Chapter 43 Li Xiulian

"Spit~" Su Yu spit out the mud, and lay on his back on the ground, breathing heavily, his sweat-soaked in the combat uniform, and his body was terribly painful.

Fortunately, he ran fast, and ran out of the explosion area in time, but was blown out by the explosion shock wave, otherwise, he would die and be seriously injured. Yemenga blew up too suddenly, giving him no time to react at all.

Not only did Su Yu fail to respond, but the three who watched the battle, Xuan Tu, and Xuan Yi also did not respond in time. When they realized, Yemenga had exploded, and Su Yu was blown out by the shock wave.

Uh ...

The three ran towards Su Yu very fast as if a wind passed. They were all relieved after seeing Su Yu was safe and sound.

Xuan Tu asked, "Xuan Zhen, what have you done to Yemenga? Why Yemenga decided to explode its body to die?"

Self-detonation was not just an explosion. The cost of self-detonation is enormous.

Ordinary death, whether it was natural death such as old death, sick death, or accidental death. Death was all physical death, but the soul was intact. Legend has it that there will be opportunities for reincarnation.

But the self-explosion of this kind of death was not only the death of the flesh but also the death of the soul.

Therefore, only in particularly extreme, one will choose to self-explosion. Otherwise, whether it was a human being or a monster, it would not choose to explode.

"What can I do to the snake demon? hiss, it hurts! I don't know what it suddenly went crazy, will the snake demon also get mental illness?" Su Yu grinned.

"It's okay, not a big deal, and it will be fine soon. The combat suit absorbed most of the impact and did not hurt your body. Hey, it's a pity ..." Xuan Yi checked Su Yu's body and said.

Su Yu: "..."

Xuan Yi, look what you say? Were you still interested in my body, even more madness now?

"Well, get up, since you are fine now. Although Yemenga exploded itself, it was equivalent to finished the obliterating task.

Although Yemenga was dead, our work was not finished.

"Xuan Zhen, put away the enchantment ball. Let's go out and search for any survivors. We also need to find out where the snake demon came from and whether there are other associates.

In addition, it seems to be hostile to our Monsters Detective Bureau. I can feel obvious hostility." Xuan Nv's cold voice sounded.

Su Yu made a move, and the enchantment ball suspended in the air fell into his hands, the enchantment opened, and the four returned to the real world and began to work—explore where the snake demon came from and search for survivors.

Two hours later, the four found out some information. They found the snake tooth picked up by the third aunt and found several survivors in Sheyang Village.

After asking some information, the memories of the villagers of Sheyang Village were erased and modified, and the survivors were finally handed over to the local authorities for arrangement.

Four people continued to search.

The four came to the small mountain cricket where the snake demon Yemenga broke the seal.

Xuan Tu said: "According to the villagers, the snake demon Yemenga appeared in the village after the "witch" third aunt"Inviting God"

 to treat Li Cang. The snake tooth was in the third aunt's yard.

I found a little clue on it and traced it back to find it here. The snake demon Yemenga appeared from here. There was a seal here, and it came out from here.

This snake tooth is the key for Yemenga to break the seal. The third aunt accidentally opened the seal of the snake demon Yemenga during the ceremony of "Inviting God", and only then created this tragedy! "

"If you don't do bad things, you won't die!" Su Yu commented.

Xuan Yi snorted: "I do not sorry for the third aunt's death. What the third aunt did a lot of damaging things, now it is just retribution. She deserves it!"

Xuan Nv's long sword came out of the sheath, and the sword cut off the land, splitting a huge gap in the mountain stream, exposing the broken seal buried in the ground.

Xuan Tu glanced and said softly, "Well, this seal was similar to Seal Stick we use today, but it is a little out of date. It looks like this snake demon was sealed by our predecessors, but Why is the seal here? Take it away, isn't it safer to seal it elsewhere? "

Xuan Yi said: "They want to take it away, but they can't take it away. The style of this seal is very old. At least it has a history of thousands of years. They don't have portable Seal Stick. So they can only seal it on spot.

The portable Seal Stick successfully came out only more than a decade ago. Before that, the seals were all sealed on spot, and the seal would automatically be released when monsters died or reached a certain time.

This monster was sealed a thousand years ago! "

"Go, let's go down and see what we can find, and eliminate all possible risks!" Xuan Nv jumped down and entered the seal.

Su Yu, Xuan Tu and Xuan Yi looked at each other, jumping down, turning on the lighting tools, and observing the underground seal that had been buried underground for thousands of years.

The underground space was not small. It was initially observed that this was a cave. The seal in thousands of years ago was laid out according to this cave, and the snake demon Yemenga was sealed in this cave.

Even thousands of years ago, the cave may be the nest where snake demon Yemenga.

"Come, there are survivors here!" Xuan Yi's voice sounded deep in the cave at this time.

The three quickly entered the cave. Sure enough, more than a dozen unconscious villagers were found deep in the cave lying on the ground.

"What's wrong with them?" Xuan Nv asked.

Xuan Yi roughly checked these people. After the check, she breathed a sigh of relief: "It's okay, it's just that their consciousness is blocked by the snake demon. Just needs to wake them up."

Xuan Tu was relieved when he heard that everyone was fine, and smiled, "This snake demon is very interesting. It seems that this cave should be the home of the snake demon, and the seal has been opened, but Yemenga still lived here.  Is it cannot bear to leave the cave? these people are the rations of the snake demon reserve! "

Su Yu shrugged and said, "Maybe so, eh?"

Su Yu gave a sudden sigh, and then he saw a beautiful woman in a black dress and asked, "Leader, do you think this woman is Li Xuan's wife?"

"Hey, it's true, Li Xuan, nice job! Li Xuan's wife is so beautiful, even more beautiful than in the picture!" Xuan Tu glanced at her, and said: "Li Xuan thinks his wife is not dead, and his instinct is really accurate!"

Xuan Nv glanced and nodded, and said lightly, "Li Xiulian!"