Chapter 38 Move Out Of SeYang Village

Hearing Li Cang's name, Li Xuan's body paused, remembering that there was a sick son in the family to take care of.

Suddenly, Li Xuan holds back the urge to revenge, but his determination to avenge was unchanged.

Revenge must be paid back!

But not now. He knew that the village chief was telling the truth. He can't avenge himself on his own. Going to find the snake demon for revenge alone was almost the same as going to find death.

I have to find other forces to get revenge. Li Xuan thought so and replied: "Okay, I will listen to the village chief, move!"

However, things don't always happen according to people 's wishes. The black snake demon Yemenga didn't leave Sheyang Village far away. It had long regarded Sheyang Village as its hunting place, and Shenyang villagers as her own food.

The snake demon left before because it needed to digest the food.

Every move of Sheyang Village did not escape the observation of the snake demon Yemenga. When the people of Sheyang Village were carrying valuables to escape from here, Yemenga appeared in Sheyang Village again.

Eating more than a dozen people helped Yemenga to recover a lot, its scales became blacker and brighter, and the body size was much larger. It was more than 20 meters long from head to tail.

Hey ~ Yemenga appeared on the way and looked at its food. "Where do you want to go? My food!"

Ah ~ At the moment Yemenga appeared, the entire team of Sheyang Villagers was in chaos, screaming and fleeing.

"LoL!" Seeing this, Yemenga made a burst of weird laughter. Fear could make human flesh and blood more delicious.

"Run, run away, where you can run to?" Yemenga said, swimming with a huge body, appeared before a villager, swallowed one as soon as his head was bowed.

Like other people, Li Xuan was fleeing wildly. He was almost scared to death by Yemenga. If he had thought about revenge himself before, he definitely didn't want revenge at this moment. The power gap between the two sides was huge.

What Li Xuan wants now was to escape with his son, then report the case to the police, and find another way to get revenge.


"Xuan Zhen, come here, there is a new case!"

Su Yu was just preparing to take off his equipment and go home from work, but after hearing Xuan Nv's words, Su Yu immediately stopped taking off the equipment and hurried to the conference room.

At the same time, Su Yu thought in his heart that these monsters really did not let them rest. Just after running a case, a new case appeared, which really made him felt a headache.

Though thought about that, Su Yu was not slow at all. He quickly entered the conference room. Xuan Laogua in the seat was sitting in the first place, and the first sitting on the right was a short fat man.

Recently, Su Yu saw many members of the Detective Bureau who came back after finishing cases outside, and this short fat man was one of them.

His code name was Xuan Tu, a very kind and fat man. They have met a few times and they were an acquaintance.

So when he saw Su Yu, he greeted and said hello.

The second person on the right hand was Xuan Nv, who still has a clear and cold feeling. When she saw Su Yu coming, she signaled Su Yu to sit down. There were four people in the conference room. One was a uniformed police comrade and the other was a middle-aged uncle who seemed in a bad state of mind, one was the little boy who was held in the middle-aged man's arms.

At this moment the little boy looked dull and pale.

The last one was Xuan Yi, wearing a white coat and diagnosing a little boy.

Why they all here?

Su Yu looked puzzled.

A few minutes later, Xuanyi put away the medical equipment and said, "Mr. Li, don't worry, your son is fine. His disease only because of the high fever and being over-frightened. I will prescribe him some soothing antipyretics, just sleep well and he'll be fine! "

"Hoo ~ Thank you, doctor, thank you, doctor!" Li Xuan heard the words of Xuan Yi, and he breathed a long sigh of relief. The whole person relaxed and thanked Xuan Yi. Before, he saw that Li Cang's eyes were dull, and he was scared to death. Li Xuan managed to escape from the mouth of the snake demon. His wife has died. If there was any problem with his son, he would really unable to withstand this disaster!

"No need for gratitude. Now tell me about the case, so that we can move quickly!" Xuan Yi waved her hand gently.

Lu Xuan heard this, glanced at the uniformed police officer. The police officer said, "Mr. Li, rest assure, everyone here is dedicated to special cases. This case will be handled by them. Tell them what you had encountered! "

"Okay!" Heard the police officer said that, Li Xuan rubbed his eyes and didn't wanna his tears fall, "It's like this ..."

"Abominable, daring snake demon, it was so violent. It has to be obliterated!" Xuan Yi immediately patted the table after listening.

Others were also gloomy. We all did not expect that a tragedy happened just under our eyes, not far from the Jisong city.

"When did the case occur?" Su Yu asked.

"The night before, the black snake demon Yemenga appeared for the first time. Last night, it appeared for the second time." Li Xuan said.

"What? It's been so long, why did you report the case two days later?" Xuan Tu was surprised and heard. Su Yu was also incredible about it. It has passed a long time!

Li Xuan: "I ran out of the mountain, so it was late"

Xuan Tu said: "So it's late? Why don't you make a phone call? Isn't it easier and more convenient?"

"Telephone? I don't have a telephone!" Li Xuan said.

"He did not have a phone. Really! Sheyang Village, where Li Xuan lives, is a well-known impoverished village. Mobile phones are a" luxury "product. There is no electricity in the village, let alone report by phone?" The police officer said: "Even if there is electricity, there is no signal near Sheyang Village. So the mobile phone is only a metal box on Sheyang Village, Mr. Li Xuan had to come down from the mountains and report it in person."

"Yes!" Li Xuan nodded, and with the assistance of the police officer, Li Xuan finally told what he knew completely.

"Well, now that most of the case has been known, let's start. Xuan Nv, Xuan Zhen, Xuan Tu, and Xuan Yi act together.

Find Yemenga and obliterate it.

However, everything should take the lives of the people as the most important thing. Try to find the survivors and the wounded. Understand? "

"Yes!" The four responded in unison but did not dare to speak loudly because Li was sleeping.

Sure enough, Su Yu and Xuan Nv, Xuan Yi, Xuan Yi, a total of four people, drove towards the nearest place in Sheyang Village to reach the crime scene as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, Xuan Kong never visited Sheyang Village, otherwise, it would be faster and not be so troublesome.