Chapter 37 Moving

The next afternoon, Li Xuan gasped and walked on the mountain road back to the village.

Although he did not close his eyes the whole night and felt very tired, Li Xuan insisted on backing home immediately.

Although no doctor willing to return to the village with him this time, he brought the medicine according to Li Cang's symptoms. As long as Li Cang took the medicine, Li Xuan believed that his son's illness would be better soon.

The mountain road was rugged and difficult to walk, but it can't slow Li Cang's rush to go home. So Li Xuan spent much less time than usual on the whole journey.

Li Xuan had planned to go back to feed his son the medicine first, and then he would have a good sleep.

But as he approached the village, Li Xuan suddenly had a bad hunch. Why was he can hear a cry?

Something went wrong, something must have happened in the village, Li Xuan realized that something was wrong.

Regardless of the danger, Li Xuan ran on the mountain road, ran down, got up, ran again, and his body was full of blue and purple with injuries.

However, Li Xuan seemed to can't feel pain at this moment.

Looking blankly at everything in front of him, was this still his familiar village?

Inside the village was a white cloth, joss paper fluttered along with the mountain wind, and the villagers were crying while burning joss paper.

Li Xuan's scalp suddenly almost exploded. What happened in the village?

A few seconds later, Li Xuan thought of his wife and son at first. He ran in the direction of his home, but no one was in the house.

"My boy, where are you, I'm back!" Li Xuan shouted, running around the village, and each time he met one person, he asked if he had seen his wife and child.

During that period, he also knew what was going on in the village, and it turned out to be attacked by the monster. If it was usual time, he would think its bullshit.

But at this moment he had to believe it. He had seen the tragic situation in the village! He saw many bloodstains and many traces of giant reptiles flowing down.

But because of this, he was even more worried about the safety of his wife and his child. His chest seemed to be hard to breathe as if he was been pressed a big stone—where were you? where were you?

"Li Xuan, your son has been found!" At this time, a villager shouted. Li Xuan, who was about to pass out, was completely awake when he heard this. He rushed like wind over to Li Cang who hidden in the water tank.

In the water tank, Li Cang leaned against the water tank with a pale face, breathing sharply.

"Son, hurry up!" Li Xuan shouted, hurriedly hold Li Cang out of the water, hugged tightly in his arms, and shouted, "Hurry up, wake up, dad is here!"

"Dad !?" Li Cang finally woke up with a loud call: "Dad, I'm cold!"

"Li Xuan, hug the child, go home, change the clothes for the child, hurry! Hey, damn it, the third aunt also was eaten by the monster. If the third aunt was alive ..." a villager reminded.

"Ah, okay!" Li Xuan heard it and responded, picking up his son and walking to go home, his mind was still mixed. The liar wizard also ate by the monster?

For this moment, Li Xuan didn't know whether to be happy or sad!

When he got home, he quickly changed Li Cang's cloth to dry clothes and let him take medicine. Soon Li Cang fell asleep under the influence of the medicine.

Li Xuan touched Li Cang's forehead, and his eyes flashed with tears. He had never mentioned the child's mother before, not because he had forgotten her safety, but he dared not. He already had the answer in his heart.

He knew that his wife's character, not very smart and somewhat superstitious, but she would never leave Li Cang alone, but Li Cang's side did not see her.

Li Xuan knew that the child's mother had already become dangerous, even dead!

Of course, he still had a glimmer of hope in his mind before he got the exact answer.

"What to do? What should I do now?" Li Xuan murmured, holding his head, and was extremely flustered in her heart.

"Is Li Xuan at home? Go to the village chief's house, he have something to announce!" The villagers' voices sounded, interrupting Li Xuan's thoughts.

Some came to the village chief's house, Li Xuan found that the village chief's house was full of people inside and out, but many familiar faces did not show up.

Many villagers at the scene had red and swollen eyes, which was caused just after crying.

An old man with gray hair said, "Villagers, we all know the tragic situation that happened last night. We were attacked by a giant snake in Sheyang Village, and many people were eaten.

This time I asked everyone to come and discuss one thing, that is to move away from Sheyang Village. The snake demon came here once, it is likely that it will come again, and no one can escape from the mouth of the snake demon! "

As soon as this word came out, the villagers at the scene were in an uproar. Someone said: "Village chief, we are moving out? where are we going?"

Li Xuan was also agitated: "Move away?Why do you want to move away? What about those villagers who disappeared? You don't care about those who were eaten by the snake demon? Just let them die?"

He hasn't found his wife and he didn't want to leave!

The chief of Sheyang Village struck the crutches stiffly and said, "Li Xuan! No one is missing. Those who are not here today have been eaten by the snake demon. Your wife has been eaten by the snake demon ..."

"Impossible, you bullshit!" Li Xuan's face changed, he couldn't accept the answer!

The chief of Sheyang Village was also startled by Li Xuan's expression, but he quickly reacted and said, "Whether you believe it or not, your wife was swallowed by the snake demon. This is what the villagers saw with their own eyes. Twelve people were eaten, and your wife is one of them!

If we don't leave this time, it is likely to become the prey of the snake demon attack again and become its food! "

"Don't we avenge the killed villagers?" Li Xuan shouted.

"Revenge? How can we revenge? Who can defeat the snake demon? Is it you? Li Xuan, how to revenge? That snake demon can swallow you in one go. If the third aunt was still alive, maybe there is a way to deal with the snake demon. But the third aunt is dead.

All we can do is get out of here. and stay away from the snake demon as fas as we can.

Li Xuan, I know you want to avenge your wife, and we also want to avenge for our loved ones, but none of us can defeat the snake demon. You have not seen the snake demon, you don't know how powerful the snake demon is.

Not to mention fighting alone, even we and our entire village fight against together, we are not the opponent of that snake demon. If we go to find the snake demon to avenge, it's just going to find death.

Li Xuan, don't forget that you have to take care of Li Cang, you must not do stupid things! The chief of Sheyang Village persuaded patiently. He was really afraid that Li Xuan would avenge the snake demon. The chief did not care whether Li Xuan could find the snake and avenge for his wife or not, he was afraid that Li Xuan would anger the snake demon, and the snake demon would come to revenge the whole village.