Chapter 52 Battle Jax

"Xuan Zhen, tell me, I'm going to be dried up soon!" Xuan Shui yelled. Water can kill the fire, and fire can also kill the water. He was the most bruised and embarrassed one among the four.

"Line, there is a line connected to the flame puppet, hidden in the void and transmitting energy to the flame puppet, cutting the line can completely destroy the flame puppet, just like this!" Su Yu did not have any hesitation, immediately said.

At the same time, a demonstration was performed, and his foot appeared next to a flame puppet, and the shock fist blasted out.

Humming ~ clicking, the sound of glass shattering, the flame puppet shattered into pieces immediately.

Because Su Yu has reminded this time, the three observed very carefully, so when Su Yu collapsed into the void, they all saw a red thread thinner than silk. Under the reflection of the firelight, it was invisible, and the red line was still hidden in the void.

"This is the case, the reason for the endless flame puppets is here, as long as we know the reason, it can be solved!" Xuan Huo said, and his hands folded together and then pulled, a flaming spear lance appeared from the void.

Xuan Huo released his fire power and soared, flames began to rise on his body, and his hair was burning up.

"He is actually Nezha?" Su Yu saw this indifferently. If he stepped on two more hot wheels under his feet, Xuan Huo was definitely Nezha at this moment?

"Look at the spear!"

Xuan Huo screamed, the spark flashed, and then the spear out like a dragon, and in a moment, 36 spears speared out!

Bang Bang Bang ...

A series of thirty-six explosions sounded, and thirty-six flame puppets were smashed by the flaming spear, while Xuan Huo broke the thirty-six red lines of energy transmission hidden in the void.

Strong, Xuan Huo was really strong!

Su Yu has been out of solving the cases with Xuan Huo several times. At this moment, Su Yu discovered that Xuan Huo had been hidden his real power. At this time, Xuan Huo slightly showed more his power.

However, Su Yu wondered, why did Xuan Huo not use all his power when fighting with the Black Coffin (organization)? Is it the tacit understanding of the two sides?

When Su Yu thought about this, Xuan Shui laughed: "Hahaha, it looks like I have to use my real power, rident, come out!"

A water-blue trident was taken out from the void. Xuan Shui grasped the trident on his hand, soaring. The water band wandered around Xuan Shui. His hair also turned into upward flowing water.

Su Yu felt that Xuan Huo and Xuan Shui were like twin brothers.

"Split the sea!" Xuan Shui swept across with the trident, and a dazzling aqua-blue light burst out from the trident. It was water energy condensing a certain limit, its so solid like a steel knife.

The water blue brilliance swept across, like a sharp blade breaking through the void, and the blue brilliance flashed away and rushed into the distance.

Wow, the fierce rushing flames swelled, and after the blue water swept through, the flame puppet's flame suddenly extinguished, and then broke into the first gravel.

It was the thirty-six flame puppets that were completely destroyed!

"Leave the rest to me!" Xuan Nv stepped forward, watching the remaining flame puppets and said with no emotion, the endless icy breath bloomed fiercely, but the icy breath was taken back into Xuan Nv's body fiercely. Her black hair suddenly covered with white crystal hair!

This time Xuan Nv didn't put out a sword, but just pointed at the flame puppets, a white light shot from her fingertips, and fell on a flame puppets.

Suddenly, the flame puppet was frozen and turned into an ice sculpture, as well as the flames on its body were frozen.

The terrible chill erupted at this time, with a buzz, a frosty spread of ice, everything that went by was transformed into an ice sculpture.

Kaka ... The cracking sound sounded in the next moment, and the flame puppets turned into scum on the ground. Even at this moment, the air seemed to be frozen and broken in the extreme cold, and a red silk thread appeared in the air. It was clearly visible.

At the same time, the horrific cold spread along the red line, and it was gradually frozen, and Xuan Nv's attack went up against the source.

The next moment, the sound of the strings breaking sounded, and Jax actively broke the red line.

"It's all up to you, the Flame Apostle Jax, tell me everything that you know. Why did the Holy Fire Cave appear in Xinyang for no reason? What's your purpose !?" Xuan Huo's spear pointed directly at Jax.

"Want to know? Oh, you can guess it yourself!" Jax chuckled, his breath gradually rising: "And you just ruined my toys, are you really so arrogant to believe that you can be my opponent?

Silly and arrogant human beings, let me show you what is real power!"

Jax stepped out one step, and the hot breath spread instantly. Within a kilometer of a circle, all combustible materials spontaneously ignited. One kilometer of the circle turned into a sea of ​​fire instantly, and the fire spread quickly.

Fortunately, this happened in the dimension space. If it happened in the real world, it was a huge disaster.

Jax stepped forward step by step, constantly releasing his super powers, the flames on his body were also more intense, the temperature was extremely high, and the rocks and stones began to show signs of melting where Jax passed.

At the same time, Jax's height is also extremely inflated. In a few steps, he becomes a ten-meter-high horrible flame monster, bending and horning straight into the sky, as if to pierce the sky.

Of course, Su Yu and others didn't look at it. When Jax moved forward, the four of them rushed towards Jax.

With a bang, the two sides collided directly, and the ground with a radius of 100 meters instantly subsided and then cracked. Numerous earth and stones lifted off at this instant.

Su Yu was the weakest. Even if he used his full strength, he was the first one blasted out by Jax.

With a bang, he flew a hundred meters and smashed a large pit on the ground and stopped.

"It's hot!" Su Yu bounced in place in the big pit, his face a little twisted, white smoke rising from his body, taking a deep breath, even can smelling a barbeque.

Although the combat suit has the function of preventing water and fire from invading, it also has a certain limit. Although it blocked a part of the attack, there still a part of the hot penetrates the combat suit and hits Su Yu's body.

Su Yu's body has been trained for such a long time, and it has been tougher, and ordinary swords were difficult to hurt him. However, the hot feeling still penetrated the combat suit. Although the flame may not bring damage, the burning pain was still painful.

The other three were much better than Su Yu. At that moment, they were fighting with Jax. The explosions were endless and the shock waves of terror were overflowing.

All the things within the thousands of square kilometers were broken. In a blink of an eye, the mountain collapsed, the river withered, flowers and trees burned to ashes.