Chapter 49 My Urine Yellow, Let Me Wake It Up

Once back home, Su Yu was in a much better mood, especially when he saw his father and mother safe and sound.

But the only thing that made Su Yu uncomfortable was that Xuan Nv, a cold woman, was greatly welcomed than himself.

Su Yu felt that his parents' love had been taken away by the Xuan Nv!

Su Yu glanced at the woman next to him, thinking in his heart: Is she any better than me? Except for her beautiful face and good figure, the rest were shortcomings, okay. Why does my mother like her so much?

Xuan Nv frowned slightly and asked, "Why do you look at me like this way? Is it because you're jealous that your parents love me?"

"Oh ~" Su Yu pouted, "Hehe, leader, don't you know that my father and mother have misunderstood about something?"

Xuan Nv stunned slightly: "misunderstanding ..."

The next moment Xuan Nv's face blushed, Su Yu watched, then ran away.

With a bang, the land where Xuan Nv stood was sunk ten centimeters in an instant, and Xuan Nv's voice sounded, "Xuan Zhen, stand still!"


"Hey? Xuan Nv, Xuan Zhen, here I am, is Uncle Xuan Zhen's body awesome?" Xuan Huo greeted Xuan Nv and Xuan Zhen, who were walking towards the mountainside.

Hearing this, Xuan Nv's face was slightly flushed again, but then her face returned to normal quickly, Xuan Shui scratched his head: Am I dim eyesight? It's impossible, Xuan Nv can't blush.

"Well, both are very good. Xuan Huo, Xuan Shui, what did you find?" Su Yu asked, looking at the Holy Fire Cave behind them. There was no cave or anything here before in his memory. But now, there it was.

"No, we had gone inside and watched the cave, but we didn't feel the sense of monsters. It may have run away, but there are no signs of the monster's activity nearby!" Xuan Shui said.

"No? Is it because I judged wrong before?" Su Yu heard the words suddenly.

"Maybe, this time the monster may be very good at hiding whereabouts, even if it was just recently through the cave, there are not many super powers sense left in the Holy Fire Cave!" Xuan Huo nodded.

"Go in and take a look again. This Holy Fire cave did not exist here more than half a year ago. The sudden appearance here may not be unreasonable, and there may be other useful information!" Xuan Nv said, holding her sword, walked towards the Holy Fire Cave.

Holy Fire Cave was a huge cave, but the ground was extremely flat, with a large area of ​​more than 200 square meters.

On the wall of the cave was a humanoid statue with strange shapes and many fire signs.

A huge stone sculpture in the shape of a huge flame was in the center of all the stone sculptures.

This picture has a feeling of Tang monks and apprentices entering Xiaoleiyin Temple in the Journey to the West.

"No statue disappeared?" Xuan Nv asked, observing everything in the cave carefully, feeling a slight hint of super power that was quickly dissipating.

"Well, all the sculptures are here, there are no signs of missing!" Xuan Huo said.

Su Yu observed these strange statues and knock them from time to time, but no useful information was gained.

"Xuan Shui and I have tried it. Whether it's knocking or watering, the statue hasn't changed!" Xuan Huo said.

Su Yu scratched his head and perplexed: "No, according to the survivors and Yan Kong, 80% of the monsters are in these statues, and the monsters cannot appear out of thin air. Is there any secret passage like this that can hide?"

After Su Yu said that, a circle of gravity waves diffused from Xuan Nv's body, and she said, "There are no secret channels here, and these statues are all solid."

Well, another possibility was ruled out.

Su Yu felt a headache. If the monster was not found, this case cannot be resolved, and they cannot always stay here.

But also they cannot ignore this weird case. What if they left there and the monster suddenly appears again, the nearby villagers would be in great danger!

And his home, his father and mother lived not far away. Su Yu didn't want to leave such a bomb that explodes at any time. Anyway, he must find a way to find the monster.

"Have you tried enchantment ball?" Xuan Nv said.

"Have tried, no response!" Xuan Shui shook his head, too.

"Three leaders, do you remember what Yan Kong said? The reason for the case was that someone angered the King of Fire. Is this anger the key? By the way, are there any kids among the victims?"Su Yu said.

"Kids?" The three of them were all stunned when they heard that. Su Yu's thinking was so jumpy, how suddenly he mentioned kid!?

Xuan Nv also didn't understand what Su Yu was thinking, but thought back carefully: "There really is a child, the youngest of the 81 victims, only seven years old, a boy!"

"Seven years old? Really naughty age!" Su Yu said it with a sigh of emotion, then walked toward the huge flame stone sculpture in the middle, and then smelled on the stone sculpture. He was a few surprised, and then smell again.

Xuan Shui said, "Xuan Zhen, what are you doing?"

"There is a smell of urine. Although it was burned once by the fire, it still has a little smell." Su Yu stood up and patted his hands, "I already know how to find out that monster?"

Xuan Nv and others: "???"

Su Yu put his hands on the belt to untie, but the next moment Su Yu's whole body was almost frozen. He forgets that Xuan Nv was here!

Xuan Nv's cold and ruthless voice sounded, "Xuan Zhen, are you wanna die?"

Su Yu turned back his head hardly: "It's a mistake, please listen to my explanation, I already know how to find out that monster, I'm so excited, I forgot you are a woman, I'm freezing, can you stop releasing your super power? "

"Hum!" Xuan Nv hummed with a cold face, and said without emotion: "Ok, I'm going out!"

She said that, and turned away and walked away quickly, even a little flustered.

After Xuan Nv left the Holy Fire Cave, Xuan Shui and Xuan Huo came to Su Yu side and said admiringly: "Xuan Zhen, you are so bold!"

Xuan Shui looked at Su Yu with admiration: "So cool!"

Then Xuan Huo asked with hesitation: "Su Yu, this method is really okay? Is it reliable?"

"I don't know. I am not so sure. My urine yellow, let me wake it up!" Su Yu waved his hands, immediately untied the waistband, a golden liquid flowed down, so confident and proud!

Xuan Shui: "..."

Xuan Huo: "..."