Chapter 45 Blocking

Li Xiulian is not Li Xiulian? Everyone stared at Su Yu. Is this talking about tongue twisters?

As soon as Su Yu looked at the expressions of them, he knew that Xuan Nv and others did not understand what he meant, and said: "I mean, that person is not Li Xiulian, but the snake demon Yemenga!"

Everyone: "..."

"Xuan Zhen, you haven't got a fever. How could Li Xiulian be the snake demon Yemenga? Yemenga's soul has broken away, right in front of our eyes!" Xuan Tu shook his head, is this boy's head gets injured in fighting?

"Ah!" Su Yu said with helplessness. "What about Yemenga find a solution to live after self-explode? If Yemenga escaped by pretending death?

Don't you think it's strange? It stands out to fight for no reason, Yemenga should have left there after hiding from us, but it appeared on its own initiative, and we didn't go there. Yemenga showed up itself, it did not escape or hide after found us, but instead came to fight with me.

Is it lived enough time? If it has lived enough time, then why Yemenga breaks the seal deliberately. If it really wants to die, it can also commit suicide inside the seal!

So it's strange that Yemenga chose to fight with me and explode in front of us. Xuan Tu, you believe Yemenga is dead, Xuan Yi also believes, Xuan Nv also believes, and I almost believe it. Its plan almost succeeded, Isn't it? "

Xuan Yi: "???" Did I say I believed it?

Su Yu continued: "Is it strange about Li Xiulian? Have you realized that? She is just a woman who lived on the mountain all the time. Is the skirt a bit too fashionable for her? She looks like wearing an ancient woman's robe, but the mountain people should not wear it like that.

We have saved so many people in Sheyang Village. You all should also have an impression of what they are wearing. The gap in the wearing style between the two is too big. "

Xuan Nv, Xuan Yi, and others thought back for a moment. It's true!

"I know this is not enough to explain anything, but the way she speaks is also strange. How does Li Xiulian say 'me'? Have you noticed it? She said thee, not you. It's an ancient language.

Li Qiulian is an ordinary modern person. Even if Sheyang Village is conservative, it will not completely allow Li Xiulian to maintain the habits of ancient people. Just as you discussed before. Li Xiulian is like an ancient man.

And Yemenga has lived in ancient times a thousand years ago. Isn't it reasonable to have ancient habits?

Li Xuan and Li Xuan, the father, and son did not say 'thee'! Is it? "

The cafeteria was a little quiet at the moment, all looking at Su Yu, listening to Su Yu's analysis, but also felt that Li Xiulian had a problem.

Xuan Nv stood up and said, "Go, look for that Li Xiulian, she really has a problem!"

Su Yu: "Huh ????"

Xuan Nv snorted softly: "You won't think, only you feel that Li Xiulian has a problem, right?"

"How can it be, leader, you are so smart and smart, it must have been discovered long ago!" Su Yu immediately surrendered his hands and whispered, "I mean, can we still chase now?

"Nausea ~" Xuan Tu and others vomited and were defeated by Su Yu's shameless face. It's totally a flatter.

"Time is limited, Xuan Kong, take us to Jichang City Railway Station!" Xuan Nv said.

Xuan Kong, just entered in the cafeteria: "( ̄ (エ)  ̄) ゞ ???


[Dear passenger, this is the NB8888 train you took, and the terminal Jichang City has arrived. Please take your luggage and get ready to get off ...]

The train announcement sounded loud. Li Xiulian, oh, it should be Yemenga who had boarded on the train. Yemenga was all amazed and shocked all the way, watching around.

There was only one thought in her mind. Has humankind developed like this, only one thousand years later?

"Wife, we're here, let's get off!" Li Xuan's voice sounded, interrupting Yemenga's thoughts.

"Yeah!" Yemenga gave a slight response, looked at Li Xuan, a flash of impatience flashed in his eyes, and looked at the human boy holding her hand tightly. She wanted to swallow the two as her food.

However, she has to bear the idea. Yemenga used to live in humanity as a human, so she has a bit of experience. If you want to live like a human, you must integrate into it and learn to get along with it.

Moreover, after a thousand years, the world was completely strange to her. Yemenga must be familiar with this world and live with them, at least until she familiar with this new world.

Forget it, bear it, I can't eat them now, Yemenga thought so, and showed a gentle smile to Li Cang, rubbing the little boy's head and saying, "My son is so good, let me hugs you!"

Then the three of them got off the train and walked outside the train station.

"Just looking at her this way, I'm not sure that Li Xiulian is Yemenga!" Xuan Tu looked at the 'family of three' walking towards the station and shook his head, still unwilling to believe that Li Xiulian is Yemenga.

"If this person is a snake demon Yemenga, then where did Li Xiulian really go?" Xuan Kong asked.

"Maybe it is Li Xiulian's body, but the soul is not!" Xuan Yi said.

"What if she wasn't Yemenga? It was the second time in a short time to modify the memory, but it would have a lot of damage to the memory!" Xuan Tu said.

Su Yu tilted his eyes at Xuan Tu: Are you a contrarian?

Xuan Nv said, "Just try to verify!"

Xuan Nv took out the enchantment ball to activate. The enchantment ball lifted off, and the enchantment quickly opened. Su Su, Xuan Nv, Xuan Tu, Xuan Yi, and Yemenga were all included in the dimension space.

Xuan Kong was left outside the enchantment by Xuannu deliberately. When Xuannu entered in the dimension space, Xuan Kong's ears rang: "Xuan Kong, help take care of Li Xuan and his son!"

Xuan Kong: I have just finished being a driver, and now I am a nanny again?

Xuan Kong was speechless but still finished the task as Xuan Nv said. Xuan Kong took Li Xuan and his son left the station and came to a remote place, waiting for the result, when they were confused.

In the dimension space, Yemenga was a little embarrassed. Why people walking around are disappeared? What about Li Xuan?

At this moment, Yemenga was panicked, especially when she saw the figures of Su Yu and others, she was even more panicked, she knew that her identity might have been revealed.

But Yemenga still calmed herself, "Who are you, where are my husband and children?"