Chapter 47 No One Can Save You Even If You Keep Screaming Until Your Throat Hoarse

Su Yu didn't know how Xuan Laogua got Yemenga's soul out of Li Xiulian's body. Anyway, Li Xiulian returned to normal that night, and the family of three went to live in another city the next morning.

Su Yu's life was still the same. When there was a case, the case was performed. When there was no case, Xuan Nv was left in the training room to double the training. The sweat flowing every day can almost wet the entire training room floor.

"Xuan Zhen, stop training. Boss has a case for us. Hurry up to the meeting first!" Xuan Huo came to the training room called stop training.

Su Yu has been used to solving cases, but this was the first time that Xuan Laogua named Su Yu to solve the case.

Su Yu wondered, and he quickly washed and dressed up, and came to the conference room.

There were few people in the conference room this time, only five people in total.

"Sit down, Xuan Zhen, this case is given to four of you to solve!" Xuan Laogua said it after Su Yu entered.

Su Yu sat down, then picked up the case materials prepared in front of him, and just turned to the first page. Su Yu tremble with shock, and asked, "What, Xinyang outbreak of fire? When is this? "

At this point, Su Yu can understand why he was named to solve this case because Su Yu's hometown is Xinyang. His parents live in Xinyang. At this time, he wonders whether his parents were safe now.

"Just five hours ago, now the fire has been extinguished, Xuan Zhen, rest assure, the victim's list does not have your parent's name, you can rest assured!" Xuan Nv whispered softly.

Hu ~ Su Yu exhaled a long breath, and the suspended heart fell to the body immediately. His parents did not receive the impact.

Xuan Laogua continued: "Xuan Zhen, why this time I named you to solve this task, presumably you also know the reason, Xinyang is your hometown, and you are familiar with it, so you are intentionally asked to solve this case."

"Be seated, now that this case came to our bureau, that means the fire in Xinyang was caused by monster?" Su Yu asked.

"Well, basically be sure!" Xuan Laogua nodded his head: "Just five hours ago, Xinyang Mountain suddenly ignited a forest fire. 81 people have died on the spot, and 123 people were injured. The number of personnel is 204, all of them are nearby villagers.

After the firefighters put out the fire, they started looking for the fire point, which was in the cave where they were having 'Worship Fire' ceremony.


But the firefighters did not find any combustibles at the scene, and the fire seemed to have emerged for an unknown reason.

And some survivors described that they were having 'Worship Fire' ceremony at that time.

A total of three batches were carried out in turn to having 'Worship Fire' ceremony, the 81 people who were killed in the fire are the first batch.

The survivor said that not long after the eighty-one people entered, the cave suddenly burst into flames, burning all the people inside.

The fire was very large and fierce, just like an explosion. It exploded instantly, and a fierce flame spewed out of the cave in an instant, causing a forest fire.

Some survivors said that they saw humanoid creatures in the burning fire, and the whole body was burning with flames! "

"What?" Su Yu was too shocked. He basically just heard the first few words from Xuan Laogua and wondered: "How come so many people were killed? Why are so many people in Xinyang Mountain, what are they doing up the mountain? "

"Xuan Zhen, have you heard of the sect of the Holy Fire?" Xuan Laogua rolled his eyes helplessly, and did not plan to say it again, but asked directly.

"No!" Su Yu shook his head and said, "I have never heard of this before. What is the relationship between the sect of Holy Fire and the Xinyang fire?"

Xuan Laogua: "The people who died this time are all believers in the Holy Fire. At the time of the forest fire, they were participating in the 'Worship Fire' ceremony. How long have you never returned to your hometown, Xuan Zhen?"

Su Yu groaned and said, "I haven't gone back my hometown after the New Year, it's been almost half a year!"

"Okay, you don't know that this fire sect is also not surprising. This illegal sect appeared in Xinyang within this half-year, and its development is very secretive. If it has not happened the fire, this illegal sect may still be developing! "Xuan Lao nodded his head.

Su Yu said indignantly, "Illegal cults can kill people. Really, what is the situation, have any cult organizers been caught?"

"Well, he was caught on the spot. Master Yan Kong was on the scene when the fire broke out, er, Yan Kong Master of the sect is now controlled by the relevant departments. Before you leave, you can go to the relevant departments to get more detailed information. See if you can get more useful information from him! "

Mysterious Xuan said: "Go, find out what kind of monster did it, and solve the on the spot!"

"Yes, boss!" Su Yu, Xuan Nv, Xuan Huo, and Xuan Shui responded in unison and then walked out of the conference room. They immediately sat on the Mercedes toward the police station where Yan Kong was been controlled.

After presenting the relevant certification, the four of them soon met Master Yan Kong, a fat man with a bald head.

Before they start a conversation, master Yan Kong sat in a chair and leaned back arrogantly: "Why is someone still asking me questions? annoying, one by one. I didn't say anything and you don't expect to get any information from me. Want to condemn me, wait until you have evidence!"

After hearing the words, a few people looked at each other, and Su Yu said, "What crimes will you get, how will you be sentenced, that is not my business, that is the business of the judge, and I want to ask you now how the fire happened... "

Master Yan Kong heard that his body shivered fiercely, and a bit of fear flashed in his eyes. He bit his lips and said, "I said I don't know. You can check it yourself. Haha? Are you angry? Beat me if you can!"

With a frown, Su Yu looked up at the camera.

Xuan Huo said, "I just heard that these cameras are broken and haven't been repaired yet!"

"What the..., you can't do this to me. You are good public servants of the people, good police. You are wrong to do this. Help, someone is going to use violence, I ..." Master Yan Kong suddenly say swear words, eyes Full of fear, yelling!

"Oh, no one can save you even if you keep screaming until your throat hoarse, don't you know that the interrogation room is soundproof?" Su Yu sneered and stood up with his fists. "Yes, we are not the police!"

Master Yan Kong: "??????"