Chapter 39 The Blurred Figure

In a moist and dark cave, Yemenga raised his huge snakehead, and looked at the blurred figure that suddenly appeared in front, and asked, "Who are you? Why are you here?"

The blurred figure said: "It doesn't matter who I am, you just need to know that I'm here to save you!"

Yemenga heard it and showed a surprised expression, and then laughed: "Hahaha, save me? Are you kidding me? I am living well now, free and easy!"

Just now, Yemenga's eyes flashed maliciousness, the huge body attacked towards the blurred figure like a lightning, and the huge mouth opened up and swallowed away against the blurred figure: this guy's appearance so strange, killing him would be the best choice !!

However, Yemenga's attack failed. Its body passed through the blurred figure. It was not an entity!

"How is that possible? What is going on?" Yemenga shouted in astonishment.

"Yemenga, don't waste your efforts, I'm not in this time and space, even if you have the power to destroy the world, it won't hurt me, not even a strand of hair!" The blurred figure said calmly, suddenly, the blurry figure's tone changed fiercely: "And I can kill you!"

The blurred figure, raised an illusive palm, grabbed Yemenga.

Yemenga suddenly felt an irresistible force acting on it, and a breath of death permeated.

Fortunately, the blurred figure did not mean to kill Yemenga, and soon released Yemenga, and Yemenga's eyes were full of panic and trembling, and the blurred figure was really weird.

"Scared now? Can you listen to me now?" The fuzzy figure chuckled.

Although it was unhappy, reality told Yemenga a truth that it not the opponent of the blurred figure. Yemenga asked, "What do you mean to save me?"

Blurred figure: "Xuan School are coming here, they are meant to obliterate you!"

"Xuan School?" Yemenga yelled, and its pupils became a narrower gap, emitting a dangerous light. It asked resentfully, "Where are they? I want to kill them all, kill them all!"

The blurred figure chuckled and said, "Kills them all? Oh, so ambitious, don't joke! When you were the most powerful time in thousand years ago, you didn't kill a few people in Xuan School, let alone now, how many powers have you recovered?

If you meet the Xuanmen again, you will have only one result, die!"

Yemenga calmed down, thinking what happened thousands of years ago, its huge body shivered and said, "Even if I can't beat them now, can't I escape? One day, I, Yemenga will become stronger!"

"Escape? where can you escape to? Now, Xuan School is not like a thousand years ago. Although Xuan School has been silent in the ordinary world, its overall strength has been enhanced a lot. There are people from Xuan School around the world. You can hide your trace for a short time. Is it possible to hide for a lifetime?

Sooner or later you will be found and killed, and now only I can save you! "

Yemenga flashed in his eyes and said, "How can you save me? What do I going to give?"

Blurred figure: "Smart, you just need to give me your loyalty!"

Yemenga: "You mean you want me to submit to you?"

The blurred figure nodded gently: "Yes, you understand, but don't worry, I won't restrict your freedom. You just have to wait. When I need you, just show up!"

Yemenga didn't believe it: "It's that simple?"

The blurred figure spread his hands: "It's so simple. What else can you give?"

Yemenga heard the words, silent for a while and said, "Okay, Yemenga chose to surrender, and vowed that whenever you need me, Yemenga will appear! Next, what do you do to save me? So as not to be obliterated? "

"It's like that!"

Pha ~ The blurred figure snapped his finger and laughed.

When Yemenga heard the sound of fingers, it suddenly felt a twist of its minds, and soon recovered to normal. Yemenga did not feel any difference, and wondered: "That's it? I ..."

The next moment, Yemenga was paused, and it suddenly saw its body entangled like a mountain. Then it felt she had an extra gaze, turned the huge snakehead, and looked at it. The new gaze came out of a human female.

Yemenga remembered that the woman was the reserve food it had caught back before.

And now it feels amazing now, feeling that human female is also Yemenga.

"Does it feel amazing? Don't be surprised, that human female is you too. I used special means to split your soul into two without destroying your memory, and one was kept in your original snake body. The other one was injected into this human woman.

You now have two bodies, two lives, you lost one life, and you have another life, so you still alive!

Xuan School people will surely kill you. You cannot escape.

In this case, let them kill! After they kill you, and they would never know that you are alive!

You just need to live well as a human being, and this is how I save you. "said the blurred figure.

Yemenga was stunned by the means of the blurred figure. He can even do such a thing and felt more feared the blurred figure even more.

Yemenga lowered its body. Both bodies said at the same time: "Thanks for your help!"

The blurred figure nodded gently: "Remember your promise, Yemenga, the rest is up to you, sacrifice your snake body and keep your human body!"

The voice gradually decreased, and the blurred figure gradually dissipated.

Soon there were only two Yemenga in the cave.

Human body Yemenga said: "It's time for you to go out, take the initiative to find members of Xuan School. A body cannot be sacrificed for nothing!"

Snake body Yemenga said: "Yes, I'm gone, you can stay in this cave, waiting for the people of Xuan School to save you, after they kill me, they will definitely search the mountains for the survivors, You will continue to live as a human, waiting for revenge."

Then, the snake body Yemenga swam with its huge body, climbed out of the cave, and rushed directly to Sheyang Village.

After the snake body Yemenga left, the body Yemenga looked at her rough and tattered clothes and frowned, her body harmed. The next moment, a charming woman in a black dress appeared in the cave.

Then she found a place to lay down pretending to be in a coma, but her minds were tightly connected with the snake body Yemenga, and she could see all the things that the snake body Yemenga could see.