision between the two firepowers. Each move was to strike powerful firepower into the opponent's body and destroy the opponent's body.

Su Yu looked at the fierce fighting, said: "Xuan Shui, we really don't need to help Xuan Huo?"

"No need, just give it to Xuan Huo to deal with!" A cold voice sounded, Xuan Nv dropped from the air and fell beside Su Yu.

Su Yu opened his mouth, "Leader, you fly so far!"

Xuan Nv glanced at Su Yu: "Hehe, go back to double training!"

Su Yu: "..."