Chapter 51 I Am Really A Genius

"Kill!" Roared the Fire Apostle, and the flames suddenly filled the entire Holy Fire Cave.

After receiving the order, the flames puppets rushed towards the four people like crazy, and the thousands of flame balls were smashed down towards the four.

"Open the enchantment, go to the dimension space to fight!" Xuan Nv cut off the flame balls with a sword, the power of ice bloomed, frozen the flames and several flame puppets into ice sculptures, but between several breaths, the flame puppets returned to normal again, basically can't kill.

The enchantment ball lifted off, the enchantment opens, and the four and the Fire Apostles and many flame puppets were drawn into the dimension space.

"Kill the Fire Apostle, and the flame puppets will can't move any more!" Xuan Huo said, and the fire punch continued to bombard.

"Damn, Jax is gone!" Xuan Shui cursed, and the Fire Apostle was mixed into many flame puppets, becoming one of them. These flames puppets were like Jax's avatars. They can not distinguish which was the real Jax.

"Hahaha, tiny humans, how can you know the greatness of my tribe, the flames are endless, we will live forever!" Jax's voice sounded in a flaming mouth.

Boom, the next moment, the flame puppet was blasted into pieces, and then Jax's voice sounded in the mouth of another flame puppet: "Humans, you can't kill me."

"Undead? There is no such thing as immortality in this world!" Xuan Nv's sound was chilly, the puppets near her were all frozen and can't move and then crushed by horrible gravity.

"Oh, human woman, then if you have the ability to kill me!" Jax laughed.

"Xuan Zhen, find the real body of Jax. We will deal with these flame puppets. It definitely has weaknesses. There is no perfect life in the world! There must be shortcomings in these puppets. Find them out." said Xuan Nv.

"Ah?" when Su Yu focusing on hearing what Xuan Nv's words, he was slammed by a flame puppet and was blown out, ramming the mountain wall out of a large cave.

Subsequently, the Holy Fire Cave in Dimensional Space could not withstand the aftermath of the fighting and was broken apart.

Streams of light flew from the ruins, and Xuan Shui came to Su Yu's side and asked, "Are you ok? Are you get hurt? Concentrate!"

"I know!" Su Yu answered, he also wants to concentrate! But the case came too suddenly, he had no time to prepare!

There was no time for nonsense, Jax has attached on its flame puppets, come to kill them.


The sound of glass shattering sounded. Su Yu used his shock power towards flame puppet in the dimension space, and a flame was shaken into small fragments, and the flame puppet was extinguished.

"Huh? Didn't restore" Su Yu was surprised. The flame puppet he just destroyed didn't recover as quickly as the puppet that was destroyed before. This time the puppet was really broken!

Seeing the situation on Su Yu's side, the fierce battle scene suddenly stopped for a moment, Xuan Shui said happily, "Xuan Zhen, you have found the weakness of the flame puppets?"

Xuan Nv and Xuan Huo also had widened their eyes. Except for the three large flame puppets, the small flame puppets were not so strong.

But the large number and the indestructibility were really irritating.

"I don't know how I did it. I just used the shock power, and then the flame puppets were completely dead!"Su Yu answered with a sullen expression.

Then there was another shock punch, humming, clicking, cracks covering the void, shrouding a flame, the air broke apart, the flame puppet also broke into pieces, the flame went out, and the flame puppet turned into gravels.

"Look, this is the case!" Su Yu said, "Do you see how I did it?"

Xuan Nv and others: "..."

The three and Su Yu were confused, but Jax understood how Su Yu could do it, and he could not help expressing a little panic, and then he was replaced by anger. I will kill you!"

Jax and his puppets roared together, regardless of the other three, were trying to kill Su Yu, and the overwhelmed attacking came to Su Yu!

"I ..." Su Yu was startled and ran away, and it was difficult to survive under so many attacks.


A huge explosion occurred, and a huge mushroom cloud rose into the air, which was terrible. The shock wave hit the body. Su Yu spat blood.

"Protect Xuan Zhen!" Xuan Nv said. And then appeared in front of Su Yu, blocking more attacks.

Xuan Shui and Xuan Huo came forward to fight with the flame puppets and smashed them.

The three saw Jax's action, and they were happy because they knew that the breakthrough was on Su Yu in this fighting.

Hum ~

Xuan Nv grasped her gravity sword and crushed several flame puppets. At the same time, she said to Su Yu: "Xuan Zhen, you have to think carefully, why your attack can completely destroy the flame puppets, this is the key!"

"Why? I also want to know why!" Su Yu grumbled in his heart, and he also reached out his fist to punch, and the flame puppets were completely destroyed by Su Yu.

At the same time, Su Yu's brain was running crazy, thinking about what makes his attack different.

The situations of the others attacking the flame puppets and the situations of himself attacking and destroying the flame puppets flashed in Su Yu's brain and quickly contrasted.

Could it be that the shock power has a natural restraint on flame puppets?

No, that's not right. Su Yu quickly denied this. It was definitely not because of restraint. If it was because of restraint, Xuan Shui's water power should restrain the flames.

It was humming, clicking, the sound of glass shattering, and another flame was completely destroyed by Su Yu, and the pieces hit the ground.

Seeing this, Su Yu flashed with light: Was it possible that the shock force broke something inside the flame puppet, and then completely destroyed the flame puppet?

"Xuan Zhen, have you figured it out?" Xuan Nv's voice sounded, sweeping across the sword, where gravity waves passed, more than a dozen flame puppets were crushed into tiny and incomparable fragments, and they were about to become dust!

The corner of Su Yu's mouth convulsed, and at the same time negated the idea of ​​shattering something in the flames. If so, Xuan Nv and others would have been able to find it already!

"It's not inside, it's something outside of the body!" After Su Yu denied the second conjecture, his eyes became bright.

At this time, Su Yu thought that the biggest difference between his shock power and any other power is the shock. This shock power can not only shatter physical things but also shatter air and other non-solid things, even space.

In order to verify the conjecture, Su Yu attacked, shocked the fist, buzzed, clicked, and a fine crack spread from Su Yu's fist around, covering the void, and then the void collapsed along with the flames there. The earth also cracked and undulated, like an earthquake.

"Hahaha, I know, I saw it!" Su Yu laughed loudly: "I'm really a genius!"

Xuan Nv: "..."