Chapter 42 The Big Bang

Ding Dang Dang Dang!

The scales and shards of Jemenga's body fell off and fell on the ground to make a sound of iron and iron clashes.

Yemenga made a screaming sound, and there were dense cracks on his body, and blood spewed out, forming a large blood mist.

"How is this possible?" Yemenga roared incredulously, how could the proud scale armor be so vulnerable under that super power?

"Oh, god! Xuan Zhen's shock power is so powerful. No wonder he is not allowed to use this power in the real world. It is more powerful, and it is easy to trigger an earthquake and tsunami." after seeing the miserable situation of Yemenga, Xuan Zhen said with emotion.

Xuan Nv shook her head gently, "Although shock power is very powerful, and can easily create disasters such as tsunami and earthquakes, it is not as powerful as it is now. Xuan Zhen can now inflict a blast with Yemenga. There is also the reason for his strength power. The sum of the two is that 1 + 1 is greater than 2. "

"It's also very strong, how long did he wake up to master super power? It's more than 20 days, and it's less than a month!" Xuan Yi said.

Both Xuan Nv and Xuan Tu were a little stunned. Su Yu's current strength was also far worse for them, but counting the time, Su Yu's super power was extraordinary.

Su Yu didn't know what the three were talking about. After the blow, Su Yu punched again, and this punch was just pure strength power.

However, for Yemenga, who has no scale armor defense, Su Yu's punch was totally enough.

There was a muffled sound, blood sprayed, and Yemenga's huge body was blown out.

Yemenga killed so many people, so its destiny has been set at the start. Su Yu was resentful that Yemenga killed so many people, and he did not intend to let Yemenga alive.

Su Yu rushed to Yemenga, and made a punch that made Yemenga fly away again.

Yemenga was beaten by Su Yu's series of attacks, but he did not intend to die in vain.

It was unwilling to die like this.

Although its power is much worse than it was thousands of years ago, its combat experience was still there. When Su Yu's attack came again, Yemenga became sober and made a reaction.


Yemenga changed and turned into a huge black mist, which made Su Yu's attacking finally punched in the air.

The black mist rolled around and condensed, becoming Yemenga's body again, and the wounds on its body were rapidly crusting, and new scales appeared.

Yemenga's  pupil was as red as blood, and growled, "Human, I want to eat you!"

Jemenga opened its mouth wide, and it seemed like a black hole, which suddenly produced a huge suction.

This suction acted on Su Yu's body. Su Yu's human body couldn't stop moving towards Yemenga's mouth, and his legs plowed two deep trenches on the ground.

When Xuan Nv saw this, her palm lightly rested on the hilt of the sword.

"What is this power? Devour?" Su Yu frowned softly, getting closer and closer to its mouth. When he was going to be swallowed into the belly of the snake, Su Yu punched directly in the air.

Hum ~

Click, the sound of glass shattering rang, and cracks continued to spread in the air and then shattered.

Yemenga's body was changed again, and the horrible sucking power was instant disappeared.

Bang, Yemenga smashed to the ground, splashing a large amount of dirt and dust, the scaled armor that just grew, the wound that healed again, blood oozing out, and a piece of ground was dyed bright red.

"Damn!" Yemenga's body twitched in pain, its mouth cursing. Thousands of years ago, people of Xuan School thousands of years ago didn't make Yemenga so embarrassed, and its hatred for Su Yu has grown stronger.

Yemenga would rather crush its bones, to kill Su Yu.


Yemenga's body changed into a mass of black mist again and appeared on the other side. This time, Yemenga changed the fighting method, using its power to transform the body into a black mist, constantly transforming his body between the black mist and the entity.

When transferred to the black mist, Yemenga was to avoid Su Yu's attack. Although it cannot completely ignore the damage of Su Yu's shock power, it can also reduce the damage by a few points.

When turned into an entity, it's the time for Yemenga to attack Su Yu.

Yemenga's body constantly appeared around Su Yu and then transferred into a black mist, attacking Su Yu with a snake tail.

Su Yu hit it with one punch, shock power continued to flow within his body, and the sound of broken glass continued to sound near Su Yu.

"Human, you can't kill me!" Yemenga said again after continuous transferred and converging.

"Are you sure? Turning your body into smoke and turn smoke into an entity. The back-and-forth changes in the middle cannot be unlimited? I can't kill you? It's a joke. Your body has become much smaller now? How long can you persist in this process?

And it doesn't matter if you can hold on for a long time, even if I can't kill you, I can seal you and bring back, someone can kill you! "

Su Yu sneered and took out the Seal Stick. Su Yu had already planned to change his strategy.

After fighting for so long, Su Yu had realized that it was very difficult to kill Yemenga. It was not impossible, but it's would take a long time to kill Yemenga without the help of Xuan Nv and others. The exact length of time Su Yu was not sure.

Su Yu doesn't want to waste time. Su Yu intended to seal Yemenga first, and then bring it back to the bureau. Su Yu can choose to kill it himself or someone else to kill it.

However, Su Yu didn't expect that the moment he took the Seal Stick, Yemenga went crazy. Yemenga didn't know what's Seal Stick, but it felt the sense of the Seal Stick, and naturally knew what the Seal Stick was for.

Yemenga had been sealed for a thousand years, and it was also the most painful period. Yemenga was able to sense the outside surroundings when it was sealed. For a thousand years, it was able to perceive the continuous weaker of its life every day. This was extremely terrifying. This was Yemenga‘s lifetime shadow.

At this moment, Su Yu said to seal it that stimulated Yemenga, and its spirit became crazy instantly. For Yemenga, he would rather die than being sealed. Death was better than alive if being sealed.

"Humans, let's die together!" Yemenga said, and its body swelled like a mountain instantly, and the sultry streamers flickered on Yemenga's body continuously, flowing a dangerous feeling.

"What is it?" Su Yu didn't know what was happening with Yemenga, but he realized that it was extremely dangerous, and run towards the distance without a second delay.

However, just after running less than a hundred meters away, Su Yu can felt a bright light lit behind him, even if he did not look back.


The bright light followed by a loud explosion!