Chapter 46 Really? Mental Power?

"Quite calm, good mental quality. But at this time, if you are an ordinary woman and see that the people around have disappeared, and her husband and son have disappeared. shouldn't you be anxious? You should improve your acting skill, Yemenga!" Su Yu looked at Yemenga Road.

Yemenga heard the words for a moment, then smiled bitterly: "What are thee talking about, I don't understand?"

Xuan Nv and others didn't say anything, they just watched Su Yu performing.

Su Yu said, shaking his head and saying, "It doesn't matter if you don't understand, then you can return to the bureau to cooperate with the investigation. Everything you say will be used as a testimony ..."

"Brother, your acting skill also should be improved. Our bureau is not a police station. There is no such thing as rhetoric!" Xuan Tu's said with a smile.

"Ha? Your performance ended? It doesn't matter, Yemenga, I have to seal you first." Su Yu said, taking out the Seal Stick.

When Su Yu took out the Seal Stick, the original calm Yemenga immediately changed her facial expression and screamed, "You can't seal me again. Even if I die, I will not be sealed by you again."

With a sigh, Yemenga turned into the thick black mist on and fled towards the distance at a rapid speed.

"Well, this snake demon seems to have a great psychological shadow on the Seal Stick!" Xuan Tu said, touching his chin.

"Follow her! Arrest her, but don't hurt her. Her physical body is Li Xiulian. Maybe Li Xiulian can still be rescued. Arrest her back and let the boss take a look. Maybe there is a way to save Li Xiulian back!" Xuan Nv said.

Just finished her words, Xuan Nv flew out like a wind.

Xuan Yi giggled and flew up, not slower than Xuan Nv.

Xuan Tu's body was glowing with an earthy yellow light, and the earth begins to surge, as the waves surge towards the distance, Xuan Tu was standing on the tip of the wave and wave his hand at Su Yu: "Bye, brother! "

Su Yu: "I ..."

It 's too inhumane. Can't take him for a ride?

Su Yu can only start running with two long legs, raised lots of dust.

Soon, Su Yu saw that the three were siege Yemenga, and Yemenga looked terrified. Long fingernails came out of her fingers and buckled on her neck: "Don't come any closer, otherwise I will ruin this body. Aren't you responsible for saving people? I broke this body, and you are also murderers! "

Seeing this scene, Su Yu raised his eyebrows. For some reason, another picture appeared in his mind: the ancient bully robbed a beautiful woman, the woman did not want to go back with them and threatened the bullies with a knife in her neck.

Ah, it's so similar!

"Give up the resistance, Yemenga, you can't escape!" Xuan Tu said so, and at the same time, tall walls rose up, besieging Yemenga in the middle.

"Impossible!" Yemenga refused flatly. She knew that she would never have a good result. She knew that Xuan School would never forgive her for the mistakes she committed.

Strong nails cut through the skin, and blood flowed from Yemenga's neck. Yemenga said, "Let me go, or I will destroy this body now!"

"Don't! Stop it! You calm down first, we can let you go, but you must return Li Xiulian's body, yes, I have one more thing to ask, I wonder if you can answer?" Xuan Tu quickly said.

Yemenga groaned for two seconds and said, "What's the problem? You say!"

Xuan Nv asked: "Is Li Xiulian alive? Where is she now? Li Xiulian is this physical master."

"She's alive, her soul is still in this body!" Yemenga replied, her tone becoming impatient: "Hurry up, I'm leaving now, leave where I started!"

"As long as you agree to our conditions, you can naturally leave!" Xuan Nv said and slightly winked at Xuan Yi.

"Okay, I can promise!" Yemenga promised happily, but she didn't plan to return the physical body, because it didn't know how to leave the physical body. Just to deceive Xuan Nv and others, and seize the opportunity to leave this mysterious space, Yemenga has the confidence to escape.

"Okay, we'll let you go now, I hope you will keep your promise!" Xuan Nv said, raising her hand, facing the enchantment ball in the air. She pretended to grasp, and the enchantment ball slowly dropped.

Seeing this, Yemenga lowered her head, and a sneer appeared in the corner of her mouth: the human beings were really easy to deceive.

But at this moment, Yemenga was uneasy and screamed, "Humans, What ..."

But Yemenga didn't finish talking, and she rolled her eyes, and she fell to the ground with a bang.

"Succeed, be quick, seal Yemenga  I can't do it for the second time!" Xuan Yi's voice sounded, and she raised her hand and wiped the sweat on her forehead, panting.

Xuan Tu stepped forward to take out the Seal Stick and sealed the insensible Yemenga in it. Looking at Yemenga in the Seal Stick, he just laughed and said, "Stupid monster, how can we believe what you say?"

Su Yu clapped and applauded: "Three leaders are great. Sister Xuan Yi, it was your power that made her in a coma. How did you do that?"

What kind of power does Xuan Yi have? Su Yu didn't know it all the time. You need to find out. He was very curious about it.

Xuan Yi squinted her eyes and asked, "Why, what do you want to know about my super power? Yes, I am tired. I will tell you if you come to help me, let me lean on your body!"

Before Su Yu replied, Xuan Tu said in a hurry: "Don't let Su Yu do it, I'll come, I am good at helping people."

He said and smiled, walking towards Xuan Yi.

Xuan Yi stepped back. She reached out a hand and refused, "No, I'm almost recovered now. I don't need help!"

"Don't make a noise, put on a mask to reduce the sense of existence. I'm going to pack up the enchantment ball now. We need to return to the bureau as soon as possible and let the boss see if there is a way to take the soul of Yemenga from Li Xiulian's body! "Xuan Nv interrupted several people's joking.

Then, they put on masks. At the same time, Xuan Nv also grasped the enchantment ball and appeared in the real world. There were not many people here, so they did not attract any attention.

Then he found Xuan Kong, Li Xuan, Li Cang, and a team of seven people and one monster returned to the bureau.

Xuan Nv didn't delay, she immediately headed for the boss's office.

Xuan Yi came to Su Yu and said gently, "Sister's super power is mental power, and I would always welcome you to discuss in-depth with you the108 ways of using mental power!"

After that, she headed for Xuan Nv's direction.

Su Yu scratched his head: "Really? Mental power"