Chapter 4 Super Power

Lying on the bed, Su Yu stared blankly at the ceiling. Su Yu felt sad when he thought of the scene just now.

What the fuck! Why these people together stop me from escape!

Is it necessary to deal with me like this, I am just a rookie? Is there any humanitarianism?

When special power was generated and broke out in the body, Su Yu felt it. At that moment, he felt that he had a chance to escape, and then use super power to get succeed.

But the cruel reality told him that in front of this group of people, he was still a rookie and was defeated in an instant.

At this moment, Su Yu felt powerless, which was a side effect after the outbreak of super power.

Though Su Yu just now has no strength to move, fortunately, normal speaking was still okay. The mysterious old man just looked at him. Su Yu said, "Leader, can't you let me go? I really know nothing!"

"Don't be nervous, lad!" Xuan Laogua smiled and patted Su Yu: "We don't hurt people, don't be afraid. Actually, originally, I was going to let you go, those words that I said before just want to scare you.

As long as you agree to sign a confidentiality agreement, you can leave but promise not to disclose anything you saw in any way, and we will not hurt ordinary people.

But, I didn't expect you have super power. Sorry, we have to control those super power that we noticed, so ... "

Su Yu was very frustrated because he can't move yet, otherwise he will slap himself a slaps to wake himself up, why should he struggle to escape? If he wasn't struggling, perhaps super power would not be discovered. Why did he have to try to escape?

"Leader, can't you discuss this matter? I'm innocent, please let me go, I don't mean to have a super power." Su Yu begged the old man and expected him able to let him go.

But the old man was more stubborn than he imagined, and the mysterious old man shook his head and said, "Impossible, you want to leave unless you die, or we will beat you into an immovable vegetative? You choose one."

Fuck, is there any difference between these two choices, Su Yu scolded in his heart, the latter choice was no worse than the previous.

"It was discovered this time. In Su Yu's blood sample, super power was detected, and his condition is special. There is a source of super power in every cell, but unfortunately, not found any traces of the Earthquake Beast! "

Xuan Yi's voice sounded, wearing high heels,  walking to the front of Xuan Laogua, handed him an inspection report, and then stared at Su Yu and said: "I think it's better to slice him for research!"

What the fuck ~ Are you a devil?

Su Yu felt at this moment he was in the devil's lair.

Xuan Laogua looked through the inspection report and said, "From his report, Earthquake Beast and Su Yu are completely integrated, or Su Yu's body has completely devoured the Earthquake Beast. Boy, I give You have one more choice. If you don't want to die, join us. The super power is very strong. I will not let a person who has mastered super power return to the world of ordinary people. "

Su Yu swallowed and said, "Leader, is there no other choice? You should have investigated me, and you should know that I was a person who did not like a change in particular. Let me go, I promise you, I won't use this super power again! "

"No, give up your unrealistic idea." Xuan Laogua said toughly, and then he paused a little and said in a different tone: "Actually, it is good to join us. Thought we were looked like this, in fact, we are a regular unit. Joining us not only has many benefits such as five insurances and one fund, but the basic salary also is 10,000 and there are high bonuses for an out-of-town case ... "

"Leader, stop!" Su Yu said aloud, interrupting Xuan Laogua's words, and scared everyone in the room. Su Yu grabbed the old man's hands: "Leader, my good leader, oh no, I should call you boss, in fact, I have been looking for this great job all the time, hahaha, I think this job is really suitable for me, ha ha haha, is it possible for me to take the job immediately? "

The six strange people in the room were silent. Looking at Su Yu's different attitude, they were stunned.

Six: This guy was changing too fast, right?

Xuan Laogua found that Su Yu didn't seem to think the same as he thought, he kind of felt regret and said, "Su Yu, don't worry, you can think about it carefully, I will give you two days ..."

"I had decided, is there still such a good job to consider? Can you pay me the wages in advance first?" Su Yu laughed, his eyes became star eyes.


Maybe it was the first time Xuan Laogua met someone like Su Yu, and Xuan Laogua responded after a while and said, "We don't talk about the salary for the time being, and it is not possible to pay the salary in advance. I would arrange for someone to take you to study. "

Without giving Su Yu another chance to speak, Xuan Laogua looked at the others in the house and said, "Who wants to bring an intern, Xuan Yi is in charge of the back office, and he has no time to take him to study. Who wants to teach this intern?"

Xuan Yi: (╬ ̄  ̄) I really want to make a research to him, why not give me a chance?

Xuan Kong said: "No, I can't take teach him, I don't have enough time, my work is busy!"

Xuan Mu quickly refused: "Please don't look at me, you know my personality, I don't know how to teach intern!"

Xuan Dian: "I am also responsible for the back office. It is not suitable to teach interns. I don't have extra time to teach him."

Xuan Laogua looked at the Xuan Nv who had not spoken and said: "Xuan Nv, you teach this intern!"

"Ah?" Xuan Nv immediately refused: "I don't want it!"

Xuanlao showed a mad face said: "Don't make a fool, Xuan Nv, this is an order. You must teach him. I am your leader, the order must obey!"

Xuan Nv:o(*≧д≦)o!!

Su Yu felt quite speechless: What's the matter, am I so unpopular?

Xuan Nv glanced at Su Yu coldly, and then took a deep breath: "Okay, I obey order!"

Xuan Laogua smiled immediately and said, "That's right, okay, now do what you should do. Su Yu, take a good rest here. After recovering, you can go to found Xuan Nv, and she will tell you what you need to do!"