Chapter 53 Explosion Output

Bang Bang Bang ...

There was a constant loud boom in the distance. The three cooperated with each other and started to fight around the flame apostle Jax. Su Yu could only stand aside and watch.

On that battlefield, Su Yu found that he could no longer participate in at this time, and the terror shock wave could beat him fly away every time.

After trying a few times, Su Yu just gave up and changed the mood to watch the battle like watching an on-spot movie.

Um, it's cool, it‘s fantastic. When the battle was fierce, Su Yu almost want to cheer loudly, but he was afraid to be hit by Xuan Nv after the case was resolved.

The attacking form of the Flame Apostle Jax was really strong. Jax seemed to be much stronger than the last corpse dragon. A flame giant sword has played so excellent in Jax's hands, and all the attacks were withstood by Jax.

In a one-to-three situation, the Flame Apostle Jax was not only able to defend, but also to fight back. The flame sword swept across, and the flames spread across the sky. With a bang, the Xuan Nv trio was knocked down and flew out.

Jax laughed wildly and said, "Ha ha ha, humans are really weak races, you are really too weak!"

"You are crazy!" Xuan Nv snorted coldly, and then rushed towards Jax, pointing out at Jax, and a ray of ice focused Jax's body.

Instantly, part of Jax's body was frozen, but the next moment, it was melted by Jax's high temperature.

"Woman, your move is useless to our great flame clan, don't waste any effort, your ice power is not excellent enough yet!" Jax scorned and was too lazy to guard against the attack of Xuan Nv.

"Gravity!" Xuan Nv ignored the words of Jax and attacked at her own pace. A powerful gravity was released and pressed on Jax's body.

In the beginning, the ground under Jax's feet couldn't withstand this gravity, and it suddenly sunk. Then Jax was almost half-knelt on the ground by the sudden increase of gravity.

At the same time, Xuan Huo and Xuan Shui's attack came and fell directly on Jax's body. With the roar, Jax was smashed into the bottom of the pit.

Xuan Shui said, "You are so noisy, go to hell!"

While speaking, Xuan Shui's attacks continued, and water blades were chopped towards Jax.

Xuan Huo didn't speak, but he showed no mercy, one by one, huge fireballs condensed on the flame spear, and shot against Jax like the shells, drowning Jax in the attack.


The three fought for a full minute, and there were thousands of attacks before they stopped, and the smoke was scattered, and there were only lots of pieces of debris in the huge pit.

"Dead?" Su Yu felt so funny when he saw this. Did Jax come over to perform a joke? So he was killed after saying these provocative words?

But the next moment, Su Yu saw the flames rising from the crater, and the fragments quickly closed together and turned into Jax again, and Jax laughed: "Is this all your power?

A little boring. I thought that when I appeared for the first time, there would be a competent rival. Unfortunately, human beings are really rubbish and weak.

Let us rule the world with our great flames! "

"Want to rule the world? This is the purpose of your appearance?" Xuan Nv asked, not surprised that Jax was not killed.

"How is it, not how? I've played enough with you, let's die!" Jax said, and countless flames converged between his two corners, forming a mill-ball-sized fireball.

As the flames converged, the temperature of the fireball became higher and higher, and finally turned into a blue fireball.


A blue pillar of fire spurted out, hitting Xuan Shui instantly, and then Xuan Shui continue flying away more than one hundred meters and two hundred meters, getting farther and farther, wherever it passed, the blue flame plowed the ground deep.

Jax said, "I hate water!"

Bang, Xuan Shui hit the mountain, and with a big explosion, the blue flames burned a hill directly.

The flame apostle Jax's attack did not stop. A large hand slammed out, grabbed Xuan Huo in his hand, and sneered: "Playing fire in front of our flames clan? Humans, you are too weak!"

With a bang, flame apostle Jax threw out Xuan Huo, and with a bang, the entire body penetrated into a mountain, and then the mountain was torn apart and Xuan Huo was buried in it.

"Also you, human woman! I hate you. You almost let me, the great flame apostle, knelt down. It's time to burn you into dust!" The flame apostle Jax swept across the sword and chopped against Xuan Nv's sword, and then Xuan Nv was engulfed in flames as a meteor flew out.

This may seem like a long time to say, but it actually happened a very short time.

In this short period of time, the continuous flame apostle Jax's attacking, instantly blasting the three out, and the status of the three was unknown.

Su Yu was stunned, and could not believe what he saw, and the three were defeated in an instant? Was this a joke? Was the three too weak or was the Flame Apostle Jax too strong?

"Xuan Shui!"

"Xuan Huo!"

"Xuan Nv!"

At this time, Su Yu didn't know which one to see?

Alas, a large flame sword was inserted on the ground in front of Su Yu, and the fiery flame rushed towards him. At this time, Jax stepped in front of Su Yu and looked at Su Yu with burning eyes: "You are the one that I most want to kill! You even dare to spill dirt thing on the statue of the great King of Fire, I will burn you a little bit to ashes. "

Jax grabbed and covered Su Yu under his palm.

"Fight!" Su Yu gritted his teeth fiercely. He thinks if he was caught, he would die. He decided to fight back.

The blue halo and blue arc appeared on Su Yu's body at the same time, and Su Yu hit the strongest punch he could make at this time.


Su Yu's fist blasted into the palm of Jax's hand. The powerful force and the force of shock exploded at the same time. The moment his fist punched out, the flames from Jax was fought back.


Su Yu's fist exploded in the palm of Jax. The power interacted.

Suddenly, a loud noise broke out on the ground under Su Yu's feet. The next moment, the crack filled the void and the ground. In the sound of glass shattering, the sky moved with the ground, making a rumbling sound.

The 100-meter-long earth cracked, and countless earth and stones rose into the sky.

"Open!" Su Yu roared, blasting Jax's covered big hand out, and then in Jax's surprised eyes, the big hand burst open.

"Human!" Jax roared. He didn't expect that Su Yu could hurt him. The palm of his hand healed quickly, and his palm was attacking again. He wanted to beat Su Yu, a nasty human bug, away.