Chapter 44 Li Xiulian Is Not Li Xiulian

They lifted the unconscious villagers out of the cave and awakened them one by one. After using the memory eraser to modify the relevant memories. They asked the relevant local authorities to arrange for villagers' life and work and so that villagers can prepare to start a new life.

In the end, only Li Xiulian was with them, and Li Xuan and Li Cang were still in the bureau, waiting for their information. After they get to the bureau, the family finally reunited.

“Thank thee for saving thine life, I can do nothing to express my gratitude except saying thank thou. I will pray for thee all.” Li Xiulian kept expressing her gratitude all the way along.

Xuan Tu was embarrassed, especially Li Xiulian, who was very beautiful and even made Xuan Tu a little shy. He waved his hands and laughed and said, "Don't keep saying thank, save the wounded, rescue the evil, punish the evil, and eliminate monsters are what we should do, you just wait to be reunited with your husband and son. "

Xuan Yi also said while driving: "Sister Xiulian, you listen to the fat man, those are really what we should do."

Even the very cold Xuan Nv was trying to persuade her.

There was only Su Yu in the car who didn't speak. From time to time, he always looked at Li Xiulian, he felt something wrong, but he was not sure at this moment.

"Hey, what are you doing, Xuan Zhen?" Xuan Tu pushed Su Yu's arm and whispered in Su Yu's ear: "Xuan Zhen, don't keep staring at Li Xiulian. Although Li Xiulian is beautiful and attractive, I tell you, you can't make mistakes, she is a married woman! ”

"You thought too much!" Su Yu felt speechless, pushed Xuan Tu's fat body aside, and put Xuan Tu's fat face directly on the glass window, saying: "Don't make trouble, I'm thinking! "

Xuan Nv, sitting on the right side of Su Yu, heard Su Yu's words and tilted Su Yu thoughtfully, but remained silent.

After Li Xiulian glanced through the rearview mirror, she quickly shifted her eyes and looked forward.

The five quickly returned to the bureau, and then finally, the family reunion.

After that, there was no other trouble. After modifying their memory, Li's family was sent to the train station. They planned to live in other cities.

At lunch in the afternoon, they gathered at the restaurant to celebrate the completion of the case today, although the case was not difficult.

"No, I always feel wrong!" Su Yu whispered as he ate, his brows frowned and tightened, and he couldn't figure it out. Su Yu felt very wrong.

"Right? What's wrong, Xuan Zhen, it's almost an afternoon since you came back from Sheyang Village. Why are you getting more and more tangled? The case is over, are you unhappy? Although it blew himself up, Yemenga was obliterated, and you're the biggest contributor to the credit. What's so unpleasant about it? Isn't it because Sister Xiulian's leaving is upset? "Xuan Tu said with a smile.

Xuan Nv heard the words and gave Su Yu a deep look.

Su Yu didn't feel Xuan Nv's sight, he said, "Although you are my senior, you can't say that to me. Its insult my personality. Am I the kind of person who is obsessed with beautiful women?"

I'm not the same as you, Su Yu added in his heart.

Xuan Tu asked: "Why is that?"

Su Yu groaned and said, "I feel that the snake demon Yemenga is strange. I feel wrong."

"What's wrong? Yemenga's soul is gone." Xuan Tu said and felt that Su Yu was overly serious.

"I know this is the truth, but it doesn't feel right, but I didn't figure it out, let me think more!" Su Yu scratched his head.

Xuan Tu and others have rolled their eyes.

So no longer cared about Su Yu, others all ate and drink, talking.

"I know, leaders, I'm a little cluey!" Su Yu said, and finally smoothed his thoughts: "Is this snake demon Yemenga wanna suicide?

Yemenga has been sealed for thousands of years. I didn't know how long it had lived before.

This old demon's power would be very strong!

Though seal may decrease it's power greatly, Yemenga's combat experience would not be less!

Can't it see? Yemenga was not our opponent at all. Yes, I'm not that strong, but you three are very strong!

Now that it knows, why does Yemenga rush over to fight with me?

Obviously Yemenga was looking for death?

Why is it trying to die, is there any conspiracy? "

Xuan Tu bit a piece of chicken and said, "Well, you're right, Yemenga seems to be a bit of looking for death, but it died of self-explosion. Even if there is any conspiracy, no one would choose to self-explosion to die? Right?"

"Oh, Yemenga is dead, what else is there to say?" Xuan Yi waved her hand and said, "Eat meal!"

Then, Xuan Yi, Xuan Nv, and other girls in the bureau talking about skin and cosmetics.

Su Yu was speechless, didn't they care about the case? Or did he really think too much?

Shaking his head, Su Yu didn't plan to think about it anymore and concentrated on eating, but the sound of a group of women's babbles kept digging into Su Yu's ears.

"Oh, though Li Cang left here for less than two hours. I am now missing the well-behaved little guy. He's so sensible. He looks cute and looks completely like his mother. Li Xiulian is so beautiful. Not at all like a woman who lived in the mountain! "

"Yeah, yeah, Liu Xiulian's skin is good. I have spent so much money on maintenance, but my skin is not as good as her!"

"Not only is the skin good, but she is also very interesting as if she was a person who lived in ancient time. She said “thank thee for saving thine life”, is Sheyang Village so conservative?"

The speaker was careless. Listening to it intentionally.

Su Yu heard a few people talking, his mind seemed to flash an idea, and the tangled emotion had a sudden turned into a cheerful feeling. He stood up and yelled, "I know!"

"Yeah!" Xuan Tu was drinking soup, shocked by this sound, and was almost choked to death: "Ke Ke, Xuanzhen, what do you want to do? Want to scare me to death! What do you know? Anymore? "

Su Yu ignored him, said, "Leader, let's go, there is something wrong with Li Xiulian!"

"Wait a minute, Li Xiulian has a problem, what's the problem? You can make it clear!" Xuan Tu slapped Su Yu, let him sited on the chair.

"Yes, Xuan Zhen, please tell me carefully!" Xuan Nv said.

"It won be late ... forget it!" Su Yu was meant not to explain, but he couldn't move, knowing that it would be impossible to leave if he did not explain clearly, "I have every reason to suspect that Li Xiulian is not Li Xiulian."