Chapter 50 Flame Apostle Jax

Outside of the entrance of the Holy Fire Cave, Xuan Nv's face was a little red, and her chest undulating. Thinking of Su Yu's action, she couldn't help being angry, and gritted her teeth: "Don't you treat me as a woman?"


As soon as Xuan Nv said that, a muffled sound came, and a dazzling pillar of fire spewed out of the Holy Fire Cave.

There were three more slightly embarrassing figures, and at the same time, Xuan Nv felt that there were dozens of powerful monsters in the cave who were extremely angry.

"Ha ha ha, come out, Xuan Zhen, you are genius, you can think of this method." Xuan Huo laughed.

"Excellent, Xuan Zhen's urine is a bit too powerful, not just one but a group!" Xuan Shui followed.

"No way, I have been a little bit too pressure recently," said Su Yu, embarrassingly, scratching his head.

"Humans, you damn it, insulting the great King of Fire? We sentence you to fire and torture!" A hoarse voice came out of the Holy Fire Cave, a bigfoot, burning with flames and flowing lava, was out of the cave.

Many strange human-shaped creatures with a burning flame walked out of the Holy Fire Cave.

"These monsters are what we're searching for? How come there are so many?" Xuan Nv came aside to the three of them, the sword was out of the sheath, the cold breath on her body was diffused, and the ground was frozen with frost.

"The statues are all awakened!" Su Yu groaned. "The effect may be too powerful!"

Xuan Nv gave Su Yu an indifferent glance, and said, "Eradicate these monsters, you must not let them escape, do it!"


The four moved and rushed towards those monsters—the Fire Apostles.

"Kill all humans!" The Flame Apostle also roared, and a weapon condensing magma appeared in their hands, chopping at the four.

"Dead?" Su Yu's body surrounded by jumping blue arc, punched out, and a clang banged on a magma sword, making a sound of gold and iron clashes. Then, the sword broke and fragments spattered.

Su Yu punched, followed by another punch, and a fist slammed against the chest of the Fire Apostle.

The immense power caused the Flame Apostle's chest to burst, and a large hole was penetrated.

The next moment, the Fire Apostle's counterattack came, and a mouthful of flames was blown to Su Yu.

Huh! Su Yu kicked hard under his feet, and his body quickly retreated to avoid the blow from the Fire Apostle.

Looking at the Flame Apostle in front of him, Su Yu's eyes narrowed, and the big hole punched by him was healing fast.

"What is it? Immortal body?" Su Yu muttered, rushed forward again, threw out his leg like a whip, and kicked on the head of the Fire Apostle, and the head burst instantly.

"I'll see whether you die this time!" Su Yu said.

The headless Apostle swing twice, and then the flames of his body quickly extinguished, turning into a headless statue again, and falling into pieces of large and small pieces.

Alas, after this, Su Yu rushed to the next one immediately. Su Yu wondered, was it because that he was stronger or the Flame Apostle was weaker? Su Yu felt that it was not difficult to kill a Flame Apostle.

When Su Yu wiped out a monster, the three had killed three or four monsters respectively.

Although there were many Fire Apostles coming out of the Holy Fire Cave, according to the current speed, they can spend no more than ten minutes to kill these monsters.

"Isn't it a bit too easy?" Xuan Shui frowned, transforming a huge water hand to pour out the water on a Fire Apostle, and then he holds it fiercely and shattered into pieces.

Xuan Huo and Xuan Nv also showed their super powers. Each move could wipe out a Fire Apostle. When they heard the words of Xuan Shui, they raised their brows.

Xuan Nv asked: "How many statues were there in the Holy Fire Cave before?"

"112 statues!" Su Yu punched the Fire Apostle and said, "Now we have broken 93 statues."

Xuan Nv groaned and said, "Kill them all, no matter why this monster is so weak, wipe them out clearly first!"

Soon the Fire Apostles bursting out of the cave were all shattered and turned into pieces. Su Yu said, "There are still five statues in the cave!"

"Go, go in and see what the monster's tricks!" Xuan Huo said, at this moment they were feeling a little strange, some of the Fire Apostles were not like a monster, but some were like flames puppets.

The four stepped into the cave again, and a huge flame was burning in the flames, but it was just a flame, without the breath of life.

"You are so powerful! All the flame puppets outside have been destroyed so quickly!" The four just entered the cave, and a hoarse voice sounded.

A blazing flame monster applauded, standing under the huge flame, and there were three taller Fire Apostles in front no, it should be said to be flame puppets.

When Xuan Nv heard the words, she said with a cold face: "Well? So, you are the only monster in the Holy Fire Cave?"

"Women, you are smart!" the Fire Apostle bowed down like a gentleman saluting: "Let me introduce myself, my name is Jax, I am one of the apostles under the King of Fire. Flame puppets summoned just now were funny? "

"Damn, we were tricked!" Xuan Shui cursed.

"You are looking for death!" Xuan Huo's mood exploded directly, and a huge pillar of fire blasted out, banging at the Fire Apostle Jax.

However, the pillar of fire was just approaching Jax, one of the three huge flames in front of Jax moved, it reached out a fire sword, chopped the pillar of fire.

Jax sneered and said, "Humans, want to kill me? Beat down the three flames first."

The four's look slightly dignified, and the strength of the three flames in front of them was powerful.

Xuan Shui said: "We can separate to deal with the three flames, and the remaining one to kill Jax."

"Okay!" Everyone responded, killing the three flame puppets and Fire Apostle Jax, and there was no discussion about who would kill Jax—whoever had the chance kills Jax!

But at this moment, from the back of the crowd, a basketball-sized fireball suddenly flew and slammed.

Boom boom!

The fireball would explode, and the four were a bit embarrassed by the attack from behind but were not injured.

But their faces were changed. The fire puppets that were broken by them were all restored. They penetrated into the Fire Cave and surrounded them.

Jax's voice rang out from all its mouth: "Humans, you will be judged by the King of Fire today, especially your, detestable human!"

All the puppets looked at Su Yu with anger and glared.

Su Yu: "..."

I just urinate at you, why were you so serious about it?