Chapter 41 I Don't Toy With Snake

Dang Dang Dang ~ The sound of gold iron and iron clashes constantly resounded in Sheyang Village, and the impact produced constantly cracked the ground.

"It's too hard!" Su Yu said to himself, the scales and teeth of the snake demon were extremely strong, even harder than steel.

After such a long period of training, Su Yu's physical condition was not the same as that of Su Yu a few months ago, and his strength power has increased exponentially.

Although steel cannot be broken with Su Yu's one punch, it can still leave a clear mark on special steel.

However, it cannot leave any mark on the snake demon.

"Whether to use shock power ?" Su Yu thought to himself, now he was only using pure power, and the power of shock was not used.

The destructive shock power was definitely stronger than pure strength power.

Of course, this is not to say that pure power was weaker than shock power. Super powers, essentially, had no superior or inferior difference. The difference was only characteristics.

For example, Su Yu's shock power was much more destructive than other super powers because he would attach shock power when attacking. For super powers of the same force, the damage caused by shock power was often stronger than other super powers.

However, because of this, super power has limited use. In reality, it can easily cause large-scale damage.

Therefore, Xuan Nv and Xuan Laogua have warned Su Yu not to use shock power easily when it is less than necessary, otherwise, it will easily cause man-made natural disasters.

"People of Xuan School are so weak now?" Yemenga said with a smile. After fighting with Su Yu for so long, it can guess how much power of Su Yu's punching. Yemenga thinks these people of Xuan School were much worse than people of Xuan School thousands of years ago.

Although Yemenga also knew that he was much weaker than itself a thousand years ago, at this time he was also confident to kill Su Yu.

Although Yemenga tried to die as this snake body, it did not want to sacrifice in vain. No matter what, Yemenga would also want to bring someone to die together.

But with its current strength, it can only pick the weakest one, and Su Yu was exactly the weakest.

As for the other three, Xuan Yi and Xuan Tu, Yemenga did not take them into consideration. It has a feeling that its strength with the snake body was not necessarily the opponent of the three.

Su Yu ignored the words of Yemenga, and punched away the snake tail swung from Yemenga, saying, "Leader, I want to open a dimension enchantment!"

In the real world, Su Yu has some restrictions on the use of shock power, but in the dimension space, Su Yu can use all his power to fight.

Xuan Nv didn't understand what Su Yu was going to do, but she nodded immediately and said, "Permit!"

Xuan Tu heard the words and rubbed and said, "Yeah, Xuan Zhen wants to use shock power? Well, I want to see it."

Xuan Yi didn't speak, but her eyes were bright. Though she had seen the shock power before and Xuan Yi was very interested.

"Open the enchantment!" After getting the reply from Xuan Nv, Su Yu took out the enchantment ball and threw it into the air.

Yemenga was very puzzled about this. He didn't know what the enchanted ball was. There was no such thing as the enchantment ball a thousand years ago.

Yemenga regarded it as Xuan School's new attack equipment, set up a position, and the black mist swelled in preparation for Su Yuxin's new attack.

However, nothing happened, and the enchanted ball did not attack except for blooming!

"Human, are you playing with me?" Yemenga became angry, yelling at Su Yu, feeling that he had been toyed with by Su Yu.

"You? I'm not a snake charmer, I don't have the habit of toying with snakes." Su Yu said with a smile on his mouth, shaking his neck and clicking, "Are you ready to die?"

"Ha ~ the style of Xuan Zhen changed so suddenly, it became a Blood cartoon!" Xuan Tu called out and stomped lightly. A set of tables and chairs was raised from the ground, even appeared some food and drink on the table.

Xuan Tu sat on a chair said, "Come here, Xuan Nv, Xuan Yi, let's watch their fighting while eating!"

"Okay!" Xuan Yi smiled, walked to the table and sat down. She picked up an apple and ate. She waved to Su Yu and shouted, "Xuan Zhen, we are here waiting for you! Come on! Fighting! "

Xuan Nv didn't speak, but she sat in a chair silently!

Su Yu was speechless and rolled his eyes at three: "You're enough, I'm fighting hard here, but you're eating melon and fruit there! Please go to the theater Chatting. It's too inhumane, I advise you all should be a kind person!"

Yemenga was also exasperated. Why they were still chatting? Why they did not take me seriously? Those people of Xuan School thousands of years ago would dare to relax while fighting with me?

Unforgivable, Unforgivable!

Jemenga said indignantly, "Humans deserve to die!"

"Less nonsense, snake demon, come here to die!" Su Yu ticked his fingers at Yemenga: "You, come here!"

Two different blue light appeared around Su Yu's body at the same time.

Xuan Yi and Xuan Nv had seen it a long time ago, but Xuan Tu is the first time to see this, and his small eyes glared around at Su Yu and asked: "The other blue light is another power, shock power?"

Yemenga was provoked by Su Yu's provocation, and the land around his body collapsed towards the inside of the snake array, and then a gurgling sound like a spring ejected, and the huge black snake body was like a flash of huge black lightning and flew towards Su Yu. ..

With a bang, Su Yu's fist once again hit Yemenga's huge snake teeth.

There was a slight disdain in Yemenga's huge snake eyes. It has experienced Su Yu's power. Although his strength power was strong, Su Yu could not break its defense. It was difficult to defeat and kill Yemenga for Su Yu.

However, the next moment Yemenga's pupil contracted fiercely, it felt another kind of super power on Su Yu's fist, but he felt some palpitations and screamed: "Are you a dual-powered? Damn!"

"You finally realize it now? It's late!" Su Yu's fist lifted, and the force of shock on his fist surged out.

Hum ~

A buzz oscillated and spread in the air!

The next moment, with Su Yu's fist as the center, numerous cracks appeared and cracked in all directions, regardless of whether it was the sky, the earth, or Yemenga.

At the same time, the crackling sound of dense glass crackles continued to sound.

In the exclamation of Xuan Tu, the place where Su Yu stand seemed to have the sky shattered and the earth shattered.

The rumbling, the earth, and the air shook at this moment, just like an earthquake.

"Ah ~ what is this super power !?" Yemenga's scream sounded. At the moment the crack appeared, it felt a shocking force hit its body, tearing its scales and flesh.

Its proud scales and teeth had shattered at this moment, falling into pieces and falling off its body.