Chapter 40 Xuan Zhen VS. Yemenga

"What are you looking at, leader?" sitting in the car, Su Yu looked at Xuan Nv, who was holding an old photo.

"The photo of Li Xuan's wife, Liu Xiulian, was given to me by Li Xuan when we set off. He didn't believe his wife was dead, wanna us to have a look!" Xuan Nv answered and passed the photo to Su Yu.

"Oh, Brother Li is so lucky that he married such a beautiful wife!" Su Yu exclaimed.

Although Li Xiulian in the photo was not fashionable and the hairstyle was not good, she looks really beautiful.

"Huh? Really, no wonder junior Li has grown so handsome, it turned out to he looks like his mother!" Xuan Yi glanced.

"Show me!" Xuan Tu, who was driving, exclaimed. You all look at the beauty and let me drive. Why? Because of my legs short?

Though Xuan Tu had short legs, the driving skills were absolutely first-rate. And soon they came to the foot of Sheyang Village.

"This road to Sheyang Village? It's really hard for the people in Sheyang Village to get out of the mountains!" Su Yu looked at the mountain road in front of her and didn't say anything.

The road was too rugged and difficult. With his current power, when walking on this road, Su Yu was still a little nervous. He really can't imagine how the people in Sheyang Village, like Li Xuan, walked in this way.

"They had lived here for generations, they may get used to it? Villages like Sheyang are not uncommon, and they are all lived in the old forests of the deep mountains! Come on, I'll lead the way!" Xuan Tu said, not only driving but also leading the way.

The earthy yellow light illuminates on the dwarf body of the Xuan Tu. In the rumbling sound, the rocks and stones were displaced, and the difficult path becomes wide and visible to the naked eye.

"Xuan Tu, terrific!" Su Yu praised this sincerely. This power was great for building work.

The four of them hurried forward on the road built by Xuan Tu. The mountain road that originally required several hours had arrived in less than half an hour.

First saw the dilapidated Sheyang Village. After two attacks from Yemenga, Sheyang Village was really dilapidated. Many houses had collapsed, and the ground was full of huge residual traces of crawling.

"It should be a snake demon, ranging from 10 meters to 20 meters in length!" Xuan Yi said, looking at the crawl marks on the ground, looked around and then said, "Find out if there are any survivors in the village. Bring the injured here, and I will heal on the spot! "

"Good!" The three responded, spreading out, looking for survivors who might exist.

Of course, several people also know that the chances of finding a survivor were slim. If there were survivors, they may not stay in the village anymore.

Huh ~ At this moment, a demon wind blew in the sky, the sky was filled with sand and broken leaves, and a huge dark cloud in the distance float quickly towards this side. Two looming bright red light spots were in the dark cloud.

"Oh, we were meant to find it but we did not expect that this monster had come to find us itself?" Xuan Tu laughed at this: "Who will deal with this snake demon? Xuan Nv, do you wanna fight with it?"

Although the snake demon was not close yet, Xuan Tu has felt that the snake demon was not very strong, and one can deal with it alone.

Hearing the words of Xuan Tu, Su Yu didn't feel happy. He thinking Xuan Tu could fight against the snake himself. Why ask Xuan Nv? She would ask me to fight against the snake.

Su Yu had a bad presage. Sure enough, Xuan Nv said: "I won't take the fight with it, and you shouldn't take the fight also, let Xuan Zhen fight with it. He needs more opportunities to fight with different monsters."

No, I don't need it! Really!

Su Yu shouted in his heart, but on his face, smiled bitterly: "Okay, leave it to me!"

"Xuan Zhen, go ahead, please be assured. If you are injured, I will heal you. I promise that you won't die even if you want to die." Xuanyi clapped her hands and tilted her head and smiled.

Xuan Tu said: "Okay, then give it to Xuan Zhen!"

After a while, Yemenga has arrived in Sheyang Village, and the black mist has dissipated. Yemenga's huge body was displayed in front of everyone, and its body length has exceeded 20 meters.

"Ahh! A big snake, how many snake soups can it make!" Su Yu asked.

Hearing the words, Xuan Tu and others were speechless. At this time, Su Yu could think of eating after seeing the snake, he was definitely a weirdo.

"Person from Xuan School?" Yemenga looked at Su Yu and said, with its eyes full of hateful.

"You can speak?" Su Yu was surprised. Although he solved many cases, there are very few monsters can talk. Ancient giants can speak, but they do not understand.

The snake demon in front of him was the second talking monster he encountered.

"You killed the people in this village?" Su Yu asked, blue electric lights jumping on his body.

"Kill? Haha, I'm not killing. I'm just eating. They are all my food and should be eaten by me!" Yemenga laughed. "You, Xuan School person, will also become my food... "

Su Yu's face changed and he was very angry. Although his idea of ​​leaving the Monsters Detective Bureau has not changed, he has become more and more support for the idea of the Monsters Detective Bureau. Some monsters really should not be alive.

It can be said that the people in the Monsters Detective Bureau were heroes, who silently protect human beings from being attacked by monsters.

It is not difficult for Su Yu to imagine how bad this world would be without super man like Xuan Nv, and how hard ordinary people would live under the persecution of monsters.


Su Yu moved, stepped under his feet, a large pit appeared under his feet, and his body rushed towards Yemenga at a very fast speed.

"Humans, remember, I, Yemenga, killed you!" Yemenga growled loudly, the tail of the snake rushed towards Su Yu with billowing black smoke, opened its mouth and try to swallow Su Yu.

The Xuan Nv three stood watching and had no intention of doing anything.


A sound of golden iron clashes resounded, and Su Yu punched Yemenga's snake teeth as if he punched on the hard steel.

Su Yu was affected by the reaction force and stepped back.

Yemenga was also stepped back by Su Yu's punch.

The power of Su Yu's fist was not small.

Xuan Nv frowned slightly.

Xuan Nv asked: "What's wrong with Xuan Nv? Xuan Zhen's performance is good. Is there anything unsatisfactory?"

"Not about Xuan Zhen!" Xuan Nv shook her head gently. "It is a little strange for this snake demon Yemenga. It saw the four of us here, shouldn't it try to escape? It was so weak."

Xuan Nv's brow released slightly, and said, "Maybe!"

Anyway, continue to watch the battle between Su Yu and the snake demon Yemenga. In terms of overall strength, this snake demon was stronger than Su Yu, but she would only help Su Yu at critical moments!