Chapter 48 Leader, You Are More Beautiful

Three minutes later, Master Yan Kong looked at Su Yu with a flattering look on his face: "Sir, what do you want to know, you asked, and I will answer. I won't bother your work!"

Looking at the Master Yan Kong who was behavior totally different from previous, Xuan Nv's eyes were full of disgust, and wanna freeze him into slag.

Xuan Huo and Xuan Shui are also full of contempt.

Su Yu had no time to talk with him, and said, "I ask you to answer, concise answer, you know?"

Su Yu showed his fist in front of Master Yan Kong.

"I know, I know!" Master Yan Kong glanced at Su Yu's fist again and again.

"Yes, there is progress!" Su Yu smiled and patted Master Yan Kong's fat face.

Master Yan Kong can only laugh silly, he hopes police will appear at this time.

Su Yu looked at him and asked: "Yan Kong, are you the founder of 'Worship Fire'? Are you the leader?"

"I am the leader, but I am not the founder of 'Worship Fire', but it originally existed. I used it for the purpose of deceiving some money. I don't know why such a big thing happen!" Master Yan Kong wailed.

"Originally? Where do you know this sect?" Su Yu asked with an eyebrow raised. Isn't this a new sect?

Su Yu didn't think that Xuan Laogua was lying to him, but Xuan Laogua didn't know that this sect had existed before!

"I saw it in Xinyang Mountain. I went to the mountain once a half year ago, and it snowed heavily, and it was getting dark, and it was not good to go down the mountain. I was going to find a sheltered place to an overnight stay, and then I found a cave.

There are some strange statues in the cave. The word "Holy Fire" is written on the door of the cave. Oh, so that I tell the believers that there is already called the Holy Fire Cave! "Master Yan Kong said.

"When is there a cave in Xinyang Mountain? Why don't I know that? I am also a Xinyang person!" Su Yu asked with a frown. Xinyang Mountain can be said to be very familiar to me. Though I can not remember all the grass and trees, if there is a cave If he did, I had already discovered it!

Master Yan Kong's eyes lit up: "Oh, guys, you ..."

"Shut up and say what you should say!" Su Yu stared at him and said.

"Yes, yes!" Master Yan Kong yelled, "You may not believe it, I don’t know when the cave appeared, but it was definitely not more than a year ago. I didn’t find a cave there a year ago! "

"So, did the cave appear out of thin air?" Su Yu rubbed her eyebrows. The longer time asked the more questions appeared.

Immediately, Su Yu no longer struggled with this issue, and then asked, "At that time, the cave exploded. You were on the scene. Tell me, what happened to the deflagration? What did you see?"

"This is really none of my business. I want to cheat on some money. I never thought of killing people. The reason they died is entirely their own. I have told them the statues in the cave have a soul. I told them to be careful when they get in the cave, but they don’t listen to me and they annoyed the King of Fire, so the King of Fire punished them! ”

When master Yan Kong said this. he looks was normal at first, but when he said the next few sentences, his look became a little crazy, almost shouting.

The four glanced at each other and knew everything they needed to know. The problems were all concentrated in the Holy Fire Cave. The monster should be the statues in the cave.

Maybe all or only one was a monster.

Of course, this was also speculation. What exactly was the situation, you need to check it on the spot.

The four did not delay for too long and continued to drive towards Xinyang.

In the car, when not far from Xinyang, the Xuan Nv who drove suddenly said: "Xuan Zhen, go from this road, the first village you pass by is your village, right? Would you like to go back and take a look at first?? "

Su Yu heard it and a little hesitation and was very excited about Xuan Nv's proposal. He hadn't returned home for six months, especially when he just heard of the fire in Xinyang. Su Yu really wanted to go home and take a look at his father and mother. Although it has been confirmed that Dad and Mom were not affected, he still very worry!

But Su Yu glanced at Xuan Nv and others. Su Yu didn't want to take them home.

He groaned a bit and said, "No, let's finish this case first and talk about it, there will be opportunities to come back in the future."

"Xuan Zhen, go home with Xuan Nv to take a look. I know you must be very worried about your parents. You can complete the case with peace after seeing your parents. Don’t worry about the Holy Fire Cave. I and Xuan Shui can go one step ahead. You can follow our footsteps later.

We went there to guarantee that monsters would not set off any trouble! Xuan Huo interjected at this time.

"I have no opinion!" Xuan Shui echoed.

Su Yu: "..."

Xuan Nv and others suddenly became so enthusiastic, Su Yu was a bit uncomfortable,

"Okay, decided!" Xuan Nv made a decision before Su Yu didn't speak.

Soon, the vehicle came to the intersection into the village. Su Yu and Xuan Nv get off, Xuan Huo and Xuan Shui continued driving.

Su Yu glanced at the Xuan Nv next to him and sighed. Now that it's this situation. A smile hung on his face and said, "Leader, walk a few hundred meters along this road, we will arrive at Wukeshu Village. "

"Ok!" Xuan Nv murmured softly, walked along the brick road, and walked towards Wukeshu Village.

Wukeshu Village was a small village with only 50 households, so it was very quiet. In addition, due to the hot weather today, it is even more difficult to see pedestrians. They all stayed at home for the summer.

"Very quiet village, the air is much better than in the city. No wonder people in the city now want to buy a house in the countryside!" Xuan Nv said and took a deep breath.

Su Yu didn't realize that the air in the countryside is fresher than the air in the city, but still said, "It is an interesting phenomenon that the people in the city want to go back to the countryside, but the people in the countryside are desperately want to live in the city."

"Different people pursue differently!" Xuan Nv thought for a while.

"Well, maybe, one has no money, want to go to the city to make money, the other is rich and want to pursue health, to put it plainly is money!" Su Yu said.

Xuan Nv heard it and glance at Su Yu, instead of continuing the topic, she said, "Which is your house?"

"That house with that red wall and the blue roof is my house. Did you see it?" Su Yu pointed it for Xuan Nv and he hadn't seen the house for half a year. It was so kind as to see it at this moment!

"It's beautiful!" Xuan Nv said.

Su Yu naturally didn't believe it, it was just an ordinary house in the countryside. Xuan Nv was speaking beautiful words. He grinned: "Thank you, leader, you are more beautiful!"

Xuan Nv: "..."